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Reserved for Vickie C.
Location: Will be disclosed on invoice, easy access off 71 at Greenlawn Ave.
Highlights: This Auction is full of variety, it offers Collectibles, Mid-Century, Household Furnishings along with items for your Patio and Garden area. Auction by: Vickie w/Primitives & More
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Please click on a category above, or click "All Items". This auction has a 10% Buyers Premium.

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All items must be paid for the evening of scheduled pickup to maintain bidding privileges.

AUCTION ENDS: Wednesday, June 25th, Starting @ 8 pm. (2 items end each minute).

PICK UP ITEMS: Thursday, June 26th from 2:00pm - 6:00pm at address disclosed on invoice. Items can be "BREADBOXED" if it fits into my vehicle to Groves Rd Depot as long as you pay by phone Prior to "pick up" and this will allow you to have up to 7 business days to remove items.

Questions or for a preview call Vickie (740) 405-2857 or EMAIL with questions


QUICK CONTACTS: Columbus Online Auctions General Manager Gary 614-832-7308. Division Manager Capital City Online Auctions Jarrod 614-732-1143. Auction Sales, Appraisals, Public Appearances & Media, Kevin 614-866-8668.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Cash, or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card). Checks to Columbus Online Auctions are no longer accepted. Check acceptance by the Auction Writer (if applicable) is subject to the policies and practices of that Sub Contractor.

BRING WITH YOU: Please bring packing material and boxes that you may need. Please bring assistance to move heavy items to your vehicle and any tools for dismantling.

MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Caution..! When using a decimal point to indicate dollars and cents, use extreme caution not to use a comma instead of a period. (Hey there right next to each other! The comma is not acknowledged).. 1,51 instead of 1.51 will be read as $151.00. When bidding in whole dollars no point is necessary ie.. 6 will be read as $6.00. 123 will be read as $123.00.

"I DIDN'T GET AN INVOICE": Invoices are automatically sent by a $5 million dollar program, operating on a $500 million dollar server. It wasn't over looked. Columbus Online Auction sends approximately 70,000 emails weekly. Please check your Spam File. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), will at times put email into your 'Spam or Trash' box. A user on your machine may have done this and it will be important to un-due their spam report. Your ISP also does this at random, forcing you to agree that our notices are not spam. Road Runner, Wow and AOL are famous for this. Invoices are sent via email the same evening as the auction ends. If you feel the invoice is delayed call the Auction Writer at the number on the catalog of the particular auction you are bidding on. The Auction Writer will have a copy for you at the pick-up, but you will need the address. NOTE: It is incumbent upon you to locate your invoice, find the location, or contact us prior to the end of the auction pick up time, in order to retain your bidding privileges. A copy of the invoice will be available at the Pick-Up location.

LOSS OF BIDDING PRIVILEGES: If you have failed to pay for an item, or failed to timely pick-up items, your bidding privileges have been revoked. If acceptable to Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer, your privileges may be restored by, (1) paying for the item or repaying for the loss of revenue due to the items not having been sold AND (2) placing a credit card number on permanent file whereby future purchases will automatically be charged. (There is a one-time $1 charge to confirm the credit card card is good.) Call The General Manager Gary, 614-832-7308.

'BREAD BOX' TRANSPORTATION: Bread Box Transportation to the GROVES ROAD DEPOT, (4555 Groves Road Unit #32 Cols Oh 43213, 614-832-7308) is available on most items purchased from Columbus Online Auctions. EXCEPTION*: Items purchased from Capital City Online Auctions are ONLY moved to and stored at our Morrison Rd Depot near Gahanna (406 Morrison Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43213,614-732-1143). EXCEPTION**: 'AMAZON ITEMS' MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY AND CCOF BIDDERS MUST PICK-UP DURING THE TIMES ALLOTTED. THERE IS NO WAREHOUSING ON 'AMAZON' AUCTIONS.
Other than the Exceptions above, each 'division' warehouse location can receive its 'Bread Box' items if the items are paid for by phone (along with applicable charges) within the pick up times posted, or if we charge a Credit Card On File (CCOF). (Please see BREAD BOX DEFINITIONS AND FEES, below for pricing and sizing). The window of time to pick up your items AT EITHER LOCATION when bread boxed is 7 days. After 7 days, items not picked up will be considered abandoned and resold or disposed of.

BREAD BOX DEFINITION AND FEES: A fee of $5 Dollars can be assessed to your invoice for each 'Bread Box' sized item or group of items that may be brought back to our main warehouses (The Groves Rd Depot OR The Morrison Rd Depot.) This fee is estimated by the size of the old standard of measure, a 'bread box'. Larger items are impossible, but if it will fit into a 'bread box or smaller, or at least in a front seat of a car (multiple bread box's,) we can bring it back with us (please allow 24 hours for processing). The estimate is in the opinion of the Cashier or the Auction Writer. The actual size of a bread Box is 16" x 10" x 7”, but it is up to our opinion to gauge the size of your purchase.. Examples; (How many 'bread boxes' is a lamp?) maybe two. A watch, a purse, 3 rings, 3 fishing lures and a contractors hard hat?.. All together, its only one breadbox.) If we agree to transport a slightly larger item, the fee would be multiplied by how many bread boxes would fit into that item (or vise-verse). NOTE: Bread Box items will only be transported if items are paid-in-full with a credit card before the end of the described pick-up time.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: Please see the individual catalog for the availability of this service. Or call the Auction Writer at the phone number provided, prior to purchase.


This Auction has a 10% Buyers Premium. A Buyers Premium is a common Industry-wide practice. Sometimes called 'convenience fee', 10% of your purchase price will be added onto all of your purchases to help pay for the cost of Web-presence and software fees. This also allows us to be most competitive in the market place, ensuring we continue consigning the best merchandise, the best Estates and the best collections in Central Ohio. What can we sell for you?

Please note the pick up times, as other than those times, you cannot get your things but will have to pay for them anyway. Bidders not paying for the merchandise won, will be barred from participating in any/all future, Kevin Burchett auctions, Live and Online.

GETTING REGISTERED:Upon confirmation of your bidder registration you my bid. In the event your phone numbers are not confirm-able, you will be denied the ability to bid. Post Office Box addresses are not confirm-able, therefore not acceptable. A Credit Card is NOT required to register. All information provided for registration is accepted upon immediate verification, and random verification in the future. You must enter 2 different contact telephone numbers to avoid confirmation delay. Your registration information is matched against a 'program of probability'. * An area code not matching the zip code(as an example) will flag further investigation. Other mismatched registration information will do the same and may delay your getting a bidder number. * Do not a register a PO Box. * If another individual at the registered address has had bidding privileges suspended, this will prohibit any other individuals ability to participate in our auctions. * OUT-OF-STATE 'winning bidders' must contact us during (or before) the described pick-up hours to arrange payment and shipping.

OVERVIEW: (How the Online Auction Works/How to Bid): Our system is affectionately named Max. Max will tell you what the Current Bid is, accept your bid as the next increment, or accept you highest Max Bid, and execute your Max Bid by proxy, (only as competing bids come in, if any), kind of like an absentee vote. If you have made an error in typing your bid, call us immediately and we can fix it, prior to 24 hours of the ending time. No modifications to the bid price can be made after the auction.

Max will promptly close (end) the bid on items in the first nano-second of each 1 minute from the posted “Ending Time”. If 2 bidders go at it in the last 5 minutes, Max will extend that auction (on that item) for another 5 minutes. Max has seen “snipers” go at each other for hours, it’s all right if that’s your method. The real Auction Staff would prefer to see you bid a high number and let Max work for you, he is on your side, and will keeping your Max Bid a secret.

(Max Notes): Other items will continue to end every 1 minute, even if there is a heated battle going behind him. Don’t ‘rubber neck’ you may miss out on the upcoming good stuff. Please pay attention to the order and speed of items selling. Max recommends Manually Refreshing Your Browser, otherwise you will not see the progress of bids ending. Due to inconsistencies with the internet and various bandwidths being used by the server, and your neighbors, this could be a dangerous approach and you may lose the item to a competitor due to internet traffic, American Idol, or Paris Hilton's Blog fans. Anyway it hurts the most to lose an item this way. The Management cannot be held responsible for glitches or delays.

(Max Notes): No “outbid notices” will be sent during the final hours of the auction. Prior to that, Max will nudge you with an email and encourage you to bid again in the event you have been outbid. You would simply return to the auction page and enter the next increment, or in a sign of strength, show your vigor & intent by raising the bar by leaving a “High Bid”. Utilize the “Review Bids” button to quickly see the items you are bidding on, and the status thereof.

At the end of the auction, if you are watching, you will see what items you were successful on. Otherwise Max will be cleaning up both the digital confetti from the celebrations and the electronic tears that come with not winning. Max will send an email to all the winning bidders the morning after the auction. Check your email! If you feel Max has dropped the ball, feel free to follow up, better safe than uncertain. That email will also reiterate the time of pick up and the address.

(Max Notes): Bring your emailed invoice (copies are available at the location), Cash or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card), with you during the described hours for “Pick Up”. Oh, and if we don’t know you, an ID will be necessary, so we can make sure the items are going to the winner with the best bids. Simply put, if you can’t pick-up the items on the assigned times, don’t bid. All participating bidders electronically agree to enter a contract agreeing to all terms present and to pay for items bid upon and won. These electronic agreements are winning cases in Criminal Court.

Payment is due after the auction at the described times. Failure to pay or to pick-up items that have been paid for, may result in an individuals being banned from future auctions. This information will be shared with other Columbus Ohio Auctioneers. We reserve the right to suspend, revoke, block, deny, delete any bids or bidders at any time.

The Management retains the right to end, delay or extend the length of an auction or the time and location of pick-up, for any reason. Although not common in the industry there are factors such as Severe Weather, Civil Emergencies, Road Construction, Death or Legal Disruption of the Estate.

DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: The bidder that has not paid for, or has not removed their items from the auction site, will be subject to The Managements forwarded cost of storage, trucking, re-sale, deficiency balances (like a repossessed car), collection fees (third party), and any legal fees for recouping a loss due to the bidder’s negligence.


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