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This Auction Ended Wednesday February 19, 2020 @ 7:00 p.m.
Pickup Friday February 21, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. In Centerburg.
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AUCTION END TIME: Wednesday February 19th @ 7:00 p.m.

SCHEDULED PICKUP: Friday February 21st between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m..

If you need to arrive early or late please reach out to us (text or call) and we will try to accommodate.


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AA01.Two great books. The Ultimate book of Gardening and a very old Motors Auto Repair Manual.
AA02.Set of three nice books. The Mists Of Avalon, Great Fishing Tackle Catalogs and The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer.
AA03.Three additional great books. Garfields Guide to Everything, The Far Side Gallery and Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat.
AA04.Another set of three books. North American Bicycle Atlas, Nancy Roberts and The Onion Ad Nauseam Fanfare for the Area Man.
AA05.Three books. Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25, The Wireless Experimenters Manual and Rabbi Jesus.
AA06.Three books. Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Fantasmagoria.
AA07.Three books. Treasure Island, Jungle Girl and Daffy Duck For President.
AA08.Three books. E. T. , The World of Lego Toys and Hawaii The Big Island.
AA09.Two books. Child's Bible Reader and a set of two Illustrated works of Childrens Poetry and Literature.
AA10.Three games. Vintage travel game, The Perfect Bowling game and Rock Me Archimedes.
AA11.Talking Yukatan on perch. Not tested.
AA12.Musical wooden organ Keepsake box, with two tunes and in working condition.
AA13.Four set DVD of Bill, Jeff, Larry and Ron. Also is The Godfather collection missing one DVD.
AA14.Mickey and Minnie plates, Pooh and Eeyore figures and a very old Mickey Mouse Club pencil box.
AA15.Three books. Pleasure Boating, The Great Guns and The Viking.
AA16.12 X 8 metal Heineken Beer sign in good condition.
AA17.9 1/2 inch tall wood boat shadow box and a very nice SS Zebco fishing reel.
AA18.This is amazing for any child. The Swiss Family Robinson giant coloring book. Brand new by Nana Banana Classics.
AA19.Weapons and Warriors game.
AA20.Superbowl XLVIII seat cushion, youth baseball glove and a collection of mini baseball helmets.
AA21.Here we have a Future Car with great sounds and an awesome picture of Superman and Batman in action.
AA22.Here are two little giant books in good condition. Speed Douglas and The Mole Gang and Little Orphan Annie.
AA23.Little Tykes Red car, Rare Scooby Doo car and two wood Derby cars.
AA24.1991 Ricky Henderson Stolen Base plaque with 1981 Topps card incased.
AA25.1992 Players Choise Shaquille O'Neal card incased on wooden plaque.
AA26.Folder full of Football cards 1976 set. Included is a Baden football.
AA27.Nice 12 inch long wooden sign and a small wodden chair waiting for any doll to sit in.
AA28.Two awesome wood canes. The thicker on is marked Benstaed-Bryans and Co.
AA29.Handcarved Bear bookend in great condition and a Givenchy Holiday musical globe in working condition.
AA30.Mighty Muggs Indiana Jones doll with hat, 1984 Transformer collectors case and the red case is full of Indain play set.
AA31.Rustic lock box with no key. In good condition. 9 X 4
AA32.X-Wing Fighter with sound and a Donkey Kong mini backpack case.
AA33.Vintage minnow bucket with sliding lid.
AA34.18 X 12 and 18 X 14 picture ready for hanging. One is a walkway to the ocean and the other is two young gentlemen discussing trucks.
AA35.Four 14 x 20 frames that fit toghter to form the map of the United States
AA36.Basket full of glass jars with lids. 40 or more.
AA37.Barbie is into everthing. Here are some Barbie golf clubs and a fishing pole.
AA38.Two sets of small skis. The set marked Jarvinen have poles.
AA39.Nicely wooden framed mirror 16 X 14.
AA40.Very nice aluminum T-Ball bat and cute red plastic travel bat.
AA41.Full box of 12 new MacGregor yellow softballs.
AA42.Vintage survivor tool in plastic case.
AA43.Two Light sabers both sabers extend. Also included is a Ninjago Lego sword case.
AA44.Two great wooden rubberband shooters. The rifle comes apart.
AA45.Blue Jacket Goalie stick and a Sleeping Beauty Swaord.
AA46.Set of used Snowblade skis in the box. Looks in good condition. 36 inches tall no poles.
AA47.Here we have a great wooden barrel in excellent condition. 18 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter.
AA48.Here are two more really good canes. The thick one in Stamped Shoemaker Funeral Home Columbus Ohio. The small one is a vintage Carnival cane in pretty good shape for age.
AA49.Here is a vintage walking chair cane from the New York Worlds Fair. In great condition.
AA50.Four great gold clubs from different manufactures.
AA51.VERY VERY old book 1870 The Victory music book. Cover is very delicate.
AA52.Very nice rustic looking wooden star. 22 inches.
AA53.Vintage metal sap bucket. 12 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter.
AA54.Second Vintage sap bucket. 13 inches tall 10 inhces in diameter.
AA55.Vintage Farm Fresh Berry carrier or even tool carrier.
AA56.Here is a rustic looking wood candle lantern in great condition. 11 inches tall.
AA57.Two pictures from Northwestern Products of field workers. 11 X 9
AA58.Vintage tobacco stackes made into a window shelf with curtain. Very nice.
AA59.Three WII Pearl Harbor DVD's.
AA60.Four more DVD's including The Wonder Years.
AA61.Four great CD's. Neil Young, The Doobie Brothers, Billy Joel and Pink Floyd.
AA62.Another collection of CD's Including Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffet and more.
AA63.Another collection of CD's with Monster Mash, Big Band and others.
AA64.Another collection of CD's with Dar Williams, Original 60's hits and more.
AA65.Another collection of CD's including Jimmy Buffet.
AA66.Another collection of CD's with Eric Clapton, The Black Crows and more.
AA67.Another collection of CD's with John Hiatt, Dave Mathews Band and more.
AA68.Another collection of CD's with Jimmy Buffet, Big Band, Jimmy Biffet Fruit Cakes and more.
AA69.Another collection of CD's with Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and more.
AA70.Another collection of CD's with The Allman Brothers, Lorrie Morgan and more.
AA71.Here is a great 2 piece blue spongeware nesting chicken casserole pottery set. It is on good condition.
AA72.Very large 21 inches tall 10 inches in diameter vase or umbrella stand. Both would work. Has benn craked on bottom but is fixed and solid.
AA73.Great wooden slab crate. Very nice 18 X 12 X 9
AA74.Very nice Cherry wood like end table with drawer. Design ib top is nice 28 X 16 X 16
AA75.Large ceramic weaved bowl full on kitchen utensils.
AA76.Oneida Lasting rose silverware, three great seving pieces and 8 chop sticks.
AA77.Great collection of porcelain and wood knobs.
AA78.Three tier hanging or standing shelf with removable wood shelving. 32 inches tall.
AA79.Her is what we think to be a quilted babies bag. In very good clean condition with many pockets.
AA80.Nice old galvinized enameled Barn Light. Ready for any rustic decor.
AA81.For you camera collectors how about this Kodak 8MM Brownie 500 Projector in the original box. Looks in great condition.
AA82.Here is a great collection of Christmas decorations. Please look at all photos. The tree with star wooden box is awsome.
AA83.5 Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.
AA84.5 more Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.
AA85.5 more Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.
AA86.5 more Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.
AA87.5 more Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.
AA88.5 More Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.
AA90.Very Very nice copper kettle with wood handle made in Portugal. Looks to be never used. Small dent on bottom side as pictured.
AA91.Great collection of 45's. Disneyland for Kids, Educational and numerous artists.
AA92.Pottery jug made into a lamp. Has Stamping in blue on side.
AA93.Large 20 X 38 X 18 Black wooden blanket chest. In very good condition.
AA94.Old picture of a child in an antique looking frame. ready for hanging. 26 X 18
AA95.Great rustic looking Country Kitchen sign with three hangers. 24 inches long.
AA96.Fantastic Grey enamel pot with wodden handle. 9 inches tall 10 inches in diameter.
AA97.Another enamel cooking pot with lid. Outside looks like someone put it on an open fire. Lid and inside look good.
AA98.John Wrights cast iron with handles vegetable design muffin pan looks brand new.
AA99.Vintage enameled Barn Light Shade. In good condition.
AA100.Daisy BB gun in working condition. 35 inches tall.
AA101.Marvel A-Team 75 cent comic in protector.
AA102.Marvel Police Academy comic in protector.
AA103.Charlton Comics 20 cent Ivan Tors Primus in protector.
AA104.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA105.Marvel 75 cent The Transformers in protector.
AA106.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA107.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA108.Marvel The Official Marvel Index To The X-MEN. In protector.
AA109.Marvel 35 cent Human Fly in protector.
AA110.25th Aniversary #1 in a Three issue Limited series Howard The Duck in protector.
AA111.New TerryToons starring Heckle and Jeckle in Protector.
AA112.Marvel #1 in a Two Issue Limited Series X-MEN Alpha Flight in protector.
AA113.Marvel 60 cent #3 in a Four Issue Limited Series The X-MEN and the Micronauts in protector.
AA114.Dell 10 cent Tales of Wells Fargo in protector.
AA115.Marvel 25 Aniversary X-MEN in protector.
AA116.Marvel 75 cent The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA117.Marvel #2 in the two Issue Limited Series X-MEN and Alpha Flight in protector.
AA118.DC 12 cent The Flash in protector.
AA119.Marvel X-MEN Classic in protector.
AA120.Marvel X-MEN Classic in protector.
AA121.Marvel X-MEN Annual in protector.
AA122.DC Teen Titans in protector.
AA123.Classics Illustrated 15 cents Oliver Twist in protector.
AA124.10 cent The Rio Kid Western in protector.
AA125.Harvey Collector Comics in protector.
AA126.Marvel Solo Avengers starring Hawkeye and Wonder Man in protector.
AA127.DC Hawkman in protector.
AA128.Hanna Barbera Harlem Globetrotters in protector.
AA129.Harvey Classics Baby Huey in protector.
AA130.Dell 10 cent Annie Oakley and Tagg in protector.
AA131.Marvel #1 in a four Issue Limited Series The X-MEN and the Micronauts in protector.
AA132.Dell Ben Bowie and His Mountain Men in protector.
AA133.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA134.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA135.Marvel Classic X-MEN in protector.
AA136.Marvel X-Tinction Agenda X-MEN in protector.
AA137.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA138.Marvel Inferno X-MEN in protector.
AA139.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA140.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA141.Dell 10 cent Francis the Famous Talking Mule in protector.
AA142.Walt Disney 10 cent Little Hiawatha in protector.
AA143.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA144.Marvel The Uncanny X-MEN in protector.
AA145.Marvel #2 in three-issue limited series. Willow in protector there are tow books in the protector.
AA146.Dell Tarzan in protector.

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