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This Auction ended Wednesday July, 22nd at 8pm
Pickup At GG Antiques And More on East Main Street.
Auction Written By Gary.. -

Item Description
1.Two strand beaded necklace with a large round hammered pendent and Elephant charm.
2.Metal belt buckle with a train design. In good condition.
3.Gold tone ring covered in rhinestones with to emerald green cut glass stones.
4.Gold tone stretch bracelet with Amber and purple cut glass stones.
5.Two vintage hand stitched needlepoint pillow cases.
6.Pair of clip-on earrings with Jade colored beads and a pair of floral earrings for pierced ears.
7.Stretch bracelets in a spring bracelet both with large colorful beads.
8.Memory of Okinawa vintage cigarette case.
9.Gold tone rope bracelet with gold colored beads.
10.Twenty inch Gold tone faux pearl necklace.
11.Plastic toy gun holster made in the USA.
12.Twenty-Six inch silver tone Curb style chain Art Deco necklace.
13.Pair of swank gold tone cufflinks in a box and a pair of cufflinks with mother of pearl inlay.
14.Twenty-Two inch multi layer beaded necklace.
15.Two books about steam locomotives one is from the sixties the others from the 70s.
16.Nice floral design gold tone brooch with cut glass accents.
17.Pair of ceramic salt and pepper shakers with a painted floral design.
18.Sixteen inch Art Deco gold tone Box chain necklace.
19.Two floral design brooches.
20.Sixteen inch gold tone Cable style chain with an art deco floral design.
21.Twenty-Two inch silver tone Cable style chain with Floral motif design and matching earrings.
22.Eighteen inch gold tone art deco necklace.
23.Gold tone beaded makeup compact, mirror has detached from the surface. Also a small mirror to carry in a purse.
24.Made it in Magoya Japan, a ceramic swan with floral accents by Chikusai.
25.Silver ring marked 925 with a pink stone in the center.
26.Gold tone floral design brooch and a cut glass bee with blue wings that can be used as a pendant or a brooch.
27.Sixteen inch gold tone faux pearl necklace.
28.Twenty-eight inch gold tone Cable style chain necklace with a large scroll cut heart pendent and tassel.
29.Sold only by subscription, Album of Authors, a Cyclopedia of Popular Literary People from the late 1800s. See pictures for condition
30.Nice colorful bird brooch with a read cut glass body.
31.Decorated hand fan with a delicate floral design cross stitch.
32.Made in China, hand Embroidered handkerchief. 50% Silk.
33.Gold tone Curb style chain with a heart pendent and matching earrings. (glass or Cubic Zirconia) you be the judge.
34.Floral design set in a scroll cut gold tone adjustable ring
35.Vintage ceramic doll showing crazing or cracking in the face and arms.
36.Silver ring marked 925 with Aqua cut stones.
37.Three vintage bisque figurines.
38.Belived to be marked 925 but you must be the judge. Hard to read Silver tone ring.
39.A pair of Baronesse White cups by Tirschenreuth in Germany.
40.Vintage hand stiched crib sheet.
41.Pair of vintage mini clip nose bridge sun glasses with case.
42.Two pair of earrings. Pink pair are clip ons and the beaded pair are screw backs.
43.Two Necklaces, an sixteen inch gold tone square design and a seventeen inch silver tone bead chain with a cross pendent.
44.Bronze colored token belt. Each medallion shows George Washington 1789 1st President U.S.A. 1797. Also a crescent shaped belt buckle in good condition.
45.Two bangle style hinged bracelets.
46.Silver tone poodle earring holder.
47.Two belt buckles, 1st is advertising Silver Streak Lawn Mower Blades. 2nd is a western silver and copper tone buckle.
48.Two colorful butterfly brooches.
49.Porcelain slipper made in Italy for the J.W. Co. in NY.
50.Large gold tone floral design brooch.
51.Vintage flower bouquet brooch. some chipping of green paint enamel.
52.Two belt buckles to do with trucking. 1st is a Halliburton 2 year saftey award and the 2nd advertises the Raleigh Lights.
53.Fourteen inch gold tone Cable chain art deco necklace by Sarah Cov.
54.Two gold tone compacts with mirrors.
55.Bright an shiny stretch bracelet with multi color beads.
56.Pair of white fabric floral design stitch gloves size 7 1/4.
57.Two belt buckles. 1st is a metal buckle with a piece of leather overlay and the 2nd is Celebrating the Anniversary of the United States Constitution.
58.Fifty-Four inch polished stone beaded necklace.
59.Perfume bottle from Avon with enamel painted dolphins and sea life.
60.Eighteen inch bead necklace with a small dolphin pendent.
61.Black hand bag single clasp with white decorative beads,
62.Two brooches both with floral designs.
63.Gold tone floral design multi colored stone brooch with matching clip on earrings.
64.Eighteen inch gold tone Curb style chain necklace.
65.Perfume bottle from Avon with enamel painted floral designs.
66.Gold tone floral design brooch with matching clip on earrings.
67.Silver tone bead chain brooch or scarf clip and a smaller floral design brooch.
68.Pair of gold tone clip-on earrings shaped like four leaf clovers and a pair of floral enamel painted earrings.
69.Gold tone women's wallet and a makeup compact.
70.Two bracelets believed to be fresh water pearls. You must be the judge. Stop in for a preview to see for yourself.
71.Twenty-Four inch silver tone Curb style chain art deco necklace.
72.Bangle style brass bracelet with Mother of pearl inlay.
73.Pair of gold tone rhinestone clip-on earrings and a pair of multi colored earrings with on piece offset as pictured.
74.Twenty-Eight inch beaded with stone accent necklace.
75.Large box full of different sized jewelry boxes.
76.Small Belleek pitcher produced between 1965 - 1981.
77.Twenty-Four inch faux pearl necklace.
78.Two flashy rhinestone brooches.
79.Twenty-Eight inch gold tone Curb style necklace with a black flower pendent.
80.Tray full of NFL trinkets like key chains Bengal cuff links and money clip and more.
81.Nice flashy rhinestone brooch and a gold tone charm brooch.
82.Pair of silver tone with blue stones dangle post earrings and a pair of gold tone multi color stone clip on earrings.
83.Pair of gold tone cuff links and a pair of silver tone cuff links in a Pierre Cardin box.
84.Gold tone Curb style chain with a Cameo pendent.
85.Gold tone clip on earrings with enamel painted leaves and a pair of copper tone clip on earrings.
86.A Samantha Brown women's clutch or wallet in good condition.
87.Twenty-Six inch silver tone Cable type chain with white rock beads.
88.Sixteen inch silver tone Cable style art deco necklace.
89.Twenty-Eight inch gold and white multi strand beaded necklace with matching earrings.
90.Two turtles and a playful cat brooch.
91.Gold tone Owl brooch with a secret compartment.
92.Pair of 12 gauge shotgun cartridge cuff links.
93.Two Thirty-Four inch faux pearl necklaces.
94.Gold tone old roadster belt buckle and a silver tone western style buckle.
95.Gold tone white floral clip on earrings and gold tone multi color stone earrings.
96.Silver tone charm bracelet with multiple charms. No sterling present.
97.Believed to be a women's silver tone with gold accent belt.
98.Gold tone Fleur de Lis cuff links and tie pin.
99.Believed to be a beaded women's belt.
100.Two child sized tin plates with three small spoons and a fork marked Made In USA
101.small gold tone key chain compact and a silver tone cigarette holder.
102.Gold tone ring with scroll cut sides.
103.Home made Twenty inch rope necklace with leather strips and beads.
104.Bolo tie with a gold tone setting for a cabochon stone.
105.Vintage compact with some loss to the floral design and a brush compact that has a nylon brush on one end and a brass brush on the other.
106.Fourteen inch gold tone Cable style chain with an art deco leaf design.
107.Two gold tone Cable style necklaces, the cross pendent is on a Thirteen inch chain and the scroll cut heart is on a Twenty-Four inch chain.
108.A small gold tone sewing compact with an enamel floral design.
109.Library of Wit and Humor from the writings of the Worlds Greatest Humorists. Binding is loose, see pics for condition.
110.Two nice green brooches, 1st is made up of approx. 32 greens stones, 2nd is a enamel painted floral brooch.
111.Two pair of clip on earrings. One has painted floral stone centers and the other has cut glass centers.
112.Pair of gold tone bracelets one with black stones and one with white.
113.Two western style belt buckles. lying eagle on one and a bull and rider on the other.
114.Gold tone makeup California compact and a small women's leather wallet or hand purse.
115.Small three leg trinket box with a embossed Victorian scene on the lid and floral design around the sides.
116.Twenty-Two inch large beaded necklace.
117.Nineteen brilliant stones set in a silver tone brooch and a floral brooch with rhinestones and a white flower center piece..
118.Pair of western style cuff links and matching tie clip.
119.Twenty-Two inch gold tone Wheat style chain with a floral cameo pendent.
120.Two red bracelets, one is a bangle style and the other is a stretch bracelet with gold tone metal hinges.
121.Silver tone cigarette case with the engraved initials.
122.Pair of gold tone letter J cuff links and a pair of silver tone with white stone center cuff links.
123.Silver tone earrings with Turquoise colored beads for pierced ears and a pair of clip on earrings with purple stones.
124.Gold tone sequin style hand bag made in the USA.
125.Fourteen inch gold tone Cable style chain with floral motif and matching bracelet.
126.Two brilliant brooches with rhinestones that catch the light and sparkle.
127.Gold tone cigarette compact with initials of S.E.L and a fabric pouch.
128.Jealousy a Psychiatric Study from the 1940s.
129.Group of different hair berets.
130.Christmas charm bracelet and a Christmas tree brooch.
131.Two pair of silver tone earrings. One for pierced ears and one clip on.
132.Money clip with crushed Turquoise forming the shape of a male head.
133.Twenty-Four inch Cable style beaded chain with a large pendent made in India.
134.Two lady's wallets with floral designs.
135.Silver tone poodle brooch and a gold tone scroll cut brooch with a large purple stone.
136.Two pair of silver tone cuff links, one with turquoise color centers.
137.Two bracelets, a box link gold tone bracelet and a silver tone beaded bracelet.
138.Cigarette compact with the initials S.E.L and a fabric pouch.
139.Wooden trinket box with a floral design on the lid, made in China.
140.Two gold tone scarf pendents.
141.Sixteen inch double strand necklace, first strand is made up of Faux pearls and rhinestones. The second strand is a gold tone Curb style chain.
142.Thirty-Two inch gold tone multi strand necklace made up of Curb style and Box style chains.
143.Twenty-eight inch gold tone double strand necklace. Smaller strand is a Curb style chain and the lower is a Cable Style chain.
144.Two books about trains, one is a first edition.
145.Wine bottle cork screw, two bottle top pours, a glass stopper, package of stir sticks and a package of drink markers.
146.One copper tone and one gold tone brooches.

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