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This Auction Ended Wednesday Nov. 18th at 8pm
Pickup At GG Antiques And More on East Main Street.
Auction Written By Gary. -

Item Description
1.Tiger mascot head measuring 16 inches tall and 18 inches wide.
2.Sixteen inch long dish made in California USA, had gold accents arround the rim and the sides.
3.Ceramic home decoration of a bird trimmed in gold standing 17.5 inches tall.
4.Vintage metal and glass gumball machine. Unscrews from the top to fill, must dissemble to get to the change.
5.Reproduction metal sign advertising Hoyts German Cologne, 12x9.5 inches tall.
6.Two vintage milk bottles from Sherer's Dairy out of Crestline and Galion Ohio. One Quart bottle and one Pint bottle.
7.Small 4 inch tall ruby red flash 1904 World's Fair glass.
8.A 1967 Kenner Products Co. Spirograph missing several wheels.
9.Four metal can canister set with plastic lids, made in USA by Westbend.
10.Vintage Old Pal Floating Minnow Bucket in good condition.
11.Two vintage floral decorative plates, both showing crazing. 7 inches in diameter, one is marked W.C.Co. on the bottom.
12.Trendmasters Inc. 1996 ID4 Independence Day Alien Supreme Commander HUGE 12" Figure.
13.Decorative box full of mach books. Lid is embossed with a scene of a golf course.
14.Our Pets 4Inch signature series raised diner bowls. New old Stock.
15.Dated July 11th, 1900, Wedding and Garland book containing a marriage certificate in Lockfort, New York.
16.The Walking Dead board game, 2011 edition in used condition, unknown if all pieces present.
17.Cold Beer sign for Genesee made of plastic. Measures 46.5x18 inches tall.
18.Wooden hinged chess board with a complete set of ceramic chess pieces. Each piece has been weighted with lead, Some lead pieces have fell out put are present in the box.
19.Assorted color 4-Piece Aluminum Tumbler Set by Bascal.
20.Three books to do with decorating and style. All in good condition.
21.1970's Coca-Cola pitcher from Godfather's Pizza in good condition.
22.Eight stuffed TY plush animals.
23.Unfired ready to be decorated moon and wizard. In good condition.
24.Stain glass Lotus flower hand fan in good condition.
25.Pair of unmarked believed to be Fenton White Milk Glass Silver Crest Candle Stick Holders.
26.Vintage Hoggson Brand Hand Cut Steel Number Stamps/ Punch/ Die Set. The big box is the alphabet missing the C and Q in the original wood base and the small wood base contains numbers 1-8 with the number 6 also used as 9.
27.Imperial open Rose Gold Carnival Glass double handle dish, Vintage Carnival Rose Embossed Jar.
28.Two Books from the late 1800's, most like school books for Arithmetic. See pics for condition.
29.Wooden barn decoration and a round metal 1966 display tray featuring a Morgan Horse by Jeanne Mellin. The tray measures 11" in diameter
30.Shells from the sea, all small and different kinds.
31.Five small sealing jars, good for spices.
32.Set of six Cincinnati Reds glasses. 1960s Cincinnati Reds Mr. Reds "CHARGE".
33.Fiesta Ware plate and two cups. In good condition.
34.Two Books from the late 1800's, most likely to be school books. See pics for condition.
35.Decorative back board possibly for a bed. Some damage as pictured. Measures 40x48 inches tall.
36.Two open box puzzles, unknown if all pieces present.
37.Antique metal lantern style electric lamp. Good condition standing 14 inches tall.
38.Resin floral design wall decor 11.5 inches in diameter.
39.Fenton Silver crest platter measuring 12.5 inches in diameter.
40.Fenton Silver crest crimped bowl, 6 inches in diameter.
41.Anchor Hocking 1970's Tang swirled glass 1 Qt pitcher with orange plastic lid..
42.Ghost Busters Stay Puft marshmallow man action figure, stands 8 inches tall.
43.Fiesta cobalt blue platter 13.5 inches in length. has a small chip on the bottom side.
44.Fiesta Rose Pink platter 13.5 inches in length. Has a scratch on the surface.
45.Two Tiki style mugs, one marked Accoutrements 2001 China.
46.Lego Minecraft in used condition, unknown if all pieces present.
47.Vintage SUNKIST orange juicer white milk glass reamer.
48.Two Star Wars Micro-Vehicle Punch-Out books from 1999. both in good condition.
49.Shells from the sea, all small and different kinds.
50.Metal candle stand with a decorative metal shade standing 15 inches tall.
51.Large metal wall decor of a Fleur De Lis. Measures 24.5x41.5 inches tall.
52.Four Books for your reading pleasure.
53.Large Mickey Mouse Pez dispenser in used condition.
54.Santa Fe Today zipper bag in used condition.
55.Metal candle stand with a decorative metal shade standing 14 inches tall.
56.Garfield McDonalds 1978 glass cup and a milk glass Mickey Mouse cup with a chip.
57.Vintage milk bottle from Peplau's Dairy out of New Britain, Conn. One Quart bottle.
58.Four Books for your reading pleasure.
59.1974 Art Deco rotary dial Princess phone. Has a crack in the handle as pictured. Untested
60.Two cups, one from Marvel 2015 and one from Lucasfilm 2016.
61.Quartz battery operated round wall clock. Untested.
62.Pair of matching brass tone and glass lamps standing 11.5 inches tall. Untested.
63.Home decor believed to be a two piece candle warmer. untested
64.Two Books from the early 1900's, most likely to be school books. See pics for condition.
65.Glass base lamp with plastic prisms and a bottle shaped votive candle holder.
66.Monopoly Deluxe Edition in used condition, unknown if all pieces present.
67.Large yellow Pyrex bowl. 10 inches in diameter.
68.Jenga, the game to keep you on the edge of your seat, 2000 edition in used condition, all pieces are present.
69.Ohio State Go Bucks Jell-O jigglers mold kit. New Old Stock.
70.Two open box puzzles, unknown if all pieces present.
71.Framed decorative wall mount mirror in good condition.
72.Deck of cards and a battery operated card shuffler. Card shuffler is untested.
73.Large round metal wall decor in good condition. Measures 3 feet in diameter.
74.Cobalt blue carnival glass lidded candy dish. In good condition.
75.The Disney Channel Collectors Edition wrist watch wall clock. Has some damage to the plastic face, with straps the clock is approx. 37.5 inches long.
76.French recipe stand words translated are Recipe of the Day.
77.Walt Disney snow globe music box that plays "When You Wish Upon A Star". In good working condition.
78.Five Books from the 60's, Tarzan has a broken binding as pictured.
79.Two small Japanese glass fishing floats in yellow glass.
80.Vintage school pendent with the initials S H S, Approx. 30 inches long.
81.1999 Cool Custom Hot Wheels Collectibles.
82.Vintage wooden bobbin and wooden pestel.
83.1977 Marvel Comics Spider Man battery operated car. Untested.
84.Brass deer standing 12 inches tall in good condition.
85.Budweiser round serving tray 13.5 inches in diameter.
86.Jenga, the game to keep you on the edge of your seat, 2000 edition in used condition, all pieces are present.
87.Vintage Tropicana Casino, Las Vegas Tiki bar parrot 3D Tankard Mug. in good condition.
88.Vintage Cast Iron corn muffin pan in good condition.
89.Iredesent carnival glass bowl full of match books.
90.Five Books from the 60's. Three Conan and two Tarzan.
91.Four Books for your reading pleasure.
92.Heavy metal framed floral design wall hanging measuring 7.5x19.5 inches tall. In good condition.
93.Heavy metal framed floral design wall hanging measuring 7.5x19.5 inches tall. In good condition.
94.Heavy metal framed floral design wall hanging measuring 7.5x19.5 inches tall. In good condition.
95.Heavy metal framed floral design wall hanging measuring 7.5x19.5 inches tall. In good condition.
96.Two school house cafeteria trays, made in Cleveland, Ohio by Arrowhead.
97.Two Department 56 silver tone bowls.
98.1996 Hasbro Star Wars carictor Tusken Raider and a Battlestar Galactica book.
99.Collector 7UP Ohio State Buckeye bottle and a 7UP glass.
100.Dilbert M&M candy dispenser. Untested.
101.Five Books for your reading pleasure.
102.Round vintage table top picture frame and a green Pfaltagraff plate.
103.Eight foam padded hangers. A few show some ware do to usage.
104.Metal votive candle holder with a cut out of the sun. 8.5x12 inches tall.
105.Two small wire baskets and a metal toilet paper holder made of metal standing 14 inches tall.
106.Five older Books for your reading pleasure.
107.4 vintage Anchor Hocking 1928 Ruth Lyons 50/50 Club, tall green glass tumblers with white decal images and signatures of Ruth Lyon's 50/50 Club members. Ruth Lyons, (born Ruth Reeves October 4, 1905, died November 7, 1988) was a pioneer radio and television broadcaster in Cincinnati, Ohio .
108.Two silver plated goblets from the International Silver Co. one is slightly bigger than the other.
109.Large book of Calvin and Hobbs showing a little water damage, DVD of Hey Arnald! The Jungle Movie and audio cassette tapes for Stephen Kings Night Shift.
110.The Metropolitan Savings and Loan, metal barrel shaped coin bank from Youngstown.
111.Bag consisting legos to do with Sponge Bob Square Pants and a small glass Piggy bank.
112.Metal candle stand with a decorative metal shade standing 19.5 inches tall.
113.1950's MATTEL INC. MOUSEGETAR. This was a children's version of the guitar that Jimmy played on the Mickey Mouse Club show. Has only three of the nylon strings and tuning knobs, missing one string and tuning knob. The Mickey decal does show ware, but is still intact. The rope is present, the side of the guitar is cracked as pictured. The dimensions are 23" X 8" X 2.5".
114.Mickey mouse telephone standing 14 inches tall missing the receiver.
115.Two record books, 1985 TransFormers and 1979 Black Hole.
116.Two 1980s WWF wrestling figures, Classy Freddie Blassie and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. In used condition.
117.Two 1980s WWF wrestling figures, Hulk Hogan and Jessie “The Body” Ventura. In used condition.
118.Two 1980s WWF wrestling figures, Capt. Lou Albino and Corporal Kirchner. In used condition.
119.Two 1980s WWF wrestling figures, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and King Kong Bundy. In used condition.
120.Rippley's Believe It or Not! If You Dare! In good condition.
121.Two Metal candle sconces with a decorative design each standing 14 inches tall.
122.White marine style lantern standing 9.5 inches tall.
123.Hot Bath wooden sign and a small patriotic wooden sign
124.Morton's Salt tin and a Franklin's Coffee tin.
125.Perpetual Motion Drinking Bird.
126.Floral lidded tin filled with plastic thimbles and buttons.
127.Vintage Pin It Skirt Marker in good condition.
128.Two lidded tins, one was for graham crackers.
129.Size large Harley-Davidson T-Shirt "FREAKIN' HOT".
130.Two bundles of faux roses.
131.Wooden sign of the ten commandments and a wooden floral plaque.
132.Vintage framed print from the Master Art Publishers measuring 19.5x15.5 inches tall.
133.Large round 19 inch metal platter with a roster design in the middle.
134.Mega Bloks Dragons Krystal Wars in used condition, unknown if all pieces present.
135.Four metal decorative stars of different sizes. Largest is aprox. 18 inches.
136.Monopoly Here & Now and Monopoly Fortnite both in used condition, unknown if all pieces present.
137.Three 1988 Burger King single sided card backed ALF records.
138.1960s "Mr. Met" New York Mets felt baseball pennant and a package of team matches of the Cincinnati Reds.
139.Monopoly Seventieth Anniversary Edition in used condition, unknown if all pieces present.
140.Old Blue Anchor Inc. crate with advertising on one end and covered in maps on all the other sides. Measures 19.5x12x9 inches tall.
141.Wooden floral design trash bin showing some water damage with a plastic 1.5 gallon liner.
142.Approx. 75 glass drilled glass wind chime parts. All the same size 5x2 inches.
143.Five mismatched drinking glasses from Ohio. Two are 1960s Cincinnati Reds Mr. Reds "CHARGE".
144.Tin ceiling tile painted white and a mirror added made to hang on a wall. 14.5 inches square.
145.Two vintage 1950s Libbey Frosted Carousel animal drinking glasses.
146.Vintage outside lamp that can be wired to the side of a house, 18 inches tall.
147.Four mismatched cups and glasses, one is a small metal souvenir glass from Las Angles.
148.Small votive candle stand with two glass shades.
149.Wooden rustic shelf 29.5x9.5 inches tall.
150.Cast iron legs and pedal pulley system with a 4 drawer wooden sewing cabinet missing the sewing machine.

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