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Dublin Estate Auction #3 of 4.
Ending Saturday June 6th at 8pm.
Pick-Up Sunday 10am to 3pm
Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer 614-866-8668 -

Item Description
NOTES.This is #3 of 4 auctions to clear this condo.

Pick up by appointment only!
After the auction ends, follow the link on your invoice to the schedule at 'SignUpGenius'.
Choose your 15 minute time slot for pick up and you will then be given the address.

Bread Box delivery to our Reynoldsburg warehouse is not available at this auction.

AUCTION STARTS ENDING: SATURDAY, June 6th at 8pm. Selling TWO (2) items in the first second of every 1 minute.

PICK-UP BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: SUNDAY June 7th 10am to 3pm. All items must be removed on this date! You can make an appointment for Sunday after the auction by following the calendar link on your invoice. The address will be on my schedule.

LICENSED AUCTIONEER: Kevin Burchett, (text please) 614-866-8668.

1.Three Jim Shore Santas in excellent condition with the original boxes.
2.Pair of extremely popular Jim Shore Santas 'Arctic White' in excellent condition with the original boxes.
3.A 1960's Fashions and Doll reproduction. Pair of Wedding Day Barbies, Blonde and Red hair. Mint in box.
4.35th Anniversary Barbie. Original 1959 Barbie Doll. Special Edition Reproduction - Brunette. International Travel Barbie. Mint in box.
5.Beautiful 14k gold ring loaded with diamonds.
6.Wonderful oak pedestal table (with skirted leaf) and 4 saddle seat arm chairs.

There can many steps commonly taken by furniture manufactures to cut corners. They are not seen here!

Four captains chairs with high-backs, saddle-formed-seats with arm rests fit a body perfectly eliminating the fatigue that one feels from cheaper, lesser engineered furniture. The wide ample seat comes at greater cost to the consumer, but is such a wise option!

This dinning set downstairs was rarely used and the joints are tight!

The two leaves come in a storage bag and are skirted on the sides continuing the profile of quality while in use.

The quality features continue with the multiple layers of protective hard finish applied over hours of curing. This set is heirloom quality! The purely American form of a Farmhouse Table is extremely popular and a timeless style.
7.Old galvanized buckets, antique wash board and a vintage metal waste can advertising our Dad's favorite beer. This sure to be a popular lot!
8.Singer sewing machine model #2263. From the website: Sew fashions, home decor, gifts and crafts – you can do it all. Get help from the App or Owner's Class videos on YouTube.

23 Built-in Stitches. Four-Step Buttonhole to make buttons simple! Built-in Needle Threader to thread the needle with ease! Free Arm for hard-to-reach areas like trouser hems. Adjustable Stitch Length/Width to customize stitches.

9.Wonderful 14k gold ring loaded with an offering of various cut diamonds. Just stunning!
10.I don't think this was originally meant to be a display of his collection. I think this the way he neatly stored his cuff links and tie pins that he wore everyday. This Gentleman was an executive member of a prominent family of major furniture retailers in the Midwest.
Drop these into a warm bath of sudsy Dawn to erase 50 years of accumulated dust.
11.A pair of beautiful right-hand-rings both being 10k Gold.
12.Four 14K rings in this lot. All marked and tested to be diamonds.
13.These four solid-wood cube stands create a versatile architectural element in a room when stacked as pictured. Imagine your favorite eclectic objects displayed among stacked books and framed photos. Neat!
14.Great looking timeless design on this leather La-Z-Boy recliner. Very clean! This is not your Granny's recliner!
15.Gold band size 8 3/4 in 14k gold. Weighing 7 grams.
16.Five lovely sterling rings with semi-precious stones. One ring is set with diamonds! I love the fire in these stones?
17.Chains and turquoise pendants are all marked 925.
18.Sterling silver filigree bezel suspended (bridged) over the large Jade stones. 'Pearl' is the color of this vein of Jade. Refreshingly different isn't it? This pendant will always feel cool against your skin!
19.Onyx stones set in Sterling. This ring is accompanied by the specification sheet from the retailer. Note the retail price suggested is $550.00!
20.Selling the pair of bonded leather recliners by Barcalounger made in the USA. These chairs are downstairs. The winning bidder will be responsible to remove both chairs.

Both recliners look good, are clean and work perfectly. They were used in the home she lived in before this condo. There are small areas of wear at the seams where the upholstery is gathered and bunched showing the white backing under the leather. This was common in bonded leather furniture made 10 years ago. The reclining lever also shows wear from being handled. I do believe some black leather treatment or even a black marker will hide theses if they bother you. It wouldn't stop me from putting these in my home right now!

These were costly. Some people feel that Barcaloungers are the best recliners on the market.
21.The chain clasp is signed 10k, one charm is marked 14k. I was unable to find any other marks on the charm bracelet. Each charm represents recent s her recent travels.
22.Gold 14k bracelet weighing 20 grams.

Resale from auction #1. A bidder in Zanesville will never bid with us again. His name has been shared with other auction companies as a non-paying bidder.
23.Barbie and Ken, Star Trek at the console of the Enterprise. Mint in box.
24.Diamonds and semi precious stones explode with color like fireworks! Both are marked sterling!
25.Christian Dior Barbie 1995. Mint in box.
26.Christian Dior Barbie blonde 1995. Mint in box.
27.Half-round foyer table with hand painted trompe d'oiel accents. Downstairs.
28.Pair of Special Edition Original 1960 Fashion & Doll (Reproduction). Blonde & Brunette. Mint in box.
29.My Fair Lady Barbie as Eliza Doolittle. White-Black dress brunette. Mint in box.
30.The beautiful sterling rings. Two in size 7. Tested as diamonds.
31.Barbie as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Brunette, white dress. Mint in box.
32.Artisan sterling ring with blue stone. Size 7.
33.Seven lovely sterling rings. Size 7.
34.Sterling grouping of 5 chains and 4 pendants.
35.Mid Century decorative electric clock. Works fine.
36.Quarter sewn oak desk from the late 1920's. Good condition!
37.A cultured pearl and diamonds decorate these 2 sterling silver rings.
38.Three necklaces with sterling silver pendants.
39.All the items pictured are marked 925. A total weight of 29 grams.
40.Selling a pair of wall mirrors in a beautiful Rococo style. The frames are extruded resin and very light. An affordable touch of elegance!
41.Gorgeous green and amber stones look exceptional on these sterling rings.
42.DOUBLE LOT:Group of belts and slippers as well as a grouping of scarves.
43.The chains and pendants are all marked 925. They are also marked 14k as each is accented with gold. Not plated with gold. The ornamentation is solid 14k gold component formed separately and then applied to the sterling component.
44.Three Barbies Mint in box 'Barbies of the World'. Ghanian (1996), Princess of India (2001) and Kenyan Barbie (1994).
45.Seven small Barbie ornaments and a poster.
46.'Target Special Edition' Barbie & Ken Halloween Party along with Coca Cola Picnic Barbie purchased in 1999. All mint in original box.
47.Barbies of the world. Russian Barbie blonde second edition 1997. French Barbie w/red hair 1997 and Chilean Barbie Brunette, 1998.
48.Sterling set and a costume jewelry set. Ring, earrings and a pendant on a chain.
49.Beautiful and clean pair of arm chairs intended for a living room. These chairs are like new! Nice wide tall seating for comfortable conversing. Downstairs.
50.MCM 1950's ashtray stand in excellent condition. Apparently know one online knows the manufacturer.
51.Samsung 40" LCD TV with remote. Excellent picture.
52.Solid wood television stand with hidden storage in the back of the lower-right door. Great shape. Main floor.
53.Garth Brooks CD box set. Still sealed from the factory.
54.A Mid Century foot stool in the style of Thonet, a ceramic column fern stand and a meal side table.
55.All the stones test as diamonds. There is no mark at all on the ring. Size 7.
56.Nice looking rug downstairs measuring 7'6" X 9'6". This is a rug using man made fibers referred to as faux silk. The available light just didnt do this rug justice. It is very nice looking, very clean and very good condition.
57.Christmas jewelry including the seasonal candy bowl and a new candle with a scent preserving lid.
58.Christmas jewelry and the crystal compote as pictured. It is a solid crystal base. Perfect for candy canes or hot and spicy chicken wings piled high! It must be time for lunch..
59.Tote with red lid full of new or like-new purses.
60.Christmas jewelry and the crystal cookie platter as pictured.
61.Christmas jewelry and the crystal compote as pictured.
62.Tote with lid downstairs full of like-new purses.
63.Solid wood chest of drawers, or in this case a storage chest. It is downstairs. Bring loaders to carry this up. This is the kind of chest that takes 2 hands to open the drawers.
64.Onyx stones set as flower petals in Sterling. This ring is accompanied by the specification sheet from the retailer. Note the retail price suggested is $350.00!
65.Tote with a blue lid full of new or like new purses.
66.Two acrylic divided boxes of costume jewelry. I'll look for additional photos.
67.Plastic divided box of costume jewelry.
68.Tote full of new or like-new purses in the basement.
69.Plastic divided box of costume jewelry.
70.Plastic divided box of costume jewelry.
71.Flat of costume jewelry as pictured.
72.Two acrylic boxes of costume jewelry.
73.Flat of costume jewlery. Mostly bracelets.
74.Flat of bracelets.
75.Flat of costume necklaces and pendants.
76.Flat of costume jewelry bracelets.
77.Flat of costume jewelry as pictured.
78.Dolls of the World series. Spanish Barbie, Thai (1998) and Moroccan (1999). Mint in box.
79.Happy Holidays Barbie and Tree Trimming. Mint in box.
80.Happy Holidays in white dress and Holiday Surprise. Mint in box.
81.Happy Holidays Gold dress and Graduation Barbie class of 1997.
82.Happy Holidays purple dress and Easter Treats Barbie. Mint in box.
83.Happy Holidays and Cool Blue Barbie. Mint in box.
84.Barbie Flower Ballerina from The Nutcracker. Empress Kaiserin Sissy Imperatrice.
85.Enchanted Seasons Special Edition Barbie in white.
86.Elizabeth Taylor Barbies as Cleopatra and a Special Edition Barbie Cleopatra. Mint in box.
87.Swan Lake and Cinderella Barbies. Purchased in 1997. Mint in box.
88.Evening Majesty Barbie and Barbie as Sugar.
89.Brazilian, Malaysian and Japanese Barbies from Dolls of the World series. Mint in box.
90.Irish, Norwegian and Mexican Barbies from Dolls of the world Series. Mint in box.
91.Singing Sisters Holiday Barbies. Musical Barbies.
92.Holiday Sisters musical Barbie. Mint in box.
93.Three Jim Shore Snowmen with the original boxes. Perfect.
94.Pair of Christmas topiary style front door trees and a wicker style tree with beaded garland.
95.Pair of Jim Shore angels in original boxes.
96.Large stack of romance novels in the dining room.
97.Three Barbie Dolls in original packages.
98.Flat of costume jewelry.
99.Large 'Imari style' decorative platter, plate hanger with decorative plates and a wooden shelf ready to hang.
100.DOUBLE LOT:Two Elvis CD sets, Kenny Rogers set, basket and 2 vintage Wayne Newton concert programs.
101.Pair of Longerberger baskets as pictured.
102.The handiest item for auction buyers I have ever seen! Collapsible rolling cart with handle. Folds flat!
103.Tote of Country Music CD's and a cassette player.
104.Photos of Columbus' Griggs Reservoir and a shelf of books as pictured.
105.Six decorators framed prints. Locate these in the basement.
106.Short-run editions from the Barbie brand. The Magazine and Catalogs are from Mattel and Collectors Clubs.
107.Thomas Kincaid art printed on porcelain hanging in frames.
108.Pretty painted glass decorative bowl and easel. Toy slot machine and more. Downstairs.
109.Flying pig figure, small globe, wooden sea turtle, wine cork and more decorator items.
110.Three shopping bags and a large box of Western Romance Novels downstairs.
111.Two boxes and three shopping bags of like new romance novels.
112.Three shelves of office supplies, folios and organizers downstairs.
113.Beautiful red glass apples in a Fenton basket. The Longaberger Collectors Club porcelain miniature, the Wedgewood frame and wooden birdhouse are included.
114.A portable tool kit, cream can, miners lamp and Old Spice shaving mug are included.
115.State Quarter Collection. Almost 100%. Nice collectors folio!
116.Selling the group of coats and jackets pn the right side of the coat closet. Large and XL.
117.Tommy Bahama Santa figure and a tree topper.
118.Christmas jewelry from some of the biggest names in the business. Monet, Napier and more.
119.Pair of 4-drawer file cabinets down-stairs. Bring your own loading assistance.
120.Group of decorator items including a faux plant. Locate this group downstairs.
121.Pair of handy folding bar tools. I tested them both. These are strong!
122.Five feet tall faux tree and a very good, like new floor lamp. Nice!
123.Pair of lamps. Table lamp and floor lamp with glass shelf.
124.Chain and pendant both marked 14k.
125.Group of turquoise earrings with sterling components.
126.14k watch. Case and band. The clasp is marked 14k.
127.Three sterling chains and sterling pendants.
128.Four sterling chains and sterling pendants.
129.Group of sterling chains, pendants and earrings.
130.14k gold watch case. Only the case is signed.
132.Pair of Holiday Barbies in the basement.
133.Quality Rattan side table with a gkass top. A chalk plant stand and a faux plant in a metal planter.
134.Four 14k gold rings with diamond accents. Size 7 and 7.5. The diamonds were tested.
135.Group of 4 sterling chains and sterling pendants.
136.I love the heart with blue stones. These are all sterling, chain and pendants.
137.Group of sterling chains and pendants.
138.Super clean, like new accent pillows down stairs.
139.Pair of 14k chains. Total weight 9 grams.
140.Group of sterling items including the large black stone pendant. Note: The weight is with the stones.
141.Six beautiful sterling rings in size .5/ The amber ring has 2 stone setting that are revers-able.
142.Weighted 14k gold earrings and a pretty 14k ring with a star sapphire.
143.10k chain and pendant.
144.Three sterling rings including a carved white stone setting.
145.This rug is very pretty and very clean. It is man made fibers with a great silky sheen!
146.Pair faux house plants.
147.LARGE scale pressed metal sun-and-moon. The cast iron candle stand would certainly light-up the room!
148.Wall hanging display cabinet and a 3-drawer organizing bin.
149.Two sets of rings and pendant chains. Large amber stone and white stone. All are 925 except the thick chain.
150.Four sterling rings in various sizes.
151.Flat of costume jewelry necklaces including the stunning shaved stone.
152.Sterling rings and pendants.
153.Two divided boxes loaded with costume jewelry.
154.Large scale decor ceramic jar, wooden planter a pressed metal vase.
155.Three Jim Shore Santas with the original boxes.
156.Pair of matching French style glass wall mirrors in extruded resin.
157.Painting and print on stretched canvases in wooden frames.
158.Picking Spring Flowers. Matted print behind glass.
159.Pretty garden print behind glass in a wooden frame.
160.French street scene print behind glass.
161.Three milk glass pieces and 3 votive tulips.
162.Five milk glass items including a tall vase and 2 lidded compotes.
163.Three milk glass cruets and 3 votive tulips.
164.Wow!What a collection of Milk Glass boots and slippers. Some are recent favorites but some of these are 50 years old! Mostly Fenton.
165.New black tote upstairs with purses, size 6 shoes and some new XL cotton items.
166.Bedroom fan (full size) a digital clock for every room in the house and some Elvis stamps.
167.Two acrylic organizer boxes full of like new costume jewelry.
168.Flat full of costume jewelry necklaces.
169.Two divided jewelry tray/boxes full of costume jewelry.
170.All the hangers of new and like new Capri pants in XL. Downstairs.
171.All the hangers pictured here of business jackets and pull over shirts in XL.
172.The contents of this wardrobe downstairs. They have been carefully boxed and are ready to be loaded in your car.
173.Five spiral bound cookbooks.
174.A huge amount of good clean spices. Some are new but most are open. This is a very clean kitchen! Just to good to discard.
175.The 50 grams reflect the sterling chains, pendants and stones.
178.Holiday Barbie and Festive Holiday Barbie, both mint-in-box.
179.The wooden trunk may be a footlocker or a steamer trunk. The clasps all still work. The sturdy stool or bench has a handy handle for quick mobility.
180.A vintage hair dryer and really clean reusable shopping bags. Keeping your groceries from rolling around your backseat can be a challenge!
181.Look at the old buttons in this storage box! The red storage can is metal.
182.Silver convention bag full of vintage aprons. The new packaged apron has a high heel motif.
183.The lightest portable typewriter I have ever seen. These still have a place in the business world. Example: Forms, tax forms, they all need a typewriter! This electric unit is by Brother.
184.Paper bag full of tatting, doilies and lace.
185.Five groups of paperback novels as pictured. Mostly Western/Cowboy Romance. This group includes 2 red shopping bags.
186.Good clean pic-nic items, party cups and plastic flatware.
189.Three Christmas Trees (3' to 4') and a snowman topped "Let it Snow' porch decoration.
190.Hand decorated Fenton fairy lamp and 2 pieces of vintage milk glass.
191.Four seasonal arrangements. Two free standing and two in baskets. Locate these in the corner of the basement.
192.Smaller plastic bins, totes and 2 black baskets. All as clean as if they were purchased yesterday.
193.Boxed Holiday items new or like new downstairs. Lights, Cracker Barrel car, die cast bank. Neat stuff!
194.Plastic tote (as seen) full of plush holiday items. Downstairs.
195.Huge group of plastic and acrylic divided boxes for sorting and storing jewelry. What would you use these for? Give some to your friends, We all need a little more organization in our lives.
196.Adult owned Beanie Babies in a basket. Some are new!
197.Milk pitcher, lidded candy jars and a large vase all in milkglass.
198.Items from the powder room and the curio. Mirrored plateau, figurines and glass jars.
199.Body by Jake presents the Gazzelle. Please bring help to carry this out of the lower level. Like new.
200.Three pieces of vintage luggage.
201.New and like luggage pieces and a black carry on bag.
202.Like new cooler, electric fan, plastic shelf and handy buckets. Downstairs.
203.Exercise bike downstairs. Please plan on bringing loading assistance.
204.New and like-new pillows and and bright white bedding.

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