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This Auction Ended Hideaway Hills Sunday Drive Auction
Ending Saturday June 27th at 9pm.
Craig Connelly and Kevin Burchett, Auctioneers -

Item Description

YOU MUST SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! Its the only way the Front Gate will have your name! Make your appointment before 10:30am please. Follow the link on your invoice to our schedule and put your bidder# in a 15 minute slot of time.


Things to keep in mind.

Two items will close every 1 minute. Not all items end at 8pm.

Any items receiving a bid in the final 5 minutes of that items ending, will be automatically extended (by the program) an additional 5 minutes. If two bidders go at it, that item could go on for a long time while other items keep selling or getting extended.

Upon arriving at Hide-A-Way Hills gatehouse, give your name as it appears on your invoice, and you'll receive a temporary pass onto the grounds. Drive slowly! .
Directions: GPS or Google Map the FRONT GATE address below!

The FRONT GATE is located at: 29042 Hide-A-Way Hills Rd Sugar Grove OH 43155. THERE IS NO OTHER ENTRANCE TO THIS COMMUNITY! Your GPS does not know this! From the Front Gate you can GPS the house address. It is 891 Yana Ct Sugar Grove Ohio 43155. A map will be included on your invoice. AN APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY TO GET IN!


USE THIS ADDRESS FIRST! The FRONT GATE: 29042 Hide-A-Way Hills Rd Sugar Grove OH 43155. Then if you want you can GPS the house address or follow the map. YOU MUST ENTER THRU THE GATE! YOU CANNOT SKIP THE GATE (your GPS will misguide you!)
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AUCTION STARTS ENDING: SATURDAY, June 27th at 9pm. Selling TWO (2) items in the first second of every 1 minute.


LICENSED AUCTIONEER: Questions? Texting is preferred @ 614-866-8668.

1.This antique flat-top trunk is slightly smaller than most commonly seen trunks, and would fit well within any room's decor. Used as a coffee table, lamp table or for storage, this blue painted trunk is sure to be a favorite! Non smoking home.
2.Depression era baby stroller. Such an adorable way to introduce antiques into your home. In original condition as seen here, this rubber wheeled model would have sported a full cloth canopy offering a sun shade for the toddler on bright days.
3.This antique oak and ash two piece step-back cupboard is found in wonderful condition. The marble-top work surface is a rarely found bonus. Pie shelf cut-outs indicate that this cupboard was used for more than just storing provisions in a 19th Century Country Home. Four paneled doors and 2 utility drawers will offer ample storage for a 21st Century family's needs.
4. This handy wrought iron table is an impressive hand-made work of art. The glowing red-hot iron was elegantly hammered and formed into a filigree design with 12 uniform scrolls. The leaf design is seen on both the stretcher base as well as the hand formed feet. The pie-crimped table top is incised with a an intricate geometrical design painted with an earthy palette. I have never seen this exact table. It could indeed be one -of-a-kind
5.A well cared for, antique quarter-sewn oak rocker. Professionally refinished and reupholstered a few years ago. The long rocker rungs, the tall back and ample arm rests provide for a nice long-slow rock. We shot the photo in a well lit area. This rocker has always been used indoor!
6.White wicker chaise lounge with good clean cushions. The wicker weaving is tight and dry. Kept under cover you'll be impressed with classic form. In the bedroom, on the patio or in the TV room this is going to become a favorite spot for some 'me-time'.
7.Vintage wicker luncheon table. Pile it with books and a lamp, or place chairs around it for a light lunch, this is a versatile sized table.
NOTE: The chairs are not included in this lot.
8.Despite its being one of the newer items in the auction, this enchanting painted cupboard might just prove to be one of the more popular items! One single chamfer-paneled door with old-world style H hinges and a cupboard latch hides 3 shelves for extra home storage. The open cupboard top displays the arched front and exposed solid wood wainscotting. What would you display in the open cupboard?
9.A most unusual Mid-Century dinette set in beautiful golden oak. Made shortly after WWII this table is in great condition. The ever sturdy brace-back Windsor chair design has proven its durability for hundreds of years. In its original design the table legs are also reinforced with 4 turned oak braces. An ingenious design allows for a hidden leaf to be folded and stored within the table.

This is not a wobbly tired old kitchen table. It is tight, bright and ready to serve your family!
10.Antique Jenny Lind style spindle bed in the guest room. The matching mattress and box spring are included. She special ordered the mattress set to fit the 3/4 bed. Slight stain on the up side, but we hide nothing. The under side looks new. This bed is ready!
11.This Victorian Settee and parlor chair came from a Doctors home in Princeton West Virginia. Found in the attic, these were proffessionally refinished and reupholstered (at great cost) before they were placed in the dinning area of this Hide-A-Way-Hills home. These quality carved lions head parlor pieces are good as new. Come and get them, this Sunday between 11am and 2pm.
12.This vintage 100% woven wicker couch needs to go to an understanding home. The gentleman of the home tried to sure-up the seat with lumber as seen in the photo. I think another board slid between the weave and frame may bring it up to par. The saggy seat has happened over time. It has been the favorite spot on this deck patio to watch the leaves change, watch the rain pass, and to watch the sun set below the hills.

Only one pick-up day, Sunday June 28th 11am to 2pm.

14.This 1980's oak table has a fresh coat of paint and an old farmhouse look. The chairs are not included. I'll help you carry it off the wrap around deck.
15.Ok, now the chairs. The seller was hesitant to sell chairs that were less than perfect. In our opinion they are fine. Any chair that is willing to hold our frames are good chairs! But she is 100% correct in noting some 'unwinding' to the wicker due to the rigors of time and natural shrinking. You be the judge by the pictures alone (note the back legs). Two look ready to use, two need 20 minutes with a hot glue gun and a rubber band.
16.Old school desk with a spot for an ink well. Solid wood and cast iron. Not many are left. We see fewer and fewer of these at market as the years pass. I hope your grand kids get the chance to sit in one of these.
18.St Johns Table Company corner cupboard. Based in Cadillac Michigan, this line of furniture is about to break-thru into that Mid Century Modern high price category! Look at the Cadillac emblem used in their logo. Solid Maple. Google this!
This is a rare-size corner cupboard that will fit into a condo!

This was a difficult item to shoot pictures of. The home was filled with bright light that has been filtered by the canopy of green leaves and towering trees over head. A wonderful light to live in, but my camera just couldn't figure it out on every shot. This cupboard has a fine even finish and a 60 year old patina that you would hope for. The close-up photos show the true color.
19.Antique full-size bed with a newer mattress and box spring. From the spare bedroom nestled among the trees. Beautiful hand-rubbed finish on this lovely oak bed.
20.This quality made quarter-sewn oak dresser and mirror may have been made somewhere between 1919 and 1929. Of all the dressers of this era I have sold, this unit may be in the best condition! Solid wood veneers in the hands of Craftsman, state-of-the-art joinery and the good fortune to come under the ownership of this family! You will not find an example this clean at the local flea market!
21.Pair of Captains chairs with traces of the old stenciled decoration.
22.Antique spindle rocker with an extra-wide back slat and a saddle seat.
23.Hand decorated Satsuma tea set as pictured. A favorite in 1940's homes around the world!
24.A hand made 'bonnet cradle'. Look at the long lasting beautiful finish!
25.Good looking ladder-back chair in oak. In this house it has been used in the formal kitchen at the 'prep desk'. A place to create a menu, reference cookbooks and plan a shopping trip. Note: The seat has been reinforced to support the old cane.
26.Larkin style antique drop-front desk. Ready to set in your den or apply a new finish, Up to you!
27.Vintage cast iron weighted cafe table standing the standard 30" in height. This is a very solid pub table! Locate it in the billiards room.
28.Pair of counter stools with natural woven rush seats. Not as tall as bar stools and easier to get up from! These stools were used to wait your turn while the gentleman of the house sunk all the billiard balls!
29.Just look at the warm glowing patina on this beautiful maple drop-leaf table. Its in the basement now. I'll have it upstairs by the time you get there. This would make a great puzzle table or card table on Bridge nights!
30.Pair of bookcases made in the 1970's with a plastic facade. Good looking usable bookcases! Use a damp cloth with bleach to bring these back to their original 70's condition. Don't you wish we were like that? These will be upstairs on the deck or patio waiting on you!

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