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This Auction Ended Granville Heirs Auction! Ending Friday Nov 15th @ 8pm. Pick up Saturday and Sunday.
Written by Craig Connelly and Kevin Burchett, Auctioneers. -

Item Description
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1.Group of marked sterling items including a butter plate, compote and strainer. Locate in the living room. Lot E.
2.Antique work bench with vise and butcher-block work surface. Locate in the 120 year old outbuilding. There are three cut-stone steps up to the driveway, please bring loading assistance. Lot J.
3.Wonderful early cherry slant-lid desk/bureau. This country desk dates to the Civil War Era. Locate in the living room Lot N.

Auctioneers Note: Please bring your own loading assistance for all purchases made at this auction.
4.Ironstone Coffee and Tea service in very good condition. Red Cliff Ironstone is bright, durable and very desirable! Produced nearly 75 years ago faithfully-following styles and forms of the 18th Century. The brilliant white Pope Gosser table-ware is included (very few imperfections). Living Room Lot N.

Auctioneers Note: Please bring wrapping materials and totes/boxes for all of your purchases in this auction.
5.A very nice, well preserved antique trunk with fresh linen interior. This item is Upstairs. Lot E.
6.Lovely Victorian silver Coffee, Tea and Creamer. Living Room Lot E.
This set is not marked 'Sterling'.
7.Mr Neff purchased several Karastan Kirmen room-size rugs in vibrant red and blue medallion designs. Large rooms and several bedrooms were added to the original hand-hewn structure in the late 1800's in typical Victorian style.
This vintage 9' x 12' wool rugs is in good condition, minus the fringe which can be re-applied if you choose. Speaking for myself and other old-rug lovers, we respect a rug in as-found condition. A rug this size, of inferior quality can easily cost $7,000 and not last 75 years. A vintage rug is the basis of any furniture collection. South Great Room. Lot N.
8.At the turn of the solid cherry front stairwell, this fabulous 1870's gilded frame with newer mirror, will stop you in your tracks! Nearly 2.5" thick! This weighty mirror measures 26" x 35". Lot N.
9.Marked Heisey candelabra with appropriate prisms and Hawthorn bobeches. Very good condition. Locate in the Living Room Lot E. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: One of the bobeches has a chip on the inner rim that receives the cup. I have been told that it can be seen in one of the pictures. I didn't see it, I'm sorry.
10.A large collection of antique and vintage pewter. The side-pouch pitcher is marked 'Prince of Whales Hotel'. The open stein has a glass bottom, which would traditionally be shattered upon the owners death. Locate in the Living Room Lot N.
11.The words unusual, large and lovely cannot be overused in describing this vintage farmhouse fruit or flower bowl. Imagine this piled-high with bright shiny glass ornaments or polished green apples! Living Room N.
12.Antique brass tea service on a warming stand. Living Room N.
13.Antique cherry 1 drawer stand. Date this handy table to 1870. Foyer N.
14.Found in the basement behind the furnace is this mysterious angelic sculpture. Feels like it is made of fiberglass or a heavy cast resin plastic. If you were you to drop it, it would break, not dent.
It is very well done with a lot of detail. Looking into her torch it is simply a shallow bowl. There are no breaks or damage. Basement Lot J.
15.Waterford Inishmore Lamp in perfect condition! GOOGLE: Waterford Crystal Lamps use a stunning combination of crystal lamp shades and crystal bases. The cut crystal, along with the intriguing variety of shade shapes and textures of each Waterford lamp bestows a unique singular style and a timeless design aesthetic. Uses standard bulb up to 60 watts. Lot E

Click Here for a Google Value.

16.A Victorian style parlor settee made in the 1950's for owners of Victorian homes. A modern 1950's sofa presented a difficult decorating task for homemakers with a home full of family heirlooms. Decor change comes slow in when you live in a 1840's home. Locate in the large Foyer. Lot N.
17.Selling the pair of chairs pictured here. Notice 1 is slightly taller, slightly wider for a Gentleman, where as the Ladies chair is more slight in comparison. These are good solid chairs made in the 1950's. Great Room, Lot N.
18.A lovely vintage dressing screen or room divider. It is beautifully covered in colorful needlepoint. Locate in the Great Room, Lot E.
19.Nice straight sided tool or utility tote in yellow pine. Locate in the Kitchen Area, lot N.
20.Mrs Eikenberry purchased wonderful Mid Century Modern design furniture. This leather side chair in the Tomlinson Pavane line is a good example of true-to-the era MCM. So many times eBay sellers and yes, Auctioneers stretch that term to fit their merchandise. There are several vintage pieces in this catalog that accurately date from the period of 1947 to 1957. Living Room Lot E.
21.Pavane Tomlinson coffee table and lamp table. The structures are sound and built-tough like an SUV vehicle. Finish imperfections are present to be sure, but nothing more than a pleasurable afternoon in the garage will snap these right back. Locate in the South Living Room, Lot E.
22.A rare find by Cushman Colonial Creations. This set is extraordinary! (NOT a card table!) Pegged maple construction, tractor seats and the original finish is 99% complete (marks on the surface). Two of the chairs exhibit a natural separation of the grain which developed over time as a result of the extreme peg construction. The fissures are on the back of the plank near the junction of the stile pegs and leg pegs. The strength of the 2 chairs has not been compromised. THIS IS NOT DAMAGE! JUST AGING! It is 60 years old! Locate in the Den. Lot N.
23.Stack of antique books dating from the 1830's and 1840's. Den, N.
24.A quality, solid-wood vintage sewing notion chest. Four drawers, a top tray and room for supplies under the lid. All the thread and sewing supplies are included. Compact, small size. There is considerable value here! Locate Upstairs, lot E.
25.A table-top jewelry armoire full of costume jewelry as pictured. Upstairs Lot E.
26.Pair of vintage bed jackets from the late 1940's. Vintage clothing in excellent condition, especially from this era are few and far between. Found upstairs in a cedar chest, lot E.
27.Seven stunning vintage broaches. The two at the left-most are signed Schreiner and Weiss. Locate Upstairs, Lot E.
28.Nice grouping here! A dough trencher, butter paddle and an unusual footed dough scoop. Notice the 'hooked' handle that would be hung over the edge of the dough box or the bowl. Located in the Living Room or Kitchen, I forget. Lot N.
29.Bottom-loading electric 5 gallon Hot/Cold water dispenser. Works like new! Caution the Hot is very hot! The water bottles are not included. Turns out they need to be returned in order to end the water delivery program with local company. The water is not included! But the unit is great! Locate in the Mud Room, lot E.
30.Samsung 31" TV w/remote and owners manual. Locate in the Master Bedroom, lot J.
31.A favorite in this kitchen is this stainless steel toaster oven. Locate in Kitchen, lot J.
32.This stainless steel microwave oven was a very recent purchase. Very clean! Locate in the Kitchen, lot E.
33.This is the bonded leather club chair on the South side of the TV room. Wonderful condition! An exact match to item #34. Non smoking, pet free home. Lot J.
34.This is the bonded leather club chair on the North side of the TV room. Wonderful condition! An exact match to item #33. Non smoking, pet free home. Lot J.
35.Good Vizio television with a 37" screen and remote. TV Room. Lot J. The cables are included.
36.In great condition this laptop has been in the the attache case for a couple years or more. Adult Senior owned and cared for. It is not locked, a password is not required. See the screen for specs. Locate in the Office, lot N.
37.Pair of old wooden crate barrels and a wooden ice cream bucket. Locate in the old Outbuilding, lot J.
38.Group of 4 old crates and trays. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
39.Cross buck saw located in the Outbuilding, lot J. Unfortunately I cant sell the beautiful old barn door.
40.Fishing tackle, pole, lures and the sheath knife as pictured. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
41.Pump BB gun. I think I shot it more than she did. Turns out, I can hit the broadside of a barn! Be careful it is loaded. Locate in the Mud Room, J.
42.Rarely used Stanley Plane with the original box. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
43.One of the best carving sets I have sold. Real stag horn handles! Use it proudly this holiday season! (Tip: Learn carving and sharpening skills on YouTube before attempting in front of the family.) Locate in the Kitchen Area, lot J.
44.Vintage steel wagon; Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
45.Antique Seth Thomas weight driven clock. Please take the weights out before transporting. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
46.Pretty French canister set, with a large bread box. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
47.Depression Era salt & pepper set and 2 pieces of Williamsburg-type salt glazed pottery. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
48.Elegant 1930's after-dinner-liqueur set. Kitchen E.
49.Granville Interests: He built the Granville Methodist church in 1883. John Montgomery, a carpenter and contractor, wrote these checks to other residents in the Granville area (perhaps paychecks).

Please see the surnames of the recipients for any local significance. John Montgomery was the second owner of this home. These items were found by Mr Neff, the third owner, in the attic in 1965. Living Room N.
50.Granville Interests: Granville Tennis Club sterling silver trophy dated 1958. There are no names engraved on this item. The pewter items and silver vegetable serving tray are included. Living Room N.
51.Granville Interests: Group of Granville history books and a print as pictured by James Young. Living Room Bookshelves, lot N.
52.Granville Interests: Yet another print in very good condition by James Young. Locate in the Living Room. Lot E.
53.Granville Interests: Two examples of 'Plein Air' paintings. Bob Crilly would set up the easel and sketch your home in your front yard, sometime accenting the piece with little white paint. While he was a recognized painter in Granville his sketches are collected as architectural studies of the area. This sketch was done prior to the State of Ohio's recognition of the homes significance being the boyhood home of General Griffin.
The Avery House is an original watercolor signed by yet another collectible Granville artist. TV Room, lot N.
54. Granville Interests: Swasey Chapel at Dennison University combined with a hat-check mirror hung in the foyer of the home. Ive never seen this item from the the 1960's. Locate at the entrance to the kitchen. Lot N.
55.Family Interest: This yellow pine dining table with 11 chairs (made by the highly regarded Drexel company in the 1950's) was a central presence in this combined family’s gatherings. It represents the warmth found when family and friends 'sit down to table'. It was an important investment then and remains so today.

A Drexel lazy-Susan, custom pads, 12" extension leaves, and two table covers are included. One chair has a broken back-splat, but we found a small wooden shipping-crate full of new back-slats from Drexel (dated 1956).

As the holidays approach, this beautiful work of craftsmanship might be a gift from Grandma to a growing family, or the center-point for family reunions and festive dinners. It will stand the test of time for a lifetime of memories. Living Room, lot N.
56.Cushman Colonial hard rock maple sideboard. Very good condition! Nice aged patina from the indirect light in this East facing room. The contents are not included. Living Room N.
57.Set of 6 French occupational studies. Print process from engravures and hand tinted. FROM GOOGLE: Pencil signed by the carver F. Petitjean. The print text reads: "Copyright Published 30 July 1926 by Henry Graves 182 Sloane Street London.. Printed in England". Please apply your own Google search to learn more about these interesting prints.
Locate on the living room wall in the South Living room. Lot N.
58.This is the wool Karastan Kirman in the North Living Room. I just walked all over the freshly vacuumed rug removing furniture, you can see my foot prints. This rug is clean! No smoking in the home! Cats stay outside! Lot N.
59.Classic Colonial wing back chair with masculine design. No manufacturers labels were found. Vinyl. Locate in the Living Room N. Living Room N.
60.Karastan red wool area rug. Good condition, fringe loss. I don't like long lacy fringe anyway! North Living Room N.
61.You cannot beat Drexel for solid long-lasting cabinetry and durable finishes! This dry bar/server on wheels is a great value! Living Room E.
62.DOUBLE LOT: Red Karistan wool rug and a cotton hooked rug. Both are 24" x 48". These are well cared-for vintage rugs and they look great. You'll be proud of your purchase! Living Room N.
63.Beautiful 12" Cambridge Rosepoint etch, footed bowl. Perfect. Locate in the Kitchen Area, lot N.
64.Heisey Plantation grouping. All good. Living Room E.
65.Heisey punch bowl. under tray and punch cups, all in Plantation pattern. Great condition! Living Room E.
66.Heisey Ridgeleigh bowl, Heisey Plantation cruet and three glass ladles. All good! Living Room E.
67.English tavern wall cabinet with metal grid front and brass gallery. South Living Room, lot E.
68.I didn't pull these out from the wall but I bet they are made by Drexel! THESE ARE TWO INDEPENDENT UNITS! Keep one sell the other. Keep one give the other to your sister. Glass doors and sides, glass shelves, mirrored back and front loading! These look great! Living Room E. AUCTIONEERS NOT: We have the 2 keys. One locks fine, the other, .. for the life of me I cant make it work!
69.Waterford cream and sugar in excellent condition! Living Room E.
70.Waterford decanter with two (2) matching whiskey glasses. Living Room N.
71.Lovely little cherry tea table with a hand-rubbed super hard finish. Locate in the TV Room, lot N.
72.Mid Century side table in maple. Use this anywhere in the house. Beautiful! Locate in the TV Room, lot N.
73.Pair of lidded Chinese ginger jars with lids. Locate in the TV Room, lot N.
74.Lovely oriental ginger jar in hues of yellow and blue. Locate in the Living Room E.
75.Pair of brass candle sticks with prisms. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
76.This little maple tea-table looks like it was made by Cushman Colonial Collections. Locate in the TV room, N.
77.Industrial thread spools and a copper water kettle. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
78.Elegant ruby red water goblets and champagnes. Locate in the Kitchen Area, lot E.
79.Vintage hooked rug measuring 3'.4" 5'.2". Locate Upstairs in the Master bedroom. Lot E.
80.The comb-back Windsor. A classic design found in museums around the world. Locate Upstairs, Lot N.
81.Antique ironstone pitcher and bowl. Their is a hairline circled in red. No breaks! Locate Upstairs, lot N.
82.Wooden chess set in like new condition. It is complete! Locate Upstairs. Lot J.
83.Pair of 1960's electric fans. Locate Upstairs in the bunk bed room, lot N.
84.This is a wonderful leather jacket with wool style lining. This is a Large. The other jackets pictured are included in this lot and are all size Large. Upstairs J.
85.Grouping of Corning and Pyrex along with some extra lids. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
86.Nice strong, tightly-woven wicker stool. Upstairs J.
87.Cast iron boot-jack beetle. Upstairs. Lot J.
88.This Jazzy scooter was working fine when it was last parked. It has apparently sat unused for more than 2 years and the batteries have drained beyond repair. The batteries will not charge. No rips or tears, no breaks or cracks. This unit looks like new. It has been very well cared for. Locate in the Living Room, lot J.
89.Pair of foot-rest camp chairs. Locate in the Foyer closet. Lot J.
90.Coffee lovers grouping located in the Kitchen. Grinder, scoop, book,, drip makers and percolator. Yes, they all work! Lot J.
91.DOUBLE LOT: Two drills and a massive number of drill bits. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
92.Circular saw and a pad sander in the Outbuilding. Not tested, lot J.
93.All of the vintage golf clubs in the outbuilding. Lot J. Several Lady Burkes.
94.Group of slate roofing in the barn. Lot N. Pay first then load up.
95.Primitive old cupboard nailed to the wall in the barn. Bring your claw hammer and a crow bar. The five openings in the front were not drawers. Very unusual! Lot J. Pay first, then load up.
96.Wonderful large Cloisonne ginger jars. Cloisonne is an amazing art! All the designs you see are created with copper ribbons applied to the exterior of the copper vessel. Then color enamels are meticulously melted and dripped into the designs created by the copper ribbon. Just the right amount is dripped in. As the enamel dries, if all goes well.. They will be fabulous! This art discipline has been practiced for more than 1000 years!
There is a spot of imperfection on each indicated by the red circles. The finest examples of Cloisonné is lined with blue enamels as well as the bottom. These are amazing examples! Larger 20th Century examples may sell for $1000 each! Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
97.Box lot of English red transfer ware, Ruby Glass plates, iron trivet and more. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
98.Items found in the kitchen desk including letter openers, small tape measures and a small-scale Japanese fan. Locate in the Kitchen Area, Lot J.
99.Cushman Colonial Creations 5 drawer chest. Beautiful condition! Locate Upstairs, Lot N.
100.Pair of twin size low-poster beds. In wonderful condition! You get the frames, head-boards and foot-boards, box-springs and three mattresses! Be sure to see the photo of the matching mattress that we found covered up in the office. These beds look good! If you don't want the mattresses, its up to you, you can leave them behind. The yellow bed spreads are available below! These are upstairs, lot N.
101.These beautiful original chalk/watercolor process paintings were done by a popular artist from Granville that went on to win accolades for his art works in Columbus some years later. These works were made by special commission around 1969. We have sold his work before at an Estate auction on Racoon Valley rd, just 1/2 mile away. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
102.These items are all sterling. Some items are singles without their matching cuff link or earring. Notice the sterling scent bottles with fill-funnels. Locate upstairs, lot E.
103.Group of jewelry found in a dresser drawer. The red Shaker-style basket is included. Among the interesting item is a 14k gold child's ring without a setting. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
104.Antique mahogany 2 drawer stand in the style of Duncan Phyfe with four brass paw toe caps. How has this night stand stayed in such good condition for 70 years? Locate Upstairs, lot N.
105.Pair of butter yellow Mid Century bead spreads. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
106.There are two of the glossy white ceramic eagle lamps. The is a small chip on the base of one. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
107.We love the classic Hitchcock chair. This is good and strong! Locate in the grand foyer, lot N.
108.Classic Hitchcock rocker with cushions. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
109.Japanese vase and a Chinese ceramic vase. Both on Rosewood pedestals. Locate in the Living Room. Lot N.
110.Brass sundial on a pebble-concrete post. NOTE: I cannot allow the buyer to simply take the dial and the leave the concrete post. You must take them both or I will leave this in the garden for the new owners. Its not buried, its just setting on a stepping stone. It will take 2 strong people. I will help but only when I can getaway for a few minutes. Locate on the Patio, lot J.
111.Concrete bird bath. Locate on the Patio, lot J.
112.A horse drawn buggy or farm wagon buckboard. Mr Neff didn't have horses or wagons. I would bet this has been in the cellar/basement since Mr Morgan built the church or just maybe since General Griffin lived here. Moved up to the mud room. Lot N.
113.Nice old tool tote. This has tote has seen 100 years of winters and summer out in the old outbuilding. I would leave it in a sunny window for a day or two to dry it out. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
114.Antique tin-glaze crock and the dried flowers within. Locate near the Den, lot J.
115.Good looking coat tree in very ggod condition. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
116.It may be correct to call this a 'fireplace screen'. But, it is not a 'fire screen' that would keep embers from popping out onto the floor. This item was used to cover a dirty old fireplace when not in use. Also used as a 'heat damper' to slow the more intense heat from a ladies legs or the children on the settee. Warming yourself from a fire takes a little attention. Living Room, lot E.
117.Good looking hand-blown amethyst glass. Locate in the lower Lavatory. lot E.
118.Soft boiled egg set with sterling spoons. I realize from the photo, I have the spoons faced the wrong way. Wow, this would impress guests! Living room, lot E.
119.DOUBLE LOT: Large collection of banquet silver. Locate in the Living Room, lot E. Two shelves in the Drexel cases.
120.Crystal relish canoe, pickle dish, compote and crystal bowl. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
121.You wont believe how heavy this crystal bowl is! The Candlewick and the cracker trough are included. All good. Living Room, Lot E.
122.Beautiful crystal pitcher, banquet silver and a modern mercury style vase. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
123.DOUBLE LOT: Victorian 'toasted bread' service with a honey or jelly insert. Did you know, in Europe toast is served after it cools? Locate in the Living Room. Lot E. The etched cream & sugar and salts are included.
124.Group of crystal and china in the dry bar. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
125.The demitasse spoons are not sterling, however the hair brush and candle stand parts are. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
126.Art Deco design runs strong in this group of Bavarian China as pictured. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
127.DOUBLE LOT: Blue and white Pony Express plate, coaster castors etc. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.

Opps! The cups accidentally pictured in this lot do not sell in this lot. They go with lot 129.
128.DOUBLE LOT: Geisha girl, an enameled miniature tea pot and wooden warrior carving. Locate in the Living Room, lot E. The Mid Century bar war is included.
129.H&G Bavaria Germany china. Date these to 1951. Locate in the Living Room, lot E. The stray cups have been added.
130.DOUBLE LOT: Group of Fostoria glass from the 1930's-40's, along with the crystal bowls and the Newark Oh ashtray. Lot E. The large crystal 'canoe' candy dish to the right of the Fostoria pitcher is chipped badly. The Fostoria 'canoe' relish is fine.
131.A smoke glass meddler and bar pithcer along with 2 colored glass compotes. The red tray should have a handle as tid bit tray but the handle I found did not fit. Locate in the Living Room, Lot E.
132.Unusual Art Pottery, signed but not legible. Kitchen, lot E.
133.TRIPLE LOT! Only the portion highlighted is sterling. The rest of collectible flatware and service items are vintage silver plate. Lot E.
134.English copper lusterware tea cups and two plates decorated in luster. These all pre-date the American Civil War by 20 - 30 years. Living Room. Lot E.
135.Five Royal Doulton figures in EC. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
136.Five Royal Doulton figures and another similar. Locate in the Living Room, lot E. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
137.Spinet desk and Windsor chair. Locate in the grand Foyer, lot E.
138.I love this pattern and coloration! Measuring approx 5' x 3'. See it in use on the previous item. Locate in the Grand Foyer, lot N.
139.Chimalong xylophone type instrument in a blue carrying case. Great way to measure a kids interest in music before investing in a baby Grand piano! Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
140.Rattan serving cart, ceramic apple center piece and hurrican shades. One hurricane shade a chip. Full description coming soon. Locate in the Den. Lot E.
141.Nice upholstered chair from the early 1960's. It is clean but the fabric chows wear. There is a match to this chair upstairs but it doesn't have a cushion, you can have it if you want it. Locate this chair in the den, lot E.
142.DOUBLE LOT: Glass box of shells, a Capodimonte figure(x) and a Japanese print. Locate Upstairs, Lot E.
143.Victorian oak fern stand. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
144.A cedar chest upstairs in the twin bed room. Notice the glue has given up on one of the feet. The photos illustrate that it is not damaged, just a result of drying out. Many times we set these over a heat register for 50 years. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
145.Group of linens found in the cedar chest in the twin bedroom, lot E.
146.Fenton flower bowl and flower arranging frog. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
147.A second grouping of ruby red glasses in the front chowcases. These are similar but not the same stem as the others. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
148.Carved wooden napkin rings from Africa, a carved horntoad and Willoy Tree figures. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
149.Wedgwood Jasper Ware in green and a fabulous Union Case with male and female portraits in ambrotype. Upstairs, lot E.
150.Whether it is called a day bed or a fainting couch it's purpose is the same. A welcoming, comforting, relaxing spot to catch your breath, refresh and recover. Documented in use for more than 2000 years and found all around the world, unwinding a little is a good thing!

You can always count on Tomlinson Furniture to be solid and long lasting. This day bed is clean and looks like new. No smoking, no pets in this home! You'll love this item! Locate Upstairs in the Master Bedroom. Lot E.
151.Jack Cartwright shot out of the cannon after design school in the 1960's. His pieces are in demand and are often valued in the thousands of dollars. Founders was the furniture company producing his lines. You can see his transition in design thru the 60's. This console table and lamp stand are perfect examples found late in that decade. The yellow lacquer is original and they are both offered in very good condition. Locate in the Dressing Room, Upstairs, lot E.
152.Selling here, just the two summer-weight bedspreads and an iris decorated table cloth. Found in the cedar chest Upstairs, lot E.
153.This was a very expensive purchase in the past few years. Dormia is a line only offered by very high-end furniture retailers. Included here is the mattress, box spring, frame and headboard. Make note, there a couple of stains but it is in great shape and it feels like a million bucks! This will be a spectacular deal! Locate Upstairs, lot E.
154.Selling the pair of bedside tables. They certainly look like a French line offered by Drexel, but I didn't see a makers mark! Locate Upstairs, lot E.
155.Like the discovery of the first Daffodils of spring, these yellow lamps snap in a room like an Easter bouquet. Leave the brittle shades behind if you like. Locate in the Master Bedroom, lot E.
156.Very much like the large rockers at Cracker Barrel, this rocker offers a long well-balanced rock! Just try to do a nervous little-tight rock, you cant do it. This rocker forces you to relax nice and slow. The hand tied rush-seat and back are much softer than those other rockers. Locate upstairs in the Master Bedroom, lot N.
157.Classic tall chest-on-chest in solid cherry. This is a tall (4'10") statement for the bedroom. Like a tuxedo wearing butler, this chest of drawers will be at your service. I appreciate the 'double breasted' tuxedo look from the original 'bat-wing' brass hardware.
The super hard finish is nearly flawless. Locate this upstairs in the Master Bedroom. Please bring loading assistance. Lot N.
158.Vintage Berkey and Gay Furniture Co, three drawer chest. Always aesthetically pleasing! Locate in the Master Bedroom, Lot N.
159.DOUBLE LOT: Wooden jewelry chest with blue lining and group of dresser top items in the dressing room. Including Mexican figural candles, soapstone carving and more. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
160.DOUBLE LOT: These were found in the desk and cedar chest upstairs. A tin full of buttons and a grouping of needle point. Notice the Bakelite handles on the handbag. Locate Upstairs, Lot E. Make sure we give you both boxes
161.Elegant designer scarves and an uncommon fan. The basket and the enameled metal signs are included. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
162.Wedding photo and vintage kid-leather ladies formal gloves. Found in the twin bedroom in a cedar chest. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
163.DOUBLE LOT. Vintage beads, pocket watch and other vintage jewelry components. Also included are the sewing notions and organizing box. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
164.Yellow case, basket and coffee can of sewing notions. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
165.DOUBLE LOT: The antique stone clock has had the works removed and a quartz clock was inserted. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
166.TRIPLE LOT: A wonderful solid wood (carved from 1 piece of wood) serving tray, a wooden carving of a proud businessman, and some more sewing notions. Locate Upstairs, Lot E.
167.TRIPLE LOT: A large Heisey etched platter, a gorgeous Lenox serving dish and a breakfast tray with formal silver. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
168.Four of these are attributed to early California territory Indian villages. Flat or shallow woven winnowing mats or trays. This lot would look great displayed on a wall! Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
169.Nice box lot of antique items including the Masonic lanyard. This item might be sterling. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
170.A large collection of brass items from China and India. Locate in foyer inside of the included tote. lot E.
171.Drexel console table with stools, Drexel mirror and vintage lamp. This table would be great behind a sofa and the additional seating would take up no space at all. There is a small chip in the plaster on the base of the urn. A green marker would go far to conceal that! Locate in the Grand Foyer. Lot E.
172.Heisey Ipswich box with roughness on a corner and along the mold seam. The pitcher is not signed but is fabulous! Great shape. E
173.Selling the antique walnut drop-leaf 1 drawer stand. A very handy piece of furniture located in the Living Room. Lot N.
174.DOUBLE LOT: A three tier mahogany stand and a marked Bombay Co. round stand. Locate in the Living Room, Lot N.
175.DOUBLE LOT: Walnut step-back dresser with the original mirror. The mirror was once attached to this dresser with 'wishbone' stanchions. There is 1 of the stanchions in the closet of the center room upstairs, you can have it if you'd like. This mirror has since been used elsewhere in the home just as a lovely antique mirror. Locate Upstairs Lot N.
176.Good looking maple mirror. This may have been with the Cushman grouping at one time. Locate Upstairs N.
177.Wonderful maple pedestal farm table w/2 leaves. The Lazy Susan is included to keep everything in reach a family may need. Locate in the kitchen, lot N.
178.Cushman solid cherry knee-hole desk with a hand rubbed finish. Isn't it beautiful? The mirror and 2 lamps are sold in the next lot. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
179.Pretty cherry framed Chippendale mirror and the two lamps as pictured. Locate Upstairs N.
180.This 1 piece cupboard is 10' from the driveway near the entrance. Talk about an easy load! This is the perfect size china hutch for a modern home. This is the size of furniture that fits so well into condos and down-sizing apartments. Solid cherry, glass fronts. It is in great shape and so very pretty. Locate in the TV Room, lot N. Contents are not included.
181.Vintage cedar blanket chest located in the great room upstairs. Lot E.
182.This beautiful large wool Persian medallion rug measures 10'2" by 12'2". This 1930's rug shows some wear and thinning, but I would still be proud to own it. Full description coming soon. Measuring Locate Upstairs, lot N.
The lighting in this room was muted. The colors look better than the photo indicates.
183.Nice old fruit-wood knee hole desk with the chair pictured. Locate Upstairs, lot N. The chairs fits in the knee hole perfectly.
184.DOUBLE LOT: Group including and English creamer, a Coronation cup & saucer, stone egg and more. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
185.DOUBLE LOT: The plant looks even better now than it did in this photo. The planters, the copper color bucket, owl lantern and crock are included. Locate in the Mud Room, lot E.
186.Two of the same issue of the Pythian Journal for the Knights of Pythias. Under the yellow cover is he same issue. Locate in Upstairs, Lot E.
187.This was the 1930's rug that she chose to have in her bedroom. It kills me that I couldn't get a good picture that captured the rich colors! This may be her oldest rug. Although it has retained its fringe the center field shows wear. The blue is much better than pictured. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
188.Prismed candle stands. Locate Living Room, lot N.
189.The workmanship in this unusual chair is awesome. Not signed but I attribute it to Cushman. Peg construction. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
190.Remember these? Ask your grand children what this yellow step stool on spring loaded wheels has to do with reading. Near the kitchen. Lot J.
191.Good looking captains chair Mr Neff used in his office. Full description coming soon. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
192.A Pottery Barn marque with 2 bags of letters. A great way to welcome guests to your shop, or leave a happy message for visitors. Locate in the Mud Room, lot E.
193.Selling the cup and saucer collection. The Hanging shelf is NOT incouded. Lot E, Living room.
194.Nice little box of antiques, A child's nursery ryhme plate, old post cards, German egg-shaped candy container and a cast iron pig. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
195.A heavy flat of old hand tools including a breast drill and light hammers. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
196.Three old barn lamps. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
197.Large group of bar ware including designer winer and Waterford. Locate in the Kitchen Area, Lot J.
198.DOUBLE LOT: Good usable skillets, bacon press, BBQ and grilling cookbooks and tools. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
199.Hand made Polynesian or South Pacific Island knives. Locate Kitchen Area, lot N.
200.TRIPLE LOT: Antique wooden canes, walking sticks and the letter openers as pictured. Full description coming soon. Locate in the Kitchen Area, lot N.
202.Pair of thread accented fashion prints and a like-new gentleman's telescope. . Locate Upstairs, lot N.
203.DOUBLE LOT: Group of winter puzzles and a rarely seen 'training' chess set. Locate Upstairs, lot J.
204.Two movie projectors, cameras and a movie screen. Locate in the hall walk-in closet. Upstairs, lot J.
205.The cat 'throw' shows wear, but it is huge! Look how it covers the Queen size bed! Holiday throw and patchwork throw. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
206.A quality oval mirror. Locate in the Master Bedroom. Lot N.
207.DOUBLE LOT: Yellow handled rolling pin, measuring cups and a collection of 'ring binder' local and short run vintage cooksbooks. Locate in the Kitchen Area, Lot J.
208.Old crock jar, Wedgwood and a Hadley ashtray. Locate in the Living Room, lot N. Two Flats.
209.DOUBLE LOT: Newark Sequential platter, Fostoria, Heisey, cutlery and demitasse spoons. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
210.Fairfield County Glass, 1920's crystal including the crystal cigar ashtray. Full description coming soon. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
211.Cincinnati area High School and Collegiate Yearbooks along with an antique pennant. Locate in the Den, lot N.
212.EdenPURE Infrared heater with remote. Infrared heat is very deeply warming. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
213.Small items found in the drawers, including torn currency, old keys, Indian flint shards gathered on this property and a faithful old pocket knife. Upstairs J.
214.DOUBLE LOT: Two groups of Japanese and Oriental Decor. Some of these were brought back form a family members service in Korea. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
All the decor on the mantle.
215.DOUBLE LOT: A round card table and an "anywhere / for anything" utility table. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
216.DOUBLE LOT: Nice vintage desk lamps, leather attache cases, Zippo advertising straight edge and letter openers. Locate in the Office, Lot N.
217.A basket hamper with some good books in the Master Bedroom. The civil war book is fascinating with its pull-out battle maps. Neat! Locate Upstairs, Lot N.
218.DOUBLE LOT: In the bunk bed room you'll find the brace back windsor, vintage office chair and a Cushman maple mirror. Leave what you cant haul. Locate Upstairs, lot N.
219.You just cant find these nice shells anymore! Locate in the Living Room, Lot E.
220.DOUBLE LOT: This are beautiful grouping of prints directly off the antique print blocks. These are really neat!! The still life water color and botanical study are included. Locate in the Living Room, Lot N.
221.These utility tables are just great! So handy for a seamstress, game players or anyone that needs an extra flat surface! Locate in the Living Room, Lot N.
222.DOUBLE LOT: Hand weights and 2 travel office cases. N
223.Quality solid wood Clock and Barometerwith brass faces and a bonus clock. Locate in the Den, lot N.
224.DOUBLE LOT: Child's size case full of Lego bricks and the Fischer Price popcorn push toy. Den, lot J.
225.DOUBLE LOT: Ladies leather gloves, wool coats and spring weight jackets. The umbrellas are included! Locate in the Mud Room, lot E.
226.A beautiful 3 -tier 'step back' wall shelf in solid cherry. What would you display here? Locate in the Living Room wall, lot N. The cup and saucer collection is not included. N
227.Unusual wooden grinding bowl, strong shoulder mixing bowl and a Roseville covered dish with a chip. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
228.DOUBLE LOT: Incised wood 'book butterfly' (to hold open a cookbook, or bible), copper plant sconces, and iron trivets. The cookbook and the rolling pin are not included. Kitchen, lot N.
229.DOUBLE LOT: This vintage wooden-ware is coming back strong in light of the popularity of Mid Century furniture. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
230.Box lot including and Ivy painted glass vase. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
231.A group of Bird interest books, binoculars and a book of various recorded bird songs. Just flip the book open and place it on the turn table. Locate in the Living Room, lot J.
232.The books on the subject of Cats. Locate in the Living Room, lot J.
233.A group of art books and a collectable Wyeth plate. Locate in the Living Room, lot J.
234.All the books pictured here including a book that is on Jimmy Buffett's 'favorite books' list, "Gifts From The Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh Locate in the Living Room. Bring totes or bags. Lot J.
235.Nice little chest freezer just in time fir hunting season. 15 steps from your tailgate. Locate near the back door in the Mud Room. Lot N.
236.EdenPURE infrared heater. We did not find a remote to this one. Locate in the Living Room, lot N.
237. Vintage Fondue set and a three tier server. Locate in the Living Room. Lot E.
238.DOUBLE LOT: Cooler, radio, binoculars and flashlights. Locate in the Mud Room, lot J.
239.Two card tables and 4 chairs. One of the seat cushions needs popped back on to the metal frame. Locate in the Foyer Closet, lot J.
240.Vinyl jewelry box from a teenagers room. Contents are included. Locate in the TV Room, lot N.
241.Upholstered tuft-back easy chair. The arm and back protectors are available. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
242.Longaberger basket, treenware bowl and a berl basket with natural inclusions. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
243.Military foot locker. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
244.DOUBLE LOT: Knives, cutting board and a flat of measuring cups & molds. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
245.DOUBLE LOT: Live trap, water sprinkler, D handled shovel, galvanized bucket and the other tools as pictured. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
246.DOUBLE LOT: DVD's and Holiday compact disks. Locate in the TV Room, lot J.
247.DOUBLE LOT: Vintage flatware accessories and flat including a large whisk along with black handled utensils. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
248.Dyson vacuum, a red hand vac for the RV or car and a rechargeable light-weight vacuum for the stairway. Note the cap is missing from the back of the handle. But it does not interfere with its ability to work well. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
249.Snowman hooked rug. There is one strand astray, but I think with determined fingers a repair can be done in minutes. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
250.Group of Christmas Decor on the RIGHT side of the walk-in closet. Locate in the Master Bedroom, lot J.
251.Group of Christmas Decor on the LEFT side of the walk-in closet. Locate in the Master Bedroom, lot J.
252.Group of Christmas Decor on the back-wall of the walk-in closet. Locate in the Master Bedroom, lot J.
253.Large box of Christmas ornaments including the ginormous multi-colored bulb. Locate in the Master Bedroom, lot J.
254.Pair of boxes of Christmas tree ornaments including the 3 glass items and 2 wooden boats. Master Bedroom. Lot J.
255.DOUBLE LOT: A snowman votive candle light, lidded storage basket and a colorful 1970's painting. These coffee cups are just to cool to pass by. They are all good! TV Room. Lot J.
256.Vintage antique Cast-Iron Christmas tree stand in the outbuilding. Lot J.
257.Vintage Santa in white and the pottery figure possibly a hors d'oeuvres server. Locate in the Master Bedroom, lot E.
258.A creche advent calendar in wood and the vintage Santa serving tray in ceramic. Lot E.
259.The three wise men (in the boxes) presented by Villory & Bach. Master Bedroom Lot E.
260.Bag pipe Santa, Uncle Sam and a smoking Swiss Mountain Climber Incesne burner. Living Room, Lot E.
261.Wonderful antique quarter-sewn oak, 'convertible' high chair. Pull the lever and it provides a rocking play station for the child and a few moments of quiet for mother. This is in excellent condition! Locate Upstairs, lot N.

110 years old. You wont believe your eyes!
262.Large antique platter and 6 plates marked Bavaria. The platter has a chip!
Livingroom, lot N.
263.Group of vintage fountain pens found along side the checks written by Mr Montgomery. Not to say these pens wrote those checks. Living Room, Lot N.
264.DOUBLE LOT: Magazine Canterbury and an upholstered vintage tea crate in tin. Livingroom, lot N.
265.DOUBLE LOT: Turtle-top 1 drawer stand and the tole painted floor lamp. Livingroom, lot N.
266.Vintage clothing discovered in a cedar trunk upstairs. Lot E.
267.Pair of quality Western Style ladies leather belts. Locate Upstairs, lot E.
268.A group of brass in a flat including the Hotel style service bell. Locate in the Living Room, lot E.
269.Pair of heaters in the Mud Room, lot J.
270.All the records in the lower cabinet. Locate in the Den, lot J.
271.Basket full of new products as pictured. Mud Room. Lot J.
272.DOUBLE LOT: Decorated plates, 2 cookbooks and kitchen clocks. Locate in the Kitchen, lot J.
273.DOUBLE LOT: Digital picture frame and a like new flip phone. Locate in the TV Room, Lot J.
274.All of these pictures are half full or more. Save $$$. Mud Room closet, lot J.
275.Old Cosco stool and the upstairs vacuum. Lot J.
276.wooden game of 'Skittles' and 'Toss Across'. It would be fun to have these vintage games around during the holidays. Locate in the Office, lot N.
277.Group of pretty metallic picture frames. Don't miss the tiny frames when you pick up your items in the TV Room. Lot J.
278.DOUBLE LOT: Two Group of good looking picture frames. Locate in the TV Room, lot J.
279.Needlepoint pillow sham, crewel work pillow sham, kitty applique and a picture frame treated with antique sampler remnants. Locate in the TV Room, lot J.
280.Five gallons of purified water! Kitchen, lot J.
281.Crystal juice pitcher, smoked bar pitcher and a stoppered decanter. Locate in the Kitchen Area, lot J.
282.DOUBLE LOT: Trouble light and gas can. Locate in the Outbuilding, lot J.
283.Handy string, sad iron and aluminum tea service components. Kitchen, lot J.
284.DOUBLE LOT: Tools from the kitchen desk and power cords for household electronics. Loo at that power strip! Kitchen area. Lot J.
285.A cathedral mantle clock (Battery operated), flask, duck head hat-hook and a 19th century pocket size theological study. Lot E.
286.Items near the fireplace include antique bellows, cast iron insects and a red enameled potpourri simmer pot. Lot N.
287.Undoubtedly a favorite table decoration in this home. This is a wooden candleabra replica of Early American Lighting often found in Williamsburg. Lot E.
288.A late Victorian spooner, paperweight, crackle glass and more. The stand is not included. Living Room. Lot E.
289.Vintage linens and lace table cloths found in one of the cedar chests upstairs. I see some staining in this group. Upstairs lot E.
290.New packaged drapes found in the cedar chest upstairs. Lot E.
291.Vintage folding chairs for your vintage camper. Like new and 40 years old! Foyer closet, lot J.
292.Peg board of interesting old items in the Mud Room. Lot J.
293.DOUBLE LOT: Watering cans and the group of gardening books in the closet. Locate both in the Mud Room. Lot J. ALL IN THE CLOSET.
294.DOUBLE LOT: New products and a heating pad about 30 years newer than mine. Locate in the lower wash room. Lot J.
295.Box of music books and a glass tray of Christmas ornaments. Living Room. lot E.
296.DOUBLE LOT: Vintage Gnomes, an African coin purse and Mid Century trivet sets. Locate in the Living Room, Lot E.
297.Pair stools for the home and garage. Mud Room, lot J.
298.Andrea bird figurine, Italian porcelain and a fuzzy snow owl. Lot J.
299.Three items! A lamp has been added. Selling the suitcase stand and the brace back Windsor desk chair. The items in the background are not included. Upstairs, lot N. The glass lamp is included.
300.Children's and youth books for Baby Boomers. Some of these show much wear. These were the kids favorite! Locate in Mr Neff's office. Lot N.
301.Antique brass face spring scale. Locate in Living Room, perhaps on the mantle. Found in the Den window, lot J.
302.A hand carved Ivory female figure and a native carved bone effigy of a bird. E
304.Pair of Motorola rechargeable walk-talkis with charger. These work great! J
303.Pair of Cobra rechargeable walk-talkis with charger. These work great! J
305.Crystal ivy bowl and heavy hand-blown glass vase in excellent condition! Lot E This lot is in the lower lavatory.

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