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30 T_30K.JPGWOLF DREAMER SIGNED BY CHARLES AND HAZEL FAST HORSE. TRUE AMERICAN SIOUX INDIAN COLLECTABLE. PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK TO READ ABOUT THE ARTIST. Charles Fast Horse, 74, passed away on October 5, 2015 in Anderson, California. Charles was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation on September 3, 1941 in Denby, SD to the late William Fast Horse and Elizabeth Spotted Bear Fast Horse. As an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, he was an accomplished artist, a medicine man and historian. Charles started his career as an artist in 1977 reproducing weaponry artifacts as seen in the pre-reservation era from the early 1800's. In 1978 Charles met Hazel Wilkes in Portland, Oregon and together they started their adventurous life. They began making pipestone jewelry and figurines while doing trade shows at the Walter Reed Hospital, the Hay Foundation, Philadelphia Indian Center and the John Reese Gallery. Charles and Hazel met Ray Hillenbrand in 1981 and together, along with Doug and Jody Fast Horse, Prairie Edge was born. The group had freedom of expression to create as they saw fit. Weapons became Charles's specialty: bow cases, skull crackers, lances, knives, axes. During the next decades it was clear that Charles had a gift and became one of the leading artists in the business. His work is in the homes of celebrities like Joe Montana, Steven Tyler, and Willy G Davidson. Their work can be viewed in the Field Museum in Chicago and the Smithsonian in New York. 24 INCHES AROUND.

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