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This Auction Ended Westerville Oh. Ending Monday the 28th @ 9pm. Pick up Tuesday 3pm to 6pm.
Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer 614-866-8668 -

Item Description
NOTES.“CAMPING RULES: Stare at the fire. Listen to the birds. Jump in the lake. Read. Take a nap. Relax. Watch the sunset. Cook over the fire. Breathe the fresh air.”

DETAILS.AUCTION STARTS ENDING: MONDAY, Oct 28th at 9pm. Selling TWO (2) items in the first second of every 1 minute.

PICK-UP: TUESDAY, Oct 29th, between 3pm and 6pm.

LICENSED AUCTIONEER: Kevin Burchett, (text please) 614-866-8668.

1.2007 Chevrolet Impala with 203802 miles. VIN 2G1WB55K879363666. Dark metallic blue with light tan interior. He purchased the car from the State of Ohio. It was used by a cosmetology inspector that traveled the state daily. All new tires, recent tune up. New muffler in the spring of 2017. Non smoking Inspector. The interior looks and smells very clean, It looks like the seats have never been sat upon as it was a State of Ohio owned and maintained car without passengers. There are surface scratches as seen in the video (no rust) that I feel can be buffed out with scratch-cover wax. This is a solid, good running, well maintained car! DOUBLE CLICK THE VIDEO TO ENLARGE IT.The title is clear and will be signed over with cash or when the instrument of payment is confirmed clear. Please plan on settling up by Thursday of that week.
2.Golfstream BT Cruiser, 2004 24 ft class B Motor-Home. Having 44,000 miles on a Ford f450 Super Duty chassis powered by a V10 6.8L Triton motor. The battery is ready and offers a shut off switch for fast storage. VIN#1FDXE45S23HA89556

Non Smoking since day one! Excellent condition. All rear tires (4 Goodyear) were purchased in March of this year. The front tires are fine with less than 8k miles. The all-aluminum rims are new and look super sharp! New bearings, calipers, and brake pads within the past year. The owner purchased a mid differential (there are three on this unit) as he perceived a whine noise and wanted to prevent failure. It is a driveway job, but his hand tools were not sufficient for the heavy duty bolts. The new differential is included. DOUBLE CLICK THE VIDEO TO ENLARGE.
Delivery to your out of town home is possible. I love a road trip. Call me at 614-866-8668. Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer.
3.The living area has a slide out with a/c, refrigerator and freezer. The the 3 burner stove looks unused, the oven has never been used.

The cloth ceiling liner is very clean, no stains or watermarks. Two electric exhaust fans. Queen size bed/sofa and the dining unit folds for sleeping as well. The seating is well built with steel band springs, not just foam-on-board.

There are no odors in this RV! It has never been wet, never put away dirty. It smells like new! Does not smell like industrial scent-covers or Fabreeze! You know the kind.. and you know this is an important point! It says a lot about the care it has had.

With the drivers side power slide out, the camper offers a 110" wall-to-wall living area. Full-size bathroom with step-in tub/shower. Good awning, power entry steps.

All the exterior lights are fine. The rear backing lights have been upgraded to LED bulbs (superbright!) Back up camera at the rear with the factory sun visor monitor.

Sidewinder RV sewer hose support system, external water filter and water pressure regulators.

The Generac 40G generator (78.3 hours) is in fine condition and serviced last summer. They have added an aluminum utility carrier to the hitch and offers a receiver and ball. Ready to pull a trailer the wiring is all operable.

The cab offers leather upholstery with very good clean carpet throughout. Shiny, non-faded exterior with perfectly fine decals. The silver, charcoal and blue metallic paint looks great with no fading.

The linoleum flooring looks great!. The floors are solid! The carpet in the RV and in the cab has been cleaned after every use and well protected with floor mats. They are light folks, and and take pride in their belongings and use them gingerly.

They are Seniors (retired Columbus Police officer) and the only ones to have used the RV. Purchased nearly 5 years ago, the original owners were also non smoking Seniors. (Teen-agers have not abused this unit.)

Things change fast as you age and quick decisions must be made. The perfect home in an ideal community, in a welcoming climate became available and they jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Everything else here in Columbus has to go.

In summary, there are many units for sale in Columbus, but this one is solid and clean. This couple has cared for this unit! They have been very attentive to cleaning and maintaining. We are sure you will enjoy this lovely RV!
UPDATE: I have been told equivalent 2019 models can exceed $150,000.

The title is clear and will be signed over with cash or when the instrument of payment is confirmed clear. Please plan on settling up by Thursday of that week.
4.Double sided tackle box loaded with fresh-water tackle. Garage
5.This was a gift. It was used once on the sprawling deck and stored in the box since then. The new community has 2 pools! This works fine, they enjoyed it. These are still available at the giant retailers for more than $300! Garage
6.RotoZip tool. Purchased for 1 purpose, used once. Like new! Garage
7.Portable propane heater. In the original packaging. It uses the the small cans of propane easily found at most Walmarts and hardware stores. Garage.
8.Like new Craftsman air tank. No need for a air compressor with this handy item around. Fill it for free at Giant Eagle gas stations. Garage
9.New-unused camping lantern and camp potty. Downstairs
10.Sandstone lazer-cut stepping stone or garden element. Garden
11.Large scale metal fence-hanging art work with a mirrored center. Nice! Garden fence.
12.Antique cast iron Gypsie Kettle. Sand-cast approx c1870. Garden
13.Nice mosaic bird bath and a metal butterfly. Garden
15.Nice cast-resin sun face hanging on the outside (front yard) of the privacy fence. Large! Garden
16.Life size concrete dog. Perfect for a garden bed or front porch. Locate in the garden.
17.This is metal! Porch urn and the nice large Begonia. (Front Porch)
18.Five reusable canvas bags with handles and zippers. Good color.
19.Large Glass bird bath. High relief embossing. These are costly! Garden
20.Glass-top patio bar and two good stools. Really good condition!
21.Great looking deck club chairs. Nice large size. Bidding on the pair. Like new.
22.Selling the wicker settee and glass-top coffee table. Like new woven wicker. The gap in the weaving can simply be pushed upward to fill the gap. Quality wicker furniture is woven to have some flex. Meant to be free to expand and shrink with the weather. If it is woven to tightly it has no choice put to crack snap and split.
23.TRIPLE LOT: Pretty metal fish that will change in hues of rust as time passes, The large leaves are resin.
24. Beautiful solid-wood, Florida-room bottle chiller with solid marble top bar. These, in my experience are not refrigerators, not cold enough for milk and eggs. The lady of the house agrees, it is a chiller. She wants you to know it dosn't get "cold". The drink-ware is included but not the bottles. Four season room.
25.Solid leather recliner. Dosnt look new, but looks like quality! New this would be $900! In this condition, it will be a great buy! Non-smoking home. Locate in the four season room.
26.Victorian marble-top table. This beautiful antique was made around 1880. Notice the marble is in 2 pieces! In the four-season room.
27.Very good leather sofa. This is downstairs! Please bring assistance to move it up and out. My knees will not allow me to help. This home is clean as a model home! The sofa is nice!
28.Convection/toaster oven. Very very clean. Locate this downstairs.
29.Just in time for hunting season! This little freezer is downstairs. Please bring assistance to move it out. It works fine, but the little orange light on the bottom that indicates it is running does not work. I know, you don't care about the orange light, but the seller wants you to know it. No bad surprises in this house. Basement
30.Calaphalon all-metal pan rack for hanging over an island. New! Downstairs.
31.Very nice, good looking Crock Pot. The ceramic interior lifts right out and straight to the table. Mmmm chile! Downstairs
32.Three German beer steins and a gem-stone caliper stand with green marble egg. Nice group. Locate in the garage.
33.Hand carved shore-birds mounted to natural burl and drift-wood bases. Garage
34.All natural items in this lot. Semi-precious stones, conch shell, skull, buck points and ivory tatting needles. Neat stuff in the garage.
35.Antique 2 tone jug. Garage
36.Carved marble chess set. A few bumps and bangs are evident, but this is a real good looking set. Garage
37.MIXED LOT: Japanese decorated urn vase, brass candle stick, mixing bowls and 3 stainless steel mixing bowls with rubber bases or rims. Garage
38.Satsuma style bamboo pot made of heavy porcelain. Transfer decoration with hand applied accents. Very clean! Great shape. Garage
39.Scrapbook of postcards and vintage Valentines. Date these to the late 1940's. KITCHEN
40.An acoustic wall-mount chime box. These were used prior to PA systems being installed in hotels, stores and cruise ships. Certain chimed sequences would indicate that the wine service is ready, or dessert can now be served. In stores an assigned chime would request the porter to carry out a ladies purchases. Basement
41.A large group of 33 rpm records spanning 40 years of popular music. Condition is as expected. Basement
42.A very good 3 piece Sony stereo system with remote. Basement
43.Nice large group of DVD's and a few Blu-Ray discs. Basement
44.Voco-pro Karaoke player, 2 nice microphones and a lot of good songs on CD. Wouldn't this be fun this holiday season? Basement
45.DOUBLE LOT: Nice portable boom-box stereo and the rack of CD's as pictured. Basement
46.DOUBLE LOT: Slide projector, some travel slides from the 60's and 70's and a projection screen. Garage and basement.
47.Very good new USB cables, a camera monitor and electric amplified computer external speakers.
48.TENS / EMS Massage Therapy kit with a few Pads. Here is a link to Amazons reusable TENS Unit Electrode Pads. Click Here Please familiarize yourself with the muscle relaxing electronic therapy this item provides. It is not a prescription item, yet we cannot be responsible for its misuse.
49.Leather rocker-recliner. Just like your favorite baseball glove, its not perfect but its broke-in just right. Yeah, it dosn't look new but it wont come with a $1200 price tag either.
50.Leather rocker-recliner. Some cosmetic imperfections but this couple would not replace it if they weren't moving out of state. Its comfortable and good looking!
51.Redwood porch set. Cushions look good. Front porch.
52.Granite stone-top side table. Solid cherry wood. Good looking table for the bedroom or living room. Nice stain proof surface. Upstairs
53.Quality, solid-wood Paul Bunyan rocker. Look at the seat on this! Nice long-stride rocker! Upstairs
54.Vintage solid-pine Ponderosa table located in the Basement. The dining room, kitchen, sewing room or game room, this table just makes sense.
55.Nice formal solid cherry lamp table with tons of storage space.
56.Pair of synthetic wicker chairs with metal frames. Weather proof. Backyard
57.Glass top metal framed drink table. Use it as a gathering place for margaritas, or keep it near your favorite deck chair for the Sunday cross word puzzle, cheese danish and a mug of coffee. Patio deck
58.Pair of Mediterranean wrought-iron flower pot hangers. The plants pictured are included. Garden wall
59.Pair of cast/carved concrete Foo dogs. Garden
60.Composition plastic blue heron. Garden
61.Pair of concrete geese and a cast iron Chinese lantern ready for a large candle. Garden
62.Pair of very expensive carved granite snails. Both are carved from granite chunks. These are only offered at better garden and pond stores.
63.Three wind chimes on the front porch.
64.Gazing ball on a pedestal. Front garden.
65.Four suburban farm buckets, rubber and galvanized steel.
66.This bird bath is purely decorative. It is no longer a fountain and does not hold water as deep as the basin is. Composition.
67.Pair of scrolled iron flower pot hangers on the garden fence.
68.Crossman pump BB gun, scope and BB's. Adults only please.
69.Two pairs (4 total) steel wheel chucks.
70.Pair of like new 'safety' gas cans. These meet the Nations newest regulations for handing gasoline.
71.Garage shelves. There is 1 verticle section missing. Enough of 6 shelves as pictured.
72.Set of three roadside emergency signal reflectors.
73.Craftsman table saw.
74.The group of wall hanging tools as pictured.
75.Four tools hanging on the garage wall. Two shovels, edger and a flower garden weeder.
76.Seven long handled tools on the garage wall, The level pictured is not included.
77.Hardware bin full of useful items you'll need eventually.
78.Circular saw, new blades and a rechargeable drill.
79.Nail apron and good hats including the camo OSU cap. There are also a pair of light duty knee pads.
80.New motion lights, double grinder and hardware.
81.One set (2), yellow steel car ramps.
82.Pair of saws and good hedge trimmers.
83.Electric miter saw. Garage
84.Makita cordless drill. Yes ut works. It all works. He didn't keep junk in this home.
85.Makita reciprocal saw with new and used blades.
86.Gas can and a red funnel.
87.Craftsman 6.75 HP, 22" cut bagger/mulcher. He put it away running. It was good mower but he purchased a new one. This hasn't been used in a couple of seasons.
88.Gardening Books. The lady of the house has a Master Gardener designation from OSU. These are nice books! Garage
89.The bird house is raw wood, suitable for outdoor use. The stump is cast resin but very real looking. A nice riser for a pretty flower pot in the garden perhaps.
90.Small bird bath cast in a light concrete composition. It is full of pretty rocks. The flying pig and garden elf are a plastic composition.
91.Iron chain-ink potted plant hanger. The pots pictured are included.
92.Pair of folding saw horses and three folding camp chairs. The chairs are usable bu show use and wear. One heavier than the others.
93.Terracotta bonsai planters and a flower pot hanger. This group is the backyard.
94.Heavy hammer, post hole digger, splitter, pick and tools as pictured.
95.Tool bag, crate and hand tools for a flower garden as pictured.
96.Selling the 2 live traps and tomato cages only.
97.Three soaker hoses. One is new. Locate in the garage.
98.The rabbit is heavy concrete. The hanging water garden and skunk are composition.
99.Wood plastic and metal feeders. Far side of the shed.
100.Composition garden fairy reading on a pedestal.
101.Three ivy crawlers on the South garden fence. These do not have glass inserts.
102.Ivy crawlers tall double shepard hook, low single shepard hook, a ceramic and a wooden feeder.
103.Selling the canning jars as pictured here.
104.Portable vinyl greenhouse. Get started early.
105.Halogen desk lamp. The Saturn ring is heavy glass, the base is iron. Good looking desk lamp!
106.Solid pine hat tree for the foyer or mud room. This is a nice piece of furniture that would look great painted in 'Farmhouse crackle white'.
107.Home made ceramic tile-top table for plants or snacks during the game.
108.Solid pine dry sink style cabinet. Another good milk paint project.
109.Solid-block-granite lamp. Neat! very heavy. Locate upstairs.
110.Nice digital heater. Basement
111.Very large collection of Department 56 Dickens Village buildings, street lamps, figures, animals, trees, skating pond and many accessories. Well over $2000 invested. All in excellent condition, carefully wrapped and kept in dry storage. Non smoking adult owned. See the list for all the figures. Downstairs
112.'Merry Maker' playful Monk figurines in ceramic. Kitchen
113.Mr Bill bobble head, wooden 'Boo' door-hanger and select Halloween decor as pictured. Basement
114.Group of Christmas decor in the basement including peppermint candles. Basement
115.Group of wreaths and mantle greens. These are cheaply made! Basement
116.Mr and Mrs Housemouse and the candle holders as pictured. Kitchen
117.Banister garland, cobalt blue strings of lights and the small figures pictured. Basement
118.Twelve piece set of a small Christmas village scene. Basement
119.Pair of festive serving trays and a marble-insert double-log cheese board. Marble handled knife. Basement
120.Cookware as pictured. Two lids and a glass pie pan. Downstairs.
121.Nice large and small frying pans with good Teflon. Better than mine, let me tell you. Basement
122.DOUBLE LOT: Parrot-head party supplies, stainless steel ice bucket for your cerveza and drink mixes. The balsa wood parrot is included! Basement
123.Plastic serving trays, tins and 1 open bag of votives. Not two. Basement
124.Vintage punch bowl, undertray and cups. This is a nice set! You can use it this season! Basement
125.Two vintage Fondue sets as pictured. I do not know for sure if this is the Ernest Soho design set mentioned in the clipping. The clipping was in the red one. Basement
126.Soft supple silicon baking pans and the coffee pod rack. Basement
127.Salt and pepper mills and parfait cups as pictured. Kitchen
128.Nice toaster, electric skillet and very nice kitchen utensils. Basement
129.This lot consists of 4 serving bowls and cookie forms. Basement
130.Large plastic serving trays, bamboo place mats and a hanging basket for bannas and fruit. Basement
132.Venturi red wine aerator and an electric hand blender. Kitchen
133.DOUBLE LOT: Food forms, bunt cake pan and a box of kitchen tools and utensils. Basement
135.A traveling office box for stationary on the road and food saving solutions. Basement
136.Vintage book ends 'The Thinker'. Basement
137.Large woven mat or platter for wall hanging or food service. Faux greenery, gardeners hats and a gourd piglet. Basement
138.Three bail handled flower pot concealers. Pretty copper wash. Locate in the four season room.
139.Heavy quality crystal vase and a punch bowl.
140.Two drawer file cabinet downstairs.
141.Thailand wood carving and items as pictured. Basement
142.Pair of portable vacuum cleansers. An upright and a hand-held. Perfect for an RV.
143.Shakey weight and a balance ball. Basement
144.New and like-new exercise equipment including the step. Basement
145.Walking weights and exercise gear. The tapes are exercise incentives. Basement
146.Two boxes of compact discs. Use your zoom (On a PC, hold down the Ctrl button and tap + or - as needed) to see all the titles. Basement
147.Wii console, controls, fitness and exercise games and accessories. This might just be a good incentive. Adult owned and used. Basement
148.Adult owned Teddy bears. Non smoking home. Kitchen
149.Fernery book shelf. Garage
150.Nice little storage cabinet with view-thru screening. Ready to paint! Garage.
151.Clean metal storage cabinet in the basement.
152.Vintage alabaster lamp, hanging barometer and a mahogany step-back end-table ready for fresh paint.
153.TRIPLE LOT: Faux floral wall hangers and a very good mantle or buffet mirror.
154.This good looking bookcase is upstairs. Please bring your own assistance in removing it from the home. Do not scratch the walls! The has has sold.
155.Color TV with built in VCR. The screen measures 13. Upstairs.
156.Very good original painting on natural board. Signed by the artist. Hand written on the back is, "Prague 1935". It is a beautiful painting!

Art lovers take a look! I think this could be an important artist! This painting seems to have its own light source, it seems to project natural light. This is a very difficult execution in acrylic painting! This painting demonstrates the skill of a very good experienced painter. Who would take on the challenge of a reflected light, back-lit scenic highlighting motion? Is the subject the mountain, the jumper, the 11 spectators or the sound of silence? What do you think?

This has the feel (so to speak) that the artist may have painted this for herself. I do not suspect this is simply "airport art" or "furniture store art".

Prague was an amazing scene of change in the 1930s. The epicenter for the Bohemian lifestyle of fashion, art & culture with open mindedness. Things changed. By 1939 this capital of Czechoslovakia was totally occupied by the Nazi party. As a target for bombing, this small capital was repeatedly bombed by the Allied Forces, killing more than 1200 people within the city, destroying some of the most popular ski resorts.

The frame measure 9" x 7.5" Locate in the garage.
157.A large framed vintage print by Ted DeGrazia. The original painting will be featured at an art exhibit entitled "Arizona Highways" in Tuscon Arizona in 2020. Downstairs
158.Hand painted on pulp paper. Stunning! Downstairs
159.Two hand painted originals and a vivid print. (3 total). Garage
160.kPair of very nice original water colors.
Fernand Guignier (French, 1902 - 1972). "Montmartre". Watercolor on paper dated 1962. Signed, dated, and titled. Very good condition. This artist is found via Google search. His paintings on this street are averaging $200 at auction.
Montmartre district of Paris is known for its concentration of Mid Century Artist, cafés, cabarets and dancing halls. Garage
161.Three framed prints including a pair of botanical studies.
162.The framed art at the bottom is hand carved cork. The owl is a print and the barn is a water color. Garage
163.Pair of stretched canvas oil paintings of lake scenes. Garage
164.Good looking contemporary Mediterranean print-on-fabric on scrolled tubular iron. Basement
165.Contemporary print on stretched canvas of a Lilly pond. Downstairs
166.TRIPLE LOT: A print behind glass and a pair of 1970's oil-on-canvas.
167.Three framed items of art and 2 scrolls with silk paintings (one is torn). The large still life is an original, using oil-sticks and brush. Garage
168.Large ceramic front porch Jack-o-lantern. Garage
169.Good looking black leather coat with hood and removable liner. Size XL. Upstairs.
171.Four ladies hand bag/purses including the good looking Coach Purse.
172.Dog lovers take a look! A Medium size dog cot and two T-shirts supporting a children's reading program and an education program 'Freeze Dont Shoot'. Making us aware that a family pet is shot every 38 minutes by Police officials in their line of executing warrants, routine investigations and in capturing strays. A sad fact that Policeman hate! Cops and humane societies want you to know that this is a problem! Think it thru, protect your pets from incidents and accidents.
173.Vintage faux fur coat. So black, it reflects daylight as blue. State-of-the art in alternative fur! Kitchen for the pick up.
174.Size 9 winter boots and warm house shoes. Kitchen
176.Collectible small teddy bears. Remember this series from Wendy's?
177.Hand carved animal from an African trip. All carved from a single piece of wood. One more small carving was added after the photo. Five in total. Locate in the garage.
178.Vintage glass and housewares. I have never seen this Mid-Century salt-dip set. Wow polished bottoms! I have no idea where these were made. Google these. Turns out they are rare. Garage
179.St Francis, Chinese table screen (wood, glass and silk), Indian pottery and more.
180.A collection of wind instruments. A fine vintage recorder and a bamboo flute organ.
181.Metalware, glassware and carved napkin rings.
182.BIG BOX OF GOOD STUFF! Look at all the expensive candles! Nice wooden frame!
183.Puppy gate. Pictured here with extension that simply snaps off. This the expensive unit and the store!
184.Box lot including gardening books and a wooden candle lantern.
185.Reusable glass bottles for home brew, kombucha, wine or ginger beer.
187.An outdoor rug used for camping. Roll this out under your canopy and it will change your entire camping experience. This is specifically made for RV's! Weather resistant!
188.Rug runner and the card table. Other items are not included.
189.Box lot of books as pictured including a vintage Mother Goose. Garage
190.A huge collection of porcelain and ceramic dog figurines. Th largest is about 6" the smallest is less than 1". Garage
191.A box lot of interesting items carved from solid stone. A glass cigar ash tray, a very large ceramic hand to hold your car keys. Nice group! Garage
192.A box of home office supplies, markers and pens. Garage
195.Good steel pneumatic tire wheel barrow. There is duct tape as handles. Their are no breaks. Near the shed.
196.Glass mushrooms and 2 plastic or composition bunnies. On the Noth side of the lawn under a tree.
197.Sliced stone wind chime. Hanging in a tree on the North side of the back yard. Near the fence.
198.Nice wrought metal scroll for the garden wall.
199.A metal architectural ' Astronomers globe' Garden
200.Just an element of art for the garden. The silver balls are simple spheres not stemmed like a Christmas ornament or gazing ball. Garden resin wall hanging element. The Gautama Buddha often translates to the 'Son of the earth', often found in gardens at places offering peaceful meditation. Garden wall.
202.Garden wall hanger in the form of an ancient architectural element. This is cast resin. Garden
203.Interesting sphere candle cage hanging on a hook off the deck. Bring a screw driver and you can have the hook! Deck
204.Ceramic Dog bowl and like-new stainless steel water bowls.
205.Garden nymph. Add a bit of surprise to your garden. This resin figure can be found frolicking under the weeping willow tree in the back yard.
206.Cast iron breaker bar along with a couple copper tubing pieces. This surely was the long lever used to manipulate those large stones in her garden.
207.Group of terracotta flower pots and bonsai planters, This is the group with the white glazed stoneware pot.
208.Group of ceramic and earthenware flower pots. This group includes the 2 matching blue-green pots.
209.Craftsman string trimmer, weed weazle, soft sided gardeners bag, soft brissle brush and knee pads.
210.Four buckets including the galvanized bucket and items as pictured. There are many (some new) plant cover-ups for those frosty nights.
211.Four hanging baskets and a bag of that stuff you put into hanging baskets.
212.The item under the red X was badly broken and thrown away. The items are fun and qwerky. The 1950's iron stand is very cool!
213.The lantern is cut-and-polished granite. The feeder and the architectural elements are composition. Garden
214.The frog is concrete cast on-the-stone it is sitting on. The crow is plastic and the turtle is iron. Garden
215.Group of wire feeders and clear plastic feeder on the lawn in the back yard.
216.These are 'upside down' tomato hangers and plastic cloches to keep frost off of young plants. Garden
217.Old wooden box full of drill bits. Garage
218.Garage: Nails and fasteners, zip ties, light bulbs and plumbing flex pipe. There, I just saved you 46 trips to Home Depot.
219.DOUBLE LOT: Supports for your aching knees and elbows. Non-slip carpet tape and more.
220.Masonry tools and wooden handled chisels. Garage
221.A dishpan and a tote full of clamps, snips and more. Garage
222.The items pictured are in the north-east corner of the garage. Fertilizer, buckets, frog, sun-brella etc.
223.Pair of jack-stands in the garage.
224.Pair of good 100% leather sofa pillows in dark green. Living room.
225.Painting tools, sprayer, sabre saw and a nice hatchet. Garage
227.Group of foam and plastic planters. Back yard.
228.The granite sculpture of Mother & Children is damaged. The frog family is also chipped. Near the ponds.
229.A terracotta cloche and an iron Chinese lantern. North side of the back garden.
230.Indoor grow lights as pictured. Man, the tomatoes took forever this summer! Get an early start next season with these handy lights. Downstairs.
231.In the South-East corner of the garden, near the gate live three frogs. earthenware and composition. The pretty mossy-green terracotta is damaged.
232.Small glass top table, composition fountain (no pump) and a glass terrarium. Just off the Florida room.
233.Nice rusty metal votive candle holder with the glass votive cups. Backyard.
234.Glaze crockery lanterns and a metal birdbath with glass stones.
235.Ornate wrought iron votive hanger. Locate this item hanging on the outside of the deck rail.
236.DOUBLE LOT: Two art-iron ivy climbers with glass inserts. Also included is the turtle family made of thin metal. It will be nice to watch the rust change the color and texture as time passes. North side of the garden on the wall.
237.A woven hemp bird basket. Doesn't it look comfortable? Locate on the North side privacy fence.
238.This is no longer a fountain, but could be one if you have the parts. The frog has been a very expensive purchase as it is solid granite. Granite looks best when it is wet.
239.Pair of concrete figures showing the effects of rain erosion. Standing and sitting with gathering baskets.
240.Box lot of misc kitchen items including stainless steel, glass tumblers and a English cream and sugar.
241.Drill bits and a grinding tool.

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