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This Auction Ended Friday January 31st at 9PM. Pickup On Saturday Feb 1st At Unique Old'tiques Auctions, LLC Behind GG Antiques And More. Auction Written By Lewis. -

Item Description
1.Lot of 12 cans of Royal canine Renal support dog food - NEW IN BOX A
2.Ion archive LP digital conversion turn table with Built-in speakers The Box has been opened item is still new in plastic NEW IN BOX A
3.Classic nintendo Mini comes with 2 controllers and 620 games Built-in - NEW IN BOX A
4.VELMONT KEPP modern European styled two piece whiskey glass set- NEW IN BOX A
5.Numark rack mount CDN 36 pro cd player and mixer this item is used but does work
6.Craftsman precision miter Box Tabletop saw Decide I'm is used but still works like new USED
7.Haynes 3 Tagless X-TEMP T shirts white medium color NIB A
8.Set of 2 Craig 3-D virtual reality headsets NEW IN BOX A
10.Martha Stewart set a four ceramic vegetable shape Cocottes recipe card included NEW IN BOX A
11.Plumbing lot various hoses sprayer shower arm and miscellaneous please refer to pictures for details Some packages maybe damage but all are still new in package - NEW IN BOX A
12.Radio Shack SSM60 stereo sound mixer the suydam is used and needs and 18 V power cord but does work USED
13.ANVIL 2 gallon pancake air compressor and hose this item is new Box has been opened OPENED BOX
14.Swagster 8 oz stainless steel Canadian design flask - NEW IN BOX A
15.Japanese 7" Habatchi frying Pan- NEW IN BOX A
16.Classic nostalgic game black cell phone case The cell phone case you can play classic nintendo games on NIB A
17.What the face The game of inappropriate 1st impressions - NEW IN BOX A
18.Brashford's welcome to Serenity garden gnome item is new in open Box
19.Studio Mercantile Prosecco pong game includes 12 cups and 3 balls - NEW IN BOX A
20.Eating sport play time egg pet feeder red in color - NEW IN BOX A
21.RCA for line business switch phone this item is used in open Box still in good condition USED
22.VIVITAR small camera bag this item is new has no packaging NEW
23.Dog training collar this item has been opened to check item is still new - NEW
24.JOHNSONS big bags ziploc bags four 3gallon bags - NEW IN BOX A
25.JOHNSONS Ziploc snack size bags 66 count with 4 designs from disneys frozen - NEW IN BOX A
26. Pest repeller 6 count electronic pest repellers - NEW IN BOX A
27.MARTHA STEWART Professional bakeware 9 inch square baking pan no packaging - NEW
28.LOT of 5 pairs of sunglasses various styles all new with tags still NEW
29.NERF set of 2 zombie series revolver nerf guns each one comes fully loaded NEW
30.MONSTER HIGH microphone and stand new NIB A
31.VODALA electronic pest reppeler - NEW IN BOX A
32.NOSTALGIA Electronic quesadilla maker this item is NIB A
33.Various adventure sets no packaging each set is as is may or may not have all toys in each set please refer to pictures for wich adventure sets all new toys just left over NO BOX
34.MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION OAKE twin size comforter coverh - NEW IN BOX A
35.Love Socks 12 pack of new socks for girls NIB A
36.Kert S Adler indoor outdoor party lights NIB A
37. KRATOS Coconut Hooka coals - NEW IN BOX A
38.HERITAGE Edison bulbs 4 different style bulbs and wattages please refere to pictures for wattage and bulb NEW IN BOX A
39.WATERPLUSE Nasal 500 nasal cleaner NEW IN BOX A
40.MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION assorted valentines day coockie cutter pack - NEW IN BOX A
41.GAME OF THRONES FIRE and BLOOD hanging banner - NEW IN BOX A
42.Solar Powered Motion Detected outdoor wall lantern with 3 different settings does not come with any packaging but item is still new NIB A
43.Battlefield one the book of art of the video game battlefield 1 - NEW IN BOX A
44.Energy smart elecktronicks water heater connector Makes water heater controllable from your phone NIB A
45.Set of 20ct stainless steal straws comes with black velvet carry bag box was opend to check item still brand new OPENED BOX
46.MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION 2qt Enamelled Cast Iron tomato shaped bowl- NEW IN BOX A
47.LOT of playstation 2 six games various titles please refer to pictures for title names USED
48.LOT of XBOX 360 games 7 titles please refer to pictures for title names all games USED
49.Hrome electronic pencil sharpener comes with cord - NEW IN BOX A
50.S.E. HINTON'S famous book "THE OUTSIDERS" this book is used but in good condition USED
51.UNDERSEA Themed Shell shaped clock- NEW IN BOX A
52.MOBILE MATE Mobile device holder metallic gold color - NEW IN BOX A
53.MASNEU various cookie cutter this item is new but box has been opened but is still new OPENED BOX
54.AMASI Set of 6 candles in black and white small glasses NIB A
55.POWER CONVERTER FOR CAR LIGHTER OUTLET box has been opened but item is still new OPENED BOX
56.TRU small sports watch silicone band style - NEW IN BOX A
57.ELECTRONIC Thermo Hygrometer NIB A
58.9inch Meatloaf pan OPENED BOX
59.MOBILE MATE mobile device holder metalllic pink color - NEW IN BOX A
60.SET of two qt sized spray bottles NEW IN BOX
61.GIFT FOR THE PERFECT MOM set comes with MOMMIN AINT EASY wine glass and shot glass - NEW IN BOX A
62.Wireless SPORT around the ear buds NIB A
63.TAO REPUBLIC jade stone Beauty durma roller - NEW IN BOX A
64.MAJEBOX Set of 2 Air purifying bags - NEW IN BOX A
65.ICE GENIE comes with no packaging only the item wich is still new NO BOX
66.JOY The Original Miracle Mop - NEW IN BOX A
67.Mini blind cleaner NIB A
68.NEWEER quick change octave changer - NEW IN BOX A
69.Portable car air vent mount for mobile phones - NEW IN BOX A
70.AS SEEN ON TV Sock organizer - NEW IN BOX A
71.Car mount for pop phone stand - NEW IN BOX A
72.Programmable 24 hr timer - NEW IN BOX A
73.Chende string of indoor bulb shaped lights with 3m sticky backs - NEW IN BOX A
74.Happy Healthy Parent easy clean silicone bibs- NEW IN BOX A
75.Pack of assorted hair barrettes no actual count but minimum of 25 all NIB A
76.LINKSYS Etherfast 5port hub this item has a damaged box but the item is good DAMAGED BOX
77.Wall shelf with 3 drawers in all about 1ft wide white color this item has no packaging but is NEW
78.Micro needle durma roller with 540 micro needles NIB A
79.SHARPER IMAGE Socket shelf with 6 outlets NIB A saver MINI 220 heat sealer this item is used and has no packaging USED
81.FOOT Rest cushion beaded texture 2 ft wide NIB A
82.MOTION ACTIVATED solar poered animal repeller box was opened but item is still new OPENED BOX
83.OWL feathered dream catcher NIB A
84.UNIVERSAL HARDWARE Residential door closer white box is worn but is still unopened NIB A
85.JunYa air cleaner motorcycle accessories box is worn but item is still new NIBA
86.Red leather hard case for 10 inch tablet NIB A
87.Set of 2 outdoor solar powered motion detected LED lights
88.Meihuilong Plush Doll about 1ft tall NIB A
89.JOHNSONS Plug-ins refill pack hawaiin breeze NIB A
91.DOUBLE GLIDE decoritave hooks 12 pack NIB A
92.GE appliance autofill pitcher water filter NIB A
93.AGE OF STEAM THEME Chinese bookmarks NIB A
94.BIG WINNER Silicone sink hair catcher NIB A
95.PLATUBE Baby teething toy NIB A
96.NINTENDO CLASSIC MINI comes with 2 controllers and has 620 games built in NIB A
97.GTSTAR MINI PHONE wireless dialer mini phone box has been opened but item is still new OPENED BOX
98.5Pack of aggressive dog chew toys all new NIB A
99.NERF Falconfire handgun comes with full clip of nerf bullets this item is USED
100.NERF big boy revolver comes with 6 rounds of nerf bullets
101.Set of 3 metal mesh cup pencil holders - NEW IN BOX A
102.Set of 2 standard beige pillow cases - NEW IN BOX A
105.Rolling folding tie string travel bag no packaging but item is NEW acustic guitar with soft case still in box NIB A
107.Beautiful silver toned amethyst ring perfect for your special someone. Will update size.
108.20 to a 100 yd range crossbow scope red and green elimination fog and waterproof shock and recoil proof fully coated lenses a wide field of view.
109.4 iPhone braided cables. 10,6,5,3 ft. NIB
110. 5 metal bracelet lot
111.icomtofit wireless bluetooth headset. NIB i opened
112. fitness tracker+heart rate monitor NIB
113.4 iphone cables with boxes. NIB
114.elegant and unique is swhat i would say this is size 5.5
115.M48-OPS Stop watch waterproof pretty nice watch NIB
116. Problems with stuff growing legs and walking away while your at lunch, go to the bathroom and your favorite gel pen vanishes into thin air. "pooof" NOT ANYMORE!!! HD camcorder spy pen will gaurd your office while your out. 1080p real high frame rate
118.Ladies ring size 5
119.Astonishing gold tone rhinestone peacock necklace. This is great piece to add to your collection.
120.Stunning blue topaz silver toned ring size 8.
121.Silver tone Heart shaped pink stone ladies ring size 6. Perfect for that special someone.
122.Yellow stone silver toned women's ring size 6
123.Gorgeous ladies ameythyst promise ring. Great for brownie points
125. This is a Beautiful silver toned multi color stoned ring. It's almost that time again. "Hint Hint"
126.Silver toned ring size 9.5
127.ICOMFIT Bluetooth headset with case and charger NEW IN BOX A

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