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AUCTION END TIME: Tuesday November 12th @ 8:00 p.m.

SCHEDULED PICKUP: Wednesday November, 13th 3:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m..

If you need to arrive early or late please reach out to us (text or call) and we will try to accommodate.

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* Call/Text: 740-272-7547

0001.Two great ginger jar mstving blue lamps. They are in very good condition. One shade is damaged as pictured.
0002.Here is a very nice tall table lamp with shade. Base is metal. 32 inches tall.
0003.Here is a three tier wooden plant stand if very good condition. 32 inches tall.
0004.Here is another stand made of wrought iron and wood shelving. In gret condition. 35 inches tall.
0005.Very nice boys BMX Chaos FS20 bicycle.
0006.Another very nice boys bike. Has stickers on that read Rand and Street Legal. Nice used bicycle.
0007.Two small shelf units that canbe used for books, tapes or anything. Both are in great shape. One is 36 inches tall and the other is 45 inches tall.
0008.Here is a small Mickey Mouse tackle box and fishing pole. Tip of pole is broke off as pictured, but still useable.
0009.This is a great metal wheeled cart with shelf. 18 X 33 X 36
0010.Nice wood table with bottom shelf in very good condition. 14 X 32 X 30
0011.Two long handle tools. One is a like new snow shovel and the other is a small head spade shovel.
0012.Two very nice vintage wood short handeld pitch forks. Both are four prong.
0013.Black and Decker electric edge trimmer in working condition.
0014.5 gallon bucket full of miscellaneous size bolts. Very heavy.
0015.One gallon bucket full of miscellaneous sizes of washers.
0016.Great Larin lawnmower jack in working condition.
0017.Great like new John Deere toddler toy tractor.
0018.Set of plastic sawhorses in good working condition.
0019.Two 5-70-8 4 lug Tow Master tires with rims.
0020.HP 1512 printer in working condition.
0021.Nice pair of car jacks.
0022.Here we have a nice plastic tackle box full of hardware.
0023.Very nice Plano tackle box again full of miscellaneous hardware.
0024.Another nice Plano tackle box full of hardware.
0025.Very nice Benchtop tool box full oa masonry tools. Also included is a masonry mixer for your drill.
0026.Small tub full of miscellaneous size wheels and a set of fenders.
0027.Nice tup full of all kinds of plumbing sullies and a lot more. Checkout all photos.
0028.Small tub with very nice stuffed characters including Mickey and Pooh.
0029.Boc full of different sizes of coolers.
0030.Small box of gardening tools and chemicals.
0031.Box full of baking pans and alot more. Checkout photos.
0032.Like new i-Crate medium size dog crate in excellent condition in the box.
0033.Small collapsable chair with carrying bag.
0034.Very nice P-235-75-15 5 lug for a Ford F-150. Kelly Safari.
0035.Front and back bicycle tires in very good condition, possibley 24 inch.
0036.7foot 5 inch Martha Stewart Fraiser Fur pre lit Christmas tree in the box. In working condition.
0037.Another very nice Christmas tree in the box. 6 feet tall.
0038.Box full of vintage and newer tins. Checkout the Nabisco cracker tin.
0039.Another nice set of collectors tins. Smoe are without tops.
0040.Small laundry basker full of Christmas tins.
0041.36 X 24 picture that wouuld look great on anyones wall.
0042.Here are 2 more very nice pictures for hanging.
0043.Excellent metal workbench with an electric outlet and bottom shelf. 46 X 24 X 34
0044.County Line Radio in working condition. In great shape.
0045.Here is a great entryway table in very good condition. 12 X 34 X 30.
0046.Very nice 4 tier metal shelving unit.
0047.Another 4 tier metal shelving unit.
0048.Two great galvanized plant or flower holders. Both are in great condition.
0049.This is a great metal watering can. Looks new.
0050.Great looking metal plant stand. 30 X 11 X 11
0051.One Handblown paperweight in excellent condition.
0052.Two very nice fish paperweights in excellent condition.
0053.Small handblown bird believed to be Fenton. Excellent condition.
0054.Here is a very unusual piece. Nicely made glass car in excellent condition.
0055.Here is another handblown paperweight that is unusual with a hole at top.
0056.Two small glass pieces in excellent condition. One Elephant trunk up and a fish.
0057.Very nice amber fluted edge bowl, olive oil dispenser and a blu milkglass vase. All are in very good condition.
0058.Two fantastic Avon 2004 and 2005 Porcelain women figurines. Both are in excellent condition.
0059.Two more fantastic Avon 1993 and 1997 porcelain figurines in excellent condition.
0060.And again two more Avon porcelain figurines 1992 and 1986. In excellent condition.
0061.Two great porcelain figurines. One is Napco made in Japan and the is Home and Garden 2001. Both in very good condition.
0062.Three Avon pewter figures. One is Schools Out, second is Report Card and third is First Day Back.
0063.Great butcher block oak look kitchen table with three chairs. All in great condition.
0064.Here we have a great wrought iron table and chairs that would compliment any patio. The set of three is in great condition.
0065.Here is a very heavy table. Comes with legs and hardware. No chairs.
0066.Still in the package is a Mickey Mouse blanket throw and pillow.
0067.10, 12 and 17 inch tall candle holders in very good condition.
0068.Two beautiful candle holders that are green/blue crystal. Very nice.
0069.Box full of candles. There are battery operated candles and a new Off citronella still in package.
0070.Here is a nice black wood three shelf stand on wheels
0071.Nice round wood table with two wood chairs. The sides fold down and it is in very good condition. small blemish on top that could easily be repaired.
0072.Five candle holder that hangs up. The holder is metal and could hang inside or out.
0073.This is a fantastic wrought iron planter with a Welcome sign. 20 inches tall, 14 inches wide and the plant basket is 9 inches in diameter.
0074.One pair of women's boots size 6 1/2 and one pair of tennis shoes size 7. Both are in good condition.
0075.6 inch tall and 13 inch in diameter wooden plant stand.
0076.At first glance I thought this was a small toy box, however it opens on top and in front. Very well made. 24 X 13 X 17
0077.This is a great display case for jewelry or anything you want. 21 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. Comes with a brand new lock.
0078.Three very nice white lamp shades.
0079.Four plastic outdoor stackable chairs in very good condition. Includes a very nice round glass top table that is 28 inches tall and 4 feet in diamiter.
0080.One single outdoor metal deck chair with cushion.
0081.Here is a great office desk chair. The fabric is clean and not torn.
0082.RCA 45RPM record player turntable. Plugged in and it does work.
0083.This is our first box of 45 records. There are alot of oldies but goodies.
0084.Here is a crate full of 33 albums. Checkout the photos for some titles.
0085.Second box of 45 records. Checkout photos for some titles.
0086.Third box of 45 records.
0087.Fourth box of 45 records.
0088.Fifth box of 45 records.
0089.Sixth box of 45 records.
0090.Seventh box of 45 records.
0091.Eighth box of 45 records.
0092.Ninth box of 45 records.
0093.Tenth box of 45 records.
0094.Eleventh box of 45 records.
0095.Twelveth box of 45 records. Includes carrying case.
0096.Here is a great red metal shelving unit. 36 X 12 X 35
0097.This is Elvis Presley's first Christmas Album 1957. The cover is invery good condition for age and the record is in very good condition.
0098.1957 Elvis Presley Loving You Album. Very sought after.
0099.Elvis Presley Pure Gold Album 1975.
0100.Here are two great pictures very nicely framed of Roosters.
0101.Here is another very nice picture framed and matted. 25 X 28
0102.Two more nicely wood framed pictures. Checkout photos for size.
0103.15 X 12 framed picture of Rebel Pride.
0104.These are awesome set of two pictures titled "Forget It" and "Forget It Hell".
0105.Nice wood coffee table stand with drawer. 40 X 18 X 24
0106.Five DVD's. Check photos for titles.
0107.Dale Ernhardt Sr #3 clock in working order.
0108.Very nice wooden stool 23 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter.
0109.This is a very nice and clean trunk with all it's hardware. 30x12x16
0110.Brand new Hefty Touch Lid 7.5 gallon waste basket.
0111.This lot consists of three magnetic signs and three colth badges. Two are for private security and the others are Military.
0112.Here is a group of miscellaneous items for any Trump follower.
0113.Here is a great John Kennedy bank and other items.
0114.Here is a collection for any Democrat.
0115.Great book The Liberty Collection.
0116.Two very interesting albums. The First Family and John Fitzgerald Kennedy A Memorial Album.
0117.Here are some great old photos and autographs of Ernest Tubb and more.
0118.This is a 1967 small book of the Beatles.
0119.Here is another great work bench ready for anyones garage or shop. 64 X 34 X 20. There is an 11 inch tall peg board backing.
0120.Two Do It books in great condition. Hone Repair and Auto Repair.
0121.Nice collection of Valentines and other cards.
0122.S & H Green stamp books and Top Value.
0123.Four great how to books. All in great condition.
0124.Here are to great Popeye Comic Books in very good condition. 1963 and 1969.
0125.Here is a very nice collection of 16 magazine. All in very good condition.
0126.Another great collection of teen magazines. TV Star Parade, Movieland and more.
0127.First we have a 1982 poster of Magnum PI, one Glamour magazine and an old Newsweek.
0128.Great 1954 Kentucky License plate.
0129.Five great childrens books in very good condition.
0130.Another great set of four cheldrens books.
0131.Another great set of four childrens books.
0132.Here is a great 8 set collection of Golden childrens books and more.
0133.Still another great collection of 8 childrens books.
0134.Here are four very nice Hot Rod pictures mounted on card board and ready for hanging.
0135.Another great collection of 11 childrens books.
0136.Here is Highlights for Children, Santas Jumbo book and more. Set of 4
0137.Several 2018-2019 Sticker magazines never used.
0138.Here is a lot that has Plastic holders for cards and some packs that are unopen.
0139.Here is a great collection of markers and chalk and more.
0140.Great set of 10 childrens books.
0141.Box full of childrens books many are hard back.
0142.Several copies of Van & Truck magazines.
0143.Several copies of Hot Rod, Chevy and Car Craft.
0144.Several copies of Truckin.
0145.Several copies of Street Rodder.
0146.Several copies including Four Wheeler, Motor Trend, Off Road and more.
0147.Collection of mixed magazines.
0148.Very nice collection of cookbooks. Some are vintage and some are newer.
0149.Great collection of Auto Manuals including Chilton's.
0150.Box full of miscellaneous books.
0151.Here is a great Elvis Album. It has damage on the corner as pictured.
0152.Set of 6 vintage cars posted on cardboard ready for ahnging.
0153.Set of 10 pictures of vintage cars on cardboard ready for hanging.
0154.Set of 10 pictures of vintage cars on cardboard ready for hanging.
0155.Here is a great six picture frame with pictures of vintage vehicles.
0156.Very nice poster of 2020 Corvette Stingray.
0157.Set of 7 framed pictures of animals.
0158.5 pictures and hangings ready for your home decor.
0159.Two very nice metal wall hangings ready to spruce up and room.
0160.Tub full of miscellaneous pictures ready for hanging.
0161.Great set of record JACKETS/COVERS ONLY. Please look at all photos for artist. UPDATE: The description has been updated to indicate that this lot is the album jackets/covers only.
0162.Box full of plastic hangers.
0163.Three very nice hard wood chairs in great condition.
0164.Huge 8 foot by 4 foot poster of Columbus Quset mascot.
0165.Women's Basketball .... former player, has a gold medal, and current coach ... a collection of Katie Smith items.
0166.Two nice folding chairs.
0167.Here is a great floor lamp with a glass tray in vert good condition.
0168.Small box of palstic letters.
0169.Very nice bag of wooden blocks in great shape.
0170.Box full of plastic houses and accessories. Also included are wooden blocks.
0171.Kids Work wagon full of lego pieces
0172.Very nice flat of miscellaneous toys. Trains, Four wheelers, cars and much more.
0173.Great assortment of decorations for party time.
0174.Childs tool box with tools in great condition.
0175.Wonderful vintage hammer table missing the hammer. Also included is a Buddy-L Loco.
0176. Fisher Price can't be beat for vintage toys. They last forever.
0177.Doll bed with doll and two sets of plastic blocks.
0178.Two plastic bats with balls and two jars of bubbles.
0179.Here is a nice collection of cat items for children that love cats.
0180.Set of four plastic banks in great condition.
0181.How this 1990 vintage U.F.O. Hovercraft lasted in such good shape for its age is a miracle. The battery compartment still works.
0182.Five very nice trucks, cars and tractor toys in great condition.
0183.1960's Marx Lawn Mower in great condition.
0184.Great collection of plastic cars and trucks.
0185.Another great collection of cars and four wheelers.
0186.Seven very nice vintage trucks and vans.
0187.This is sooooo cool. This truck and semi was hand made of wood and is in great condition.
0188.Here is a collection of hotwheels and matchbox vintage cars.
0189.Great collection of M&M dispensers and toys.
0190.Nice collection of card games and different card sizes.
0191.Here are tow games Chess and Mancala. Also included is a vintage crafting set to make pot holders.
0192.Four very popular games. The Hilton Head Monopoly game has never been used.
0193.Here are a couple of radio control cars.
0194.Another large box of what look like Hot Wheels and more.
0195.Still another collection of Hot Wheels some still in the package.
0196.BP Transforming Truck still in the box.
0197.BP Racing Transport Truck still in the box.
0198.Here is palstic and metal cars and trucks together.
0199.Another great box of metal trucks and cars.
0200.Two boxes of trucks. One is radio controled and the box of three are regular toytrucks and car.
0201.Another great lineup of Hot Wheels and more.
0202.Another collcetion of Tonka and more.
0203.Not sure what you might find in this box of die cast cars.
0204.Seven hand held working games.
0205.Collection of Nientendo cartirage and other items.
0206.Two dools, one looks like Little Red Riding Hood OSU style.
0207.Two piece toy collection with a Buddy-L Bottom Dump.
0208.Another lot of Cars, Bob Cat and trucks.
0209.Eight more cars and trucks.
0210.Another flat of die cast cars and more.
0211.Ready to make popsicles and more.
0212.Bucket of miscellaneous toys.
0213.Large radio control car.
0214.Small basket full of miscellaneous toys.
0215.Nice flat with soddering guns and more.
0216.NAPA basketball and Thomas the Train lunch box.
0217.Two very nice toys guitars.
0218.Block City and log cabin blocks.
0219.Lincoln Logs and American Plastic Bricks.
0220.Great collection of Puzzles.
0221.Vintage hand drill and several drill bits.
0222.Two aewsome smal Plainers if great shape.
0223.Bos with a whole lot of nut drivers.
0224.Nice flat with chalking lines , saw and more.
0225.Great flat of miscellaneous pliers.
0226.Can you say hammers.
0227.Pipie wrenches(one with Aluminum handle) and open enede wrencches.
0228.Set of 4 closed ended wrenches and more.
0229.Large collection of sockets.
0230.Measuring tapes, squigees, knives and more.
0231.Great Torque set with tool box. Checkout the photos.
0232.Files, files, Files.
0233.Box full of ratchets and sockets.
0234.Oil wrench, saw and much more.
0235.Lights and more lights.
0236.Staplers anf staples.
0237.Napa U-Joints for Chevy Pickup and ford F150.
0238.Great drills in working order.
0239.More drills in working order.
0240.Black and Decker table saw in working order.
0241.Masonry tools.
0242.Flat for painting.
0243.Several drill bits.
0244.Black and Decker and Makita sander in working condition.
0245.Window insulation mouse traps.
0246.If you need to write someone a bill then this is what you need.
0247.Barbeque set and a great looking tool we don't know what it is.
0248.Tile Cutter.
0249.Here is a great Hempe Miter Saw.
0250.Here we have a spade shovel head and very well made wooden box. Not sure what it was made for.
0251.100 foot extention cord.
0252.100 foot extention cord with reel.
0253.One 50 foot and one 25 foot extention cords.
0254.One 50 foot and one 25 foot extention cords.
0255. Flat full of light bulbs of different size and much more.
0256.This flat consists of two digital cameras with manuals. One is an Olympus.
0257.Here is another Olympus camera with paperwork.
0258.Here is a flat with miscellaneous electronis including a Tom-Tom.
0259.Here is a collection of phone cases.
0260.Here are severl jars and a bowl of glass marbles and wedges.
0261.Another collection of stones and glass marbles.
0262.Looks like a new 1 gallon gas can.
0263.All you Coca Cola collectors here is a nice collection.
0264.Two extremely awesome pan and server. The Sara Lee server is amazing and in great shape. The Villeroy and Boch pan looks hardley used.
0265.Two very nice glass vases ready for any decor.
0266.Here are some curtian rods brand new and a nice metal flower wall hanging.
0267.Two small tubs of office supplies.
0268.Nice box of additional office items.
0269.Pier One Imports pottery vase in very good condition. 10 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter.
0270.Here is a great Delf Blue like dish that is a clock and is in great condition.
0271.11 inch tall 7 inch wide beautifyl glass vase qirh faux daisies.
0272.Givenchy Rose small pitcher and wash basin in very good condition.
0273.Nice floral jar with no lid, great El Verson cigar box and a nice daisey box in great condition.
0274.Lane Ceramics in great condition pitcher with a crack as pictured and a great USA vase.
0275.Wooden paper towel holder, water pitcher with lid and a wishing well planter.
0276.Vintage pool table with oak trim and accessories. 29 X 17
0277.17 inch tall metal world globe in great condition.
0278.Nice wooden candy or gum dispenser in working condition.
0279.Ready for cleaning with this lot.
0280.Very large bottles of Tempo Laundry detergent.
0281.Here is a nice flat of Shampoos and other items. Checkout the Bath and Body.
0282.Flat full of crushed and dices tomatoes and more. All dates are current.
0283.Small box of shoe and boot polish.
0284.Large box of pasta, sauce, juice and much much more. All items have current dates.
0285.Here we have the Pooh Brass Band ready for Christmas in the box.
0286.This Holiday flat consists of a sleigh and Frozen characters and more.
0287.Here is a Dinner set of Snowman dishes and a small flat of decorations.
0288.If you are going to or having a Christmas party then you can use these Rudolph noses.
0289.Another large flat of Christmas decorations.
0290.Nice flat with wood Snowmen with Peace, Joy and Believe on their hats.
0291.Another great box of miscellaneous decorations. Please checkout all photos.
0292.This is a large Musical Winter Globe in the box.
0293.Here are two boxes of Christmas decor and crafts.
0294.Nice box of great Christmas decorations.
0295. Two great light up decorations. Very nice snowman and beautiful tree.
0296.Here is a blow mold OSU Santa on wheels. Not sure what he was holding in his hand. 22 inches tall.
0297.Great Snowman family on ice skates 16 inches tall.
0298.Three great wooden Christmas signs. All in great condition.
0299.Two Christmas stockings and a box full of Easter garland and more. Garland is brand new.
0300.Big box of Christmas decor including pine cones, table cloth and much more.
0301.Another big box of Christmas decor most looks brand new.
0302.Brand new wrapping paper.
0303.Not too late for next year this is a box full of fall and Halloween decor.
0304.Flat of extention cords.
0305.Very nice Ohio State watch in working condition.
0306.Two very nice watches that need new bands, but are in working condition. Checkout to Pooh watch.
0307.Great Christmas watch in working condition.
0308.Two very nice looking ladies watches in working condition.
0309.Two more working cuff style ladies watches.
0310.Two more ladies watches in working condition.
0311.Nice gold tone ladies watch in working order.
0312.Here is a great gold tone necklace with a watch pendant in working condition.
0313.Small box containing miscellaneous items including gold tone bracelet.
0314.Three very nice beaded bracelets in great condition.
0315.Here is a great magnifying glass that folds up into it's own holder.
0316.Two very nice sets of silvertone earrings.
0317.Three pair of reading glasses. One still with tag.
0318.Here is a great amber colored stone necklace and a bracelet to match.
0319.Great goldtone bracelet with heart shaped ruby colored stones.
0320.Still in the box two small silverplated spoons.
0321.Two very nice silvertone belt buckles.
0322.Beautiful multi strand beaded necklace with a goldtone clasp.
0323.This lot consists of a small goldtone flute. It is not a pin. Included is a wooden nickle and three wheat pennies.
0324.Here is another miscellaneous lat with a bolo tie, goldtone bracelet, keychain abd empty jewelry and trinket boxes.
0325.Here we have a great electric OPEN sign that is 23 X 9 and in excellent working condition.
0326.Here is a fantastic electric plastic traffic sign in working condition.
0327.Here is a great used Shark vacuum cleaner in working condition.
0328.Here is another great vacuum cleaner made by Hoover. Great used working condition.
0329.Small box full of colbalt blue glasses and a decanter. All are in very good condition, no chips or cracks. Checkout the Vikingware vase.
0330.Nice wicker basket with three wooden boxes. One is a trading stamp books box.
0331.Castles from around the World figurines are beautiful and in great condition.
0332.Four piece snack set complete with cups. No chips or cracks.
0333.Vintage over the fire popcorn popper with wooden handle in good condition.
0334.Box containing old whiskey bottles, corks and much more. Checkout all photos.
0335.Box contianing glass bells, Homer Laughlin pitcher and much more.
0336.Another box with miscellaneous glassware including two glass fans, a top to a Westinghouse refrigerator dish and more.
0337.This lot has two Morton salt cups, a glass pan topper made in Italy and more.
0338.Here is a box full of small glass and china fugurines.
0339.We have two paperweights, one being a magnifier. Winnie the Pooh figurine abd more.
0340.This box has baskets, a shadow box shelf with minitures and more.
0341.Here are two wash boards. Small one hand made and is unusual.
0342.Here is a nice lot of glassware. Checkout the stien.
0343.Another box of miscellaneous glassware. Checkout the Duds and Suds mug. is great figurine collection. Checkout the elephant and Mr and Mrs Mouse.
0345.Here is a great peice of milk glass Hobnail fluted Fenton. It includes other great figurines.
0346.Vintage Western Electric Linesman hand set rotary dial.
0347.Two boxes of McDonalds plates in excellent condition.
0348.Two vintage meat grinders. Both in good condition.
0349.Vintage cast iron corn muffin pan. In great condition made is USA.
0350.Here are four great knives you don't see everyday. Also included is a knife sharpener in the box.
0351.A box with miscellaneous kitchenware vintage items and more. Please checkout all photos.
0352.Great box of vintage and new cookie cutters.
0353.Two flats of kitchenware with whole lot of goodies. Checkout all photos.
0354.4 foot tall wooden sign that says Welcome.
0355.12 X 10 wood sign America the Beautiful.
0356.Here is a great lot of rooster figures and cookie jar. All in great condition.
0357.Three rooster decorations for the kitchen. All in great condition.
0358.Two very nice sets of shower curtains with rings and a soap dispenser.
0359.Here is a big lot if place mats. All are clean and in very good condition.
0360.Here is a great OSU rug. 44 X 24 in great condition.
0361.Here is a very nice group of flags. All are in very good condition.
0362.Box of purses and clutches. All in very good condition.
0363.Here is a group with backpacks and other bags.
0364.Small tub with ties and belts.
0365.Here is a box of clothes including jeans, shirts and more. Checkout photos for some sizes.
0366.Here we have a box full of winter hats (some brand new), scarves and much more.
0367.Lot with miscellaneous items. Hard hat, nursing pads, purses and more.
0368.Nice clear glass pitcher and glass bwol for a fish, cookies or candy. Both are in very good condition.

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