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This Auction Ended Friday February 14th at 9PM. Pickup On Saturday February 15th from 3pm to 6pm At Unique Old'tique Auctions, LLC Behind GG Antiques And More. Auction Written By Lewis -

Item Description
1.INFUSEFRUIT juice maker and cup in one box has minimal damage item is still good NIB A
2.SINGLE FIT label black phone case for IPHONE XR NIB A
3.DAYSPRING Praying for you 4 design assortment with scripture 12 cards and envelopes NIB A
4.NINTENDO CLASSIC MINI comes with two controllers and 620 games built in NIB A
5.DIAOTEC rodent traps this item was opened to check condition but is brand new NIB A
6.AIMASI set of 6 candles in shot glass sized glasses 3 black 3 white NIB A
7.3 baseball sized bathbombs sex bomb scent NIB A
8.TUTUANNA 2 packs of 12 pairs of girls socks for a total of 24 pairs of girls socks NIB A
9.HANES XTEMP 3 pack of white t-shirts size medium NIB A
11.KANSA 5 pack of throwing darts with metal tips and plastic bodies NIB A
18.Arm table fits on the arm of a couch or chair has adjustable clamps for stability NIB A
21.Magnetic glass picture frame two thick pieces of glass with magnetic corners to clamp 5x7 pictures in place this item has no packaging but is new NEW
24.MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION 2qt cast iron round casserole pot -IN NIB A
26.ACCUSTEP Reflexology massaging sandles fits sizes 8.5 to 10 in mens NIB A
13.VEGGETTI AS SEEN ON TV turns veggies into spaghetti strands NIB A
15.PANDIGITAL Supernova 10" black tablet case NIB A
16.NO MORE PLASTICS stainless steel 3 piece serving set box has been opened to this item but is still new OPENED BOX
17.2PC Aluminum corner bathroom shelves no packaging for this item but is new NEW
10.10 pack IPHONE charging cords all new NIB A
12.GE APPLIANCE replacement filter for fitting model numbers please refer to picture NIB A
19.PS4 PRO Charging stand for the play station 4- NIB A
20.VIVITAR Small camera bag no packaging but item is new NEW
22.TUTUANNA 12PACK girls ankle socks NIB A
23.HAPPY HOODIE for medium to large dogs hot pink color NIB A
25.MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION Enameled Cast Iron 2qt tomato shaped casserole pot NIB A
14.DONALD TRUMP pen holder NIB A
27.Light controlled electronic mosquito killer NIB A
28.MODONA 6FT shower hose the packaging for this item has been torn but everything is still in package DAMAGED BOX
29.10FT Strand of bat shaped indoor outdoor lights box has been opened but item is still good NEW
30.BEBONCOOL Mobile game mouse and keyboard converter works with both ANDROID and IOS systems NIB a
31.SDARA Skin care microneedle derma roller containing 540 titanium micro needles NIB A
32.LETSFIT fitness tracker to keep track of your heart rate steps per day any many more fitness notes for your own well being NIB a
33.AQUARIUM Digital thermometer attaches to aquarium with suction cup and is ready to go NIB a
34.GRIND NO MORE 14pack of disposable units to help stop grinding your teeth no boiling necessary NIB A
35.ULTRASONIC Repellent pest control 2 pack also acts as an LED nightlight NIB A
36.Deck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself drinking decanter this item has one very small chip in the rim it is small and wouldn't effect pouring also this item does not have any packaging to it but will come bubble wrapped but item is still new NEW BUT SLIGHT DAMAGE
37.Mobile phone vent mount car holder NIB A
38.EATING SPORT pet snack feeder and toy in one NIB A
39.EMOJI UNIVERSE SET Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil coffee mug set NIB A
40.DIAMOND RING Coffee mug,this item is new but box has been opened OPENED BOX
41.UNTRA-THIN HDTV Digital antenna good for 50 miles full HDTV 1080 DPI NIB a
42.MICRO USB to HDMI adapter NIB A
43.UTILITECH indoor 24hr digital timer NIB A
44.7" NONSTICK Bakeware NIB A
45.WIRELESS charging stand for your mobile phone this item has no packaging but is new NEW
46.1973 VINTAGE 12oz Drinking glass item is brand new but box has been opened OPENED BOX
47.3 PACK of rounded daily pill dispenser Nib a
48.HUMANE VIBRATION Bark Collar with 7 sensitivity levels for dogs up to 80 lbs nib a
49.FASTNAIL 2 pack of mounts for digital security wireless cameras NIB A
50.DIGITAL Timer and stop clock NIB A
51.PET Lift harness for dogs suitable for pets upto 25 pounds NIB A
52.SKETCH Journal full of blank pages on antique style paper NIB A
53.Ka Rtice Fitbit Blaze stand NIB A
54.Collapsible travel trunk comes with stiff inserts for the sides for a sturdy travel trunk NIB A
55.NU TONE Built in wall mount ironing counter top NIB A
56.ROOM ESSENTIALS standard ironing board NIB A
57.13.2 GALLON Pet safe kitchen trash can NIB A
58.LOT of 7 XBOX 360 games with various for game titles please refer to pictures these games are USED
59.Mobile Power Station for IPHONE 5 NIB A
60.SMART USB car charger for IPHONE 6 AND UP NIB A
61.POWER CONVERTER for your car converts from car lighter to a regular outlet and a USB outlet box has been opened but is new OPENED BOX
62.2 Pack BONLUX Long life LED lamp
63.WATCHBAND black marble look with a touch of glitter in the lighter areas NIB A
64.3 Pack of red personal alarm systems for your keychain box has been opened but items are all still new OPENED BOX
68.FUSEBOX micro usb wall charger NIB A
65.3 piece kitchen set contains onion slicer bottle opener and pearing knife all light blue in color NIB A
66.STANDARD bluetooth numeric keypad this item does come in an opened box but is new OPENED BOX
69.PIVOT Illumistarter push button ignition lighting starter switch NIB A
70.LITHIUM battery charger NIB A
71.MOBILE Phone dashboard car mount NIB A
72.WALL mount outlet station with removable shelf and 8 ports 6 regular outlet ports and 2 usb ports this item is new but has no packaging OPENED BOX
73.EASY twist bottle and jar opener NIB A
74.LADY OF THE HOUSE DOWNTOWN ABBY coffee mug item is new box has been opened OPENED BOX
75.MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION OAKE beige speckled king size comforter cover and two pillow shams NIB A
76.NERF super machine gun 3 settings single shot 3 round burst and automatic takes C batteries that are included and a full clip USED
77.NERF Mega blaster with revolving drum clip comes with 5 shots and an extra ammo drum USED

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