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THis Auction Ended. Buckeye Lake's Fairfield Beach Cottage!
Ending WEDNESDAY July 22nd @ 9pm.
Pick up THURSDAY 3pm to 7pm.
Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer 614-866-8668

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AUCTION STARTS ENDING: WEDNESDAY, July 22nd at 9pm. Selling TWO (2) items in the first second of every 1 minute.

PICK-UP: THURSDAY, July 23rd, 3pm-7pm. We will not be making appointments for this auction.

1.When will you see one again? Maybe next year..? Maybe you'll find one next year, without-the-lids, for the same price.

Galvanized metal double-wash-tub with the correct lids!
2.Matching pair (buy them when you find them!) vintage spring-steel lawn chairs.

Remember when we were kids, the lawn chairs were always out in the yard. We didn't have to fight with folding them, wrestle them into a nylon bag and sling them over our shoulder. These don't blow away and they dry in minutes! They become part of the landscape. You cannot beat that spring-steel bounce.
3.This is a high quality highly collectible vintage mannequin! It is not marked with a makers name but I would guess it is a Decter. Great details to the face including real hair eye lashes. Decter was known to make reclined models that did not need stands or weighted bases. Decter was very brave in the sultry forms they developed. She is with the original paint to her face and body. She needs cleaned and maybe touched up, but she is ready for display rigt now. There is a fracture in the composition on a section of a leg and she has 2 left hands. Her feet are formed for shoes, maybe size 8. She is a tall girl, if she were standing she would be about 6'1". Legs arms and hands are removable for transport and dressing.
4.Good News! All the furniture has been brought down from the attic. It is now waiting for you in the garage!
See you tomorrow between 3pm and 7pm.

Click Here to see the same chest on Etsy..

The dry garage attic turned out to be a wonderful environment to store this grouping of Mid Century Modern furniture. As I pulled off the dusty drop cloths the entire attic was awash with warm golden light reflecting from the original surfaces on the nearly 70 year old maple furniture.

Paul McCobb Planner Group dresser in all original condition! Solid maple construction with the original aluminum ring-pulls.
5.Oak Arts and Crafts armchair with cushion. Very sturdy and strong! Ready for a wash of Tung Oil to really make it nice!
6.The nude is an original piece of art. The other print is a magazine centerfold, probably Esquire.
7. Paul McCobb 'Planner Group' drop leaf dining table and 4 chairs. Original finish. The table is signed as well as at least 1 chair.
8.Four vintage linen table covers with great color.
9.Group of 4 vintage linen table covers. I will look to see if I have more photos.
10.Craftsman tool chest in very good condition! I did not find the keys. The black shelf simply inserts into the side. The contents as pictured are included.
11.Like new household pan scale. Fully adjustable to zero-out the weight of a mixing bowl, sauce pan or whatever you are using to weigh ingredients. Looks like it has never been used.
12.Like New Craftsman table saw. The blade guard is not currently attached.
13.Smart Buy! I'm proud of you!
Troy Built Model TB240 lawn mower powered by a Honda 'Easy Start' Auto-Choke engine. This unit was purchased 30 days ago and used twice. They are having the lawn mowed by a service while they tend to their business in Florida and prepare to move permanently. It is self propelled. The large wheel in the back makes maneuvering around trees and gardens much easier. Its a mulcher, bagger or side discharge unit. I assembled the bag just for the photo.
14.Four old window frames including an oak frame with a screen and a HD brass grid. Locate in the attic above the garage.
15.Four old window frames with glass.
16.Two old wooden signs painted on a cellar door and a cupboard door.
17.Old jars in a milk crate up in the attic.
18.Mid Century High-Ball tumblers and footed juice glasses.
19.Large group of pink Depression and pink glass. I pulled some out that were chipped. That doesn't guarantee these are all perfect. I was moving pretty fast when I located these in the garage.
20.Empty drawers that were taken from the built-in cabinetry in an old Veterinarian hospital that was being razed. Nice hardware!
21.Paul McCobb,(1917-1969) Planner Group desk. The surface of this desk has been sanded down and ready for the next step/ It is the original maple top. The desk is signed inside the drawer.
22.Hard-to-find 1950's iron! You can't buy this at Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot!

All-metal breakfast set for two. The seats would be a supper simple recovering project. In your home, what color would fit your decor the best?
23.Good News! All the furniture has been brought down from the attic. It is now waiting for you in the garage!
See you tomorrow between 3pm and 7pm.

Virginia House maple chest-on-chest from the late 1950's. NOTE: The horizontal 'lower chest' trim is missing from the left side of this unit.
24.Good News! All the furniture has been brought down from the attic. It is now waiting for you in the garage!
See you tomorrow between 3pm and 7pm.

Virginia House solid maple full-size bed matching the bedroom suit. As pictured without slats. VGC.
25.Good News! All the furniture has been brought down from the attic. It is now waiting for you in the garage!
See you tomorrow between 3pm and 7pm.

Vanity dresser by Virginia House Furnishings in VGC with matching bench. Solid maple, late 1950's.
26.Vintage Art Deco jade-glass lamp and finial. Start shopping for the perfect shade. This lamp will prove to be one of your favorites!
27.Pair of matching store front doors with good glass.
28.Grouping of 4 leaded glass windows with 1 frame. The initial K appears on 3.
29.Selling the 3 yellow spring-steel chairs with the 4 green cushions. The green cushions fit the yellow chairs.
30.Set of 4 chrome dinette chairs from the 1950's. Good condition and ready to use.
32.Vintage 1950's dinette table top. There were no legs to be found with this table. This is a very unusual design! VGC.
33.Cracked ice dinette table with 2 leaves. The skirt, the whole way around the table, is the same cracked ice Formica from the factory. Very nice!
34.This fan is dependable, strong and in great shape! I ran it for 3 days and it never smelled hot or got noisy! Original 'Corvair blue'.
35.Antique solid-wood utility table with 1 drawer.
36.Festive party light sets in the original boxes and misc patriotic picnic or party decor. ALL NEW!
37.Acrylic drink-ware and plastic serving items for any backyard gathering. ALL NEW!
38.Acrylic lemonade pitchers, heavy re-usable tableware and Jimmy Buffet style acrylic tumblers. ALL NEW!
39.Plastic and acrylic stemware for the Parrot-head party this summer.
40.Soft-sided lunch box cooler, red six pack cooler and a like-new blue picnic cooler.
41.This cooler has cup holders on top, wheels and a collapsible handle. Looks good.
42.New-in-Box 'Travel Cooler' and a new portable propane grill.
43.A tote of NEW and like-new items including 2.5 cans of fuel, an empty (refillable) fuel can, tennis balls, ceramic Christmas Tree luminaries and more.
44.Four clamp lights. Used for painting 1 room at night. All like new!
45.Halogen work light on a red stand. Working!
46.Drill bits, plane, laser tools, chalk line and stud finder in a blue tote-basket.
47.Nice strong and durable 4-shelf storage or tool rack.
48.Large, Heavy-Duty 4 wheel dolly. All the castors are multi directional.
49.Three leaded glass windows. One window is in a wooden frame.
50.Chrome Christmas tree as pictured. Two rods for the stem and 43 paper tube fronds.
51.WOW! Yet another very popular double basin wash tub. Galvanized steel with both of the original lids. The double lid models offer much more utility! Original paint! Would you paint it or leave it as found?
52.This is a huge cedar chest built for shipping. Measuring 53" long, 30" deep and 30.5" wide. Six handles to ease the burden of moving the crate and contents. Reinforced to handle the weight of its being on the bottom of a well packed box car or freighter. Great for boating supplies on the dock. For storing patio furniture cushions on the deck! Horse tack in the barn. ..
53.One large green tote completely filled with vintage linens and lace. These were all in the very large cedar chest.

I took 2 hand-fulls, all I could grasp, put them on each side of the tote and took a picture. Then 2 more handfuls to make another layer and took a picture and so-on. Each picture is a different layer. You will love this lot!
54.Camping supplies including a night compass and a day compass, back pack, canteens and more.
55.Two dusty sleeping bags, two 6'x 6' tarps (kinda rugged) and three portable adult-size camp chairs.
56.Gas can designed to be a gas tank for a boat or other implements that requiring a portable tank.
57.Cabin tent and a dome tent stored in the attic.
58.Two good boat bumpers and a NEW set of marine grade Pyle speakers. Perfect speakers for a topless jeep!
59.Mosiac stepping stone kit. Wouldn't this be great for a grand child. What a neat long-lasting memory for your walk way or garden path.
60.A wooden shelf for a potting shed. All the terracotta hanging baskets and starter kits are included. In the attic.
61.Group of larger pots for plants. The large blue pot is composition.
62.This wash pan has a hole in the bottom. It has been used as a planter.
63.A very good hammock that has been stored indoors. Great condition. The metal rack and chains are included. This would be great!
64.Pair of well-built vintage directors chairs. This are better built than most!
65.Pair of white directors chairs in very good condition.
66.Inline roller blades that look rarely used.
67.Six foot Lifetime folding table table in very good condition. This is table #3, numbered on the bottom.
68.Six foot Lifetime folding table table in very good condition. This is table #2, numbered on the bottom.
69.Six foot Lifetime folding table table in very good condition. This is table #1, numbered on the bottom.
70.Foam party visors and a green tote-tube full of NEW paper plates and napkins.
71.Counter-top ice cube maker. I plugged it in and it quickly got cold. I did not have time to make ice cubes but I have no reason to think it doesn't work. They used this in the garage in conjunction with the chest freezer to always have ice available.
72.Large lot of NEW party supplies and decor. Blow up parrots, over size sun glasses, single flip flops, grass skirts and more.
73.Nine flamingo whirligigs on rods to line the driveway or walk-way on the way into the party.
74.I filled a green vinyl beach bag with NEW party party items, grass skirts and more.
75.Chinese lanterns and glass ornaments from the Orient.
76.Christmas lights aren't just for Holidays! A red tub full of large bulb strings and tropical themed light strings.
77.New and pre-hung strings of light. White bulb strings as well as full color. These were put away with good care.
78.A grouping of of furniture florishings and elements.
79.Parts and pieces of a 140 year old yarn winder/counter. As the wooden gears turn there is an audible 'slap' at every 6' of yarn or flax been wound on the spool wheel.
80.Metal boiler with the original lid.
81.I think this is an antique gun crate for military rifles or ammo. Date this to WWI or earlier. No lid just the box as pictured.
82.Cast iron three footed kettle with a recipe box. Use this as a planter or pine cone pot.
83.These are double pane glass windows or shelves. They are not vacuum sealed, but there is air between the planes to act as insulation. These are not framed. This is all glass. The edges of the glass were apparently sealed in a molten state. By the look of the mineral deposits I'd say these are from an old greenhouse or similar agricultural use over 100 yeas ago. Not pretty but they sure are neat. There are here against great odds! Wouldn't these be cool on a small organic starter greenhouse?
84.Pair of vintage JVC stereo speakers. Untested.
85.Large vintage pressed-metal wall light fixture with candle-bulbs. There are no bulbs as pictured, no need for shades. Should be re-wired.
86.This huge antique screen-door came from one of the architects that developed Loch Lomond in Columbus. Purchased at an Estate Auction years ago. Notice the scale of this item when compared to garage door. This house must have been like a castle.
87.The chrome box hung in 1950's kitchens keeping a roll of wax-paper, aluminum foil and butcher paper readily available. It is in good condition. The vintage scale is very cool and worthy of a spot in your vintage bathroom. A good cleaner, stiff brush and metal polish will bring this scale back to life. The magnifying glass is good.
88.Five or six vintage mirrors that will be sure to come in handy if you deal with antiques.
89.A round and a square piece of marble ready to turn anything into a nice piece of furniture. Placing a slab of marble on the kitchen island or a work table would be very handy.

Chill the marble for blending ice cream and fruit on a summer evening get together!
90.Large louvered solid wood door.
91.Vintage all metal kitchen cabinet regulated to the garage.
92.Giant entry door #1. There are three solid-wood antique doors in various conditions being sold in this catalog. This auction is for door #1 on the right. Measuring 8' tall and 37" wide.

These doors are more than 100 years old. They may have come from an old Courthouse or other commercial turn-of-the-Century building. Please examine the photos for each door to determine that doors condition. I wiped down the area around the door knobs to show how good they will look when cleaned.
93.Giant entry door #2. There are three solid-wood antique doors in various conditions being sold in this catalog. This auction is for door #1 on the right. Measuring 8' tall and 37" wide.

These doors are more than 100 years old. They may have come from an old Courthouse or other commercial turn-of-the-Century building. Please examine the photos for each door to determine that doors condition. I wiped down the area around the door knobs to show how good they will look when cleaned.
94.Giant entry door #3. There are three solid-wood antique doors in various conditions being sold in this catalog. This auction is for door #1 on the right. Measuring 8' tall and 37" wide.

These doors are more than 100 years old. They may have come from an old Courthouse or other commercial turn-of-the-Century building. Please examine the photos for each door to determine that doors condition. I wiped down the area around the door knobs to show how good they will look when cleaned.
95.Solid oak, antique 5 panel door. I wiped down the center to demonstrate the how nice they look under years of accumulated dust.
96.Porcelain (or granite) top for an antique kitchen bakers table, utility table or cupboard.
97.Child size antique oak hat tree.
98.This lot of scrap wood as pictured. The molding laying beneath the work bench and two 8' uncut 2x4's.
99.Brink & Cotton bench vise.
100.Skil Plunge Router. Works good.
101.Like new Bosch belt sander.
102.Trouble light extension cord and a cordless drill. I did not find the charger.
103.Ryobi electric side grinder. Works good.
104.Group of yellow tools including trouble light, air hose partial DeWalt bit index and a short saw.
105.Rotozip tool with the components as pictured.
106.Like New Craftsman tool bag.
107.Working yellow halogen clamp work-light and a Non-functioning belt sander. The belt sander looks good. It may be the built-in fuse. I had no way to test it.
108.Craftsman router and router table as pictured. Works fine.
109.Pair of NEW Craftsman accessories in the original packages.
110.Rigid belt sander in excellent working condition.
111.Kwikset dead-bolt door knob set in gold tone. NEW. You can zoom in more if your using your smart phone.
112.Kwikset dead-bolt door knob set in silver. NEW. You can zoom in more if your using your smart phone.
113.Four new packages including door knobs. Three of these have been opened but seem complete.
114.Electric string trimmer.
115.Two pairs of packed plastic-resin shutters.
116.NEW party serving trays and utensils.
117.6.5' tall shelving rack with 8 shelves.
118.Raincoat, porch light and garment bag.
119.Three totes full of NEW hardware, caution tape, spray paint and a ro;; of cork drawer lining.
120.Two totes of hardware including peg-board hooks and wire.
121.Giant tool box by Plano. All the items pictured including the airbrushes. These airbrushes are around $80 each. This is a nice purchase!
122.Box of round blue porcelain tiles.
123.15 cases of very nice ceramic flooring tiles. All cases are of the same color, style and brand of 12" x 12" tiles.
124.Crate of various sanding belts and abrasives.
125.Craftsman router guide.
126.Two man saw without handles.
127.Flower tote of hand trimmers and gardening tools.
128.Kitchen cart with vinyl adhesive tiles.
129.B&D blower / vac and extension cord. I did not find a catcher bag.
130.Pair of saw horses.
131.22" bar clamp.
132.A shelf of yard items and hummingbird feeders.
133.All of these chemicals and compounds are about half-full or more.
134.All of these automotive chemicals and compounds are about half-full or more. One of the Sea foam cans and the WD40 is a little less than half.
135.Paint Spray Station still sealed in the box.
136.These paint cans are either new or like new. Painting suit and mixing wands.
137.Post hole diggers, Kobalt sledge and snow shovel.
138.Red handled sledge/splitter, limb saw and other long handled tools.
139.White resin shelving unit and extra shelve.
140.Garden rake, edger and other long handled tools as pictured.
141.Chaise lounge and vintage kitched cart.
142.Four wheel dolly furniture mover.
143.Selling only the two resin shelving units and and extra shelf.
144.Large wooden cabinet with 4 doors on large castors.
145.Paint rollers and rollers pads.
146.Bar mat, slide rule and other new hardware items.
147.Three shoe box totes with hardware and an Iron gym.
148.Box of paint and compounds. All the paint is new.
149.Four white patio chairs and three floral cushions. The green cushions are not included.
150.Vintage iron side table on the patio.
151.Solid wood painted bookcase with 2 adjustable shelves. I did not find the shelf pegs.
152.Box of polychromatic post cards.
153.Bundy brass instrument without the mouthpiece, This looks like a wall-hanger.
154.Pete Rose autographed poster size photo and an autograph oof Randy Wittman.
155.hanging half mannequin this is a hollow form to display shirts. There is no back.
156.Tote full of vintage silver serving items.
157.Basket full of flower arranging 'frogs'.
158.Pair of vintage style French posters. These frames were drilled thru as they were hung at an old restaurant. Nice prints!
159.Very heavy and sharp steel fantasy sword. Missing 1 talon spear-point.
160.Group of candle stands and glass Christmas ornaments.
161.One tote of vintage table linens as pictured.
162.Hand painted underglaze lidded bowl, milk glass lamps and a Toucan soap dispenser.
163.Neat little table top or mantle top easel, print and 2 pieces of original art.
164.Up in the attic, youll find this group of large scale Chrstmas decor. The large wreath is 5' wide.
165.Tote group of glass ornaments and a large glass vase to hold bulbs.
166.Margarita glasses and a grouping of Mid Century salt & pepper shakers.
167.Group of clear etched glass barware. Campaigns, cordials, wine and more.
168.Hillbilly wine glasses and a collection of Anchor Hockung glass in beautiful emerald.
169.Grouping of china from Style House.
170.Group of vintage silver banquet service pieces.
171.Large scale pink depression pieces. Sandwich tray, serving bowls and more.
172.Vintage Strohs beer tray, new flatware vintage bowls (cracks) and a new crystal bowl.
173.Large ceramic coffee dispenser and large glass or crystal pitchers. Nice pattern glass compotes. Bring wrapping paper and totes.
174.Box full of vintage silver and a green depression tea cup.
175.Large group including frames, prints, original art and matboard.
176.Massaging pad for your office chair.
177.Like new duffel bag.
178.New replacement keyboard with original box.
179.Nice small size microwave in the original box.
180.Good usable stainless flatware.
181.Storage bin with 3 drawers. This unit also has castors.
182.Purchased many years ago, these Reebok shoes have never been worn! Ladies size 8.5.
183.Group of Correlle china as pictured.
184.Vintage iron bookends, a 3D copper wall hanger and new cast iron items.
185.Pair of apartment size refrigerators. May not be pretty but work. Imagine cold beverages at your fingertips! The silver one is missing a foot. A spool or a block of wood will be needed.
186.New desk chair on castor's. The box is still sealed.
187.Nine folding chairs. Two are padded.
188.Good working chest freezer. They went thru alot of ice. This unit kept in the garage was just for ice. The ice maker was nearby.
189.Two groups of black stacking chairs. This is a valuable group. Profitable if your a reseller. All black. These are not new, some are less than perfect but they are all good!
191.Bissell upright vacuum. Works like a champ.
192.Good glass vase, vintage bar lamp and 2 autumn pumpkins.
193.Two totes with lids full of good clean fabric. Non smoking home. These are clean and odor free.
194.Four pieces of good usable luggage. Two of these cases are full of matching soft carry-on bags and clothing protectors.
195.Pair of decorative shelf brackets and picture frames.
196.Grouping of holiday themed glassware.
197.Gray torte w/lid full of fabric and remnants. Non smoking family. This is good clean fabric that is odor free! It was solidly packed, sealed and stored in a nice dry attic.
198.An uncommon spice rack with full spice bottles.
199.Pipe cutters, strap vise, Kobalt cutter and a plastic shoe box of new looking packaged hardware.
200.There is alot of hardware in this lot! This was the contents of the metal bank of drawers. You just cant find vintage pulls when you need them! Neat stuff! Be sure to see all the industrial index pulls from an old hardware store.
201.Bank of 9 drawers. What would you use this chest for? We all need more organization in our lives.
202.Airgrip multitaskit by Ryobi.
203.Black and burgandy soft sided tool tote with items pictured.
204.Tub of misc nails and fasteners along with many new hardware packages and cording. The torch tank is nearly empty.
205.A good lidded tote full of useful items. A vintage ladies hat, green basket, NEW serving items, oak towel hanger and more.
206.A very handy ladder accessory. It looks good as new!
207.Description coming soon. This group of paint is all NEW or full. The primer will prove to be a convenient purchase.
208.Ribbon, paint and pastels. This would be a very expensive grouping to purchase at an Art Supply store.
209.Very reliable Bosch reciprocating saw. Works like boss!
210.Life is better with storage solutions. Here are 2 multi-drawer units and very strong yet light-and-portable 3 shelf rack.
211.Two tubes of aluminum polish and assortment of polishing applicators. I love the feeling of shiny rims on my truck!
212.Leather care kit, abrasives, solder and a small electric air pump.
213.Looks good enough from the outside. The inside will need some attention. The tank is included. You need to take it all.
214.Three bags of grout compound. One has been opened.
215.Two good gas cans meeting the new federal requirements. Remember when gas was below a dollar!
216.Aluminum extension ladder hanging on the wall.
217.The vintage metal cabinet and the paint and compounds inside, NOTE: SOme of the paints are old and dry. Some of the stains and other compounds are good. You be the judge. Take what you want.
218.Three boxes of paints and brushes and a box of mixing tubes.
219.Selling the work bench only. Well built and sturdy with a clean laminate work surface. Nice!
220.New paint brushes and paint pens as pictured.
221.A game of Real Estate new in package. Quick Turn,
222.An easel, wooden and pressed paper letters and a metal hanging hook rack.
223.Procote 2000 handwaxer and a box of adhesive sticks.
224.A drafting square, folding rulw, boxes of nails, new Locktite and more.
225.Two 6' sections of shelving and two pantry racks that would hang on the inside of a closet or any interior door. This is the rubberized wire racking we have come to know and love. You can buy the hangers and supports at Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart.
226.This is an item being resold from the Dublin Condo #4 auction last week. I rarely do this, but I was hooked by a no show bidder. After paying for this chair and table out of my pocket, hauling it around in my front seat for a week, she has disappeared. She has been shut-off and will not participate at any auction that I am part of.

This modern arm chair was purchased at the same time as the leather sofa 9 months ago. This design and exact model is sitting on the sales floor of better Macy's stores today. Easy-in and easy-out on this high sitting super comfortable large scale chair. It is perfect! This came from a non-smoking, pet-free senior citizens home.
227.Resale from the Dublin Condo #4 auction. Bidders that do not show up to get their items are shut off and denied access to any of our auctions live or online. Its more than an inconvenience to the senior citizens that I sell for! It's just wrong! It is problematic for the Attorneys, the heirs, the widows and and all the family members that we sell for.

Signed Mersman, this vintage mahogany lyre base table is in excellent condition!

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