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This Auction Ended Thursday February 20, 2020 @ 8:30 p.m.
Pickup Friday February 21, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. In Centerburg.
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AUCTION END TIME: Thursday February 20th @ 8:30 p.m.

SCHEDULED PICKUP: Friday February 21st between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m..

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AA01.Owner states Rare Vintage Discovery Digital Clock. Looks new in package. 18 X 15
AA02.Here are three great Monopoly games. We have Miami, The Simpson's and Arizona. All in very good condition.
AA03.Two more great games. One is Guess Who? and the other is Code Master a progrmming logic game. Both are in good condition.
AA04.Two fantastic games. The first one I Masters of the Universe Picture Play Lite. Looks brand new. Second game is Indianapolis Colts Checkers.
AA05.Three great books. One is Ty Cobb, second one is Don Mattingly Hitting Is Simple and third is The Sporting Craftsman. All in very good condition.
AA06.Here are two games 1987 and 1977. Snow White and Cinderella.
AA07.Here we have the game of Twister Hoopla. 5 games in one. Looks new.
AA08.Two games of scrabble. One is the original board game and the other is Scrabble Twist.
AA09.Here is Nerf Basketball and Nerf PingPong.
AA10.These two games are Parker Brothers Gambler and Milton Bradley Pig Pong.
AA11.Awesome game of Cranium Turbo Edition. Owner states needs Play Doh.
AA12.The awesome game of Ohio State University Monopoly.
AA13.Wodden cased board game of Clue. Also included is a Puzz3D of Haunted House that glows in the dark.
AA14.1986 Fisher Price Barn and its door still Moo's.
AA15.Sesame Street Play house with no figures.
AA16.Container full of K'nex Pirate Ship Park. Instruction book included.
AA17.Here we another tub. This on is full of Playskool Puzzletown By Richard Scarry.
AA18.This is an awesome light up Budweiser Guitar. In working condition. 41 inches tall.
AA19.5 in 1 Backyard Game Combo. Checkout all photos.
AA20.Here is the first of our guitars in this auction. This is a First Act ME537 electric guitar in good used condition. Needs on string restrung.
AA21.Big L Ranch Lincoln Logs in tub with lid.
AA22.Two great Darth Maul figures. One is 12 inches tall on stand. The other in still in package 9 inches tall..
AA23.Here are two Bike and Ball pumps. One is brand new in package and the other is a Vintage metal one.
AA24.Vintage Classic Little Tike car in good condition. 12 X 5 X 8
AA25.This lot is all about Batman. Batman car, Book, Belt and bag of action figures.
AA26.Deluxe Turntable Scrabble game and Classic Major League Baseball game.
AA27.Two games. NFL Philadelphia Eagles Checkers and NFL Monopoly.
AA28.Two more games. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and Rio Grand Games Dominion.
AA29.Here we have a great electric light up Globe in working condition.
AA30.Another great globe this one is a Fisher Price in working condition.
AA31.Two games. Stratego and KHET 2.0 Laser game.
AA32.Two great children games. Candyland Collector Series in metal box and I Never Forget A Face.
AA33.This is just the start of some very nice children's books. Hardback Duck Tales, The Awesome Shark book, Dinotopia the World Beneath and PokeMan.
AA34.Another 4 set of books. Hardback Wolves, Dinosaurs, A Soldiers Life and The Littlest Angel.
AA35.Another great set of 4 books. Hardback Under The Sea, Hedi, Can You Find It? and Native Americans.
AA36.Another 4 set of great books. Hardback The Dwarf in the Drawer, Brave, The Peabody's Apples and Marvel's Wolverine and the X-MEN.
AA37.Set of 4 great hardback books. Harry Potter, Dumbo, Sofia the First and Ruby.
AA38.4 Great hardback books. Cinderella, Aesop's Fables, Disney Friends and Favorites and Tonka Big Book of Trucks.
AA39.4 Great hardback books. Alice in Wonderland, Monsters Inc., Beauty and the Beast and Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.
AA40.4 great books. Star Wars Lightsabers, Star Wars Lego Save the Galaxy, The Houdini Box and Down on the Farm With Grover.
AA41.Nerf Air tech 4000 (no bullets) and New Nerf Fire Vision Frisbee.
AA42.Little Tykes blue and pink piggy banks. 9 inches long 6 inches tall.
AA43.Pink Disney acustic guitar in good condition.
AA44.Here is the second electric guitar in this sale. First Act ME276. In good used condition. One string needs replaced.
AA45.Set of 4 books. Ender's Game Whitetail Strategies Vol.II, The Space Atlas and The Next Course.
AA46.Monopoly Collectors Edition in metal box and Lord of the Rings Monopoly.
AA47.The Greatest Day Ever game and Quick Cups.
AA48.Two great games Stratego and Quelf.
AA49.Two great games Qwirkle and Flippin Frogs.
AA50.Here are three of very nice puzzles in great condition. Please look at all photos. 1971, 1973 and 1984.
AA51.This is a very expensive western hat. Stetson 5X straw hat. Needs reshaped.
AA52.Look new in package Everlast Training gloves and full bag od Speed Stacks.
AA53.Wilson PeeWee NFL football and a jumping ring ball.
AA54.Magic sound and light Wand, Game of Thrones Westeros Intrigue and small game of Zombie Bowling.
AA55.Here is a great electric musical trio of bears in working conditon.
AA56.Duplo Lego Gator with bag of legos. 18 inches long and 7 iches tall.
AA57.Vert large Lego Truck with a bag of legos in the bed. 19 X 11 X 11
AA58.Ohio State helmet mask and a Captian America sheild.
AA59.Arcane Legions Mass Action miniature game.
AA60.24 inch high galvanized light up Eiffel Tower. Not tested needs lights.
AA61.Three bags of hourly fun. Legos, Disney Pirate collection and stackable blocks that are also used with play-doh.
AA62.Tootsie Lamborghini car, Micky Mouse truck and The Mystery Machine.
AA63.Tranformer figure and collectible space battleship.
AA64.Here are some hand held games. Battleship, Jeapardy and Top Trumps.
AA65.This is an awesome handmade cradle. It is very heavy and sturdy. It is 40 inches long 18 inches tall and 17 inches wide. VERY VERY Nice.
AA66.1956 Cadco-Ellis Bas-Ket game. Looks in nice condition.
AA67.Three great trucks. Hot Wheels Monster, Target Indy and Max 4x4.
AA68.This beautiful white wicker framed mirror is ready to hang in any room of the house. 21 X 12
AA69.Here is a stainless steel Polar Bear statue. 10 inches long and 5 inches tall.
AA70.Sportsmaster Philly Minnow bucket with wood handle.
AA71.Vintage Min-O-Life minnow bucket with rope.
AA72.Classic Falls Creek Angler's Choice minnow bucket.
AA73.Here is a solid heavy metal fishing lure retreval.
AA74.Two fishing knifes, scale and cleaner combo.
AA75.Shakespeare fishing reel with box. Some of box is missing. Shakespeare Criterion 1960 in good used ondition.
AA76.Dansk International Seafood Set brand new in box.
AA77.Here is a great wooden Podium with a light and shelf for storage. 40 inches tall and 45 inches tall at the light.
AA78.Very old book of Bible Stories. Cover is in rough condition. Also included is a two wick Peace candle.
AA79.Here is a nice collection of vintage Christmas ornaments and a very nice blue spongeware bowl.
AA80.Cast Iron Clown coin bank in great condition. Has stopper and in 7 inches tall.
AA81.Very nice ceramic Shar Pei dog figure and a Brass Rooster trivet.
AA82.Nice collection of old bottles including a syrup bottle.
AA83.Great pair of Salomon ski boots. Instruction booklet included. 340/27.0
AA84.Here we have 6 Fostoria coffee cups in great condition. Included are some other crystal pieces.
AA85.Here is a great quart milk bottle embossed Columbus Bottling Co..
AA86.1941 and 1946 DELHI Yearbooks and The Henry Ford book.
AA87.5 Williams-Sonoma vegetable plates from Portugal and a gravy boat by J&G Meakin from England.
AA88.Two Giswold meat chopper/grinder. No.1 and No.3 both in boxes.
AA89.Here is a 1960 Sea Sheel lamp in working condition and the front of a Post Office lock box.
AA90.Two unopened Pepsi Steel cans and a Hershey Chocolate tin truck with lid.
AA91.1954 No. 6 1/2 electric Erector set. Please checkout all photos.
AA92.This lot contains three marble stands with a center hole 6 1/2 X 6 1/2. A Ohio Sesquicentennial glass and a ceramic weave bowl.
AA93.Two great spongeware pieces. A 9 inch in diameter blue bowl with floral design and a small green picher.
AA94.Larger pitcher is from Henn Pottery and the blue mug looks to from Roseville Ohio.
AA95.5 1/2 inch tall 1995 BBP pottery crock in good condition.
AA96.Great looking Coca Cola plastic crate.
AA97.Beautiful Fluted green compote and a just as beautiful Jefferson glass bowl. Both in great condition, no cracks or chips.
AA98.Marigold Carnival fluted glass Compote, simply gorgeous.
AA99.Three amazing plates. Willam and Mary Williamsburg plate, Monticello plate and a Bull Riding plate. All three marked on bottom.
AA100.Two outstanding plates. Bits Of The Southwest is Called "The Potters" and The red plate is metal and is 1905 Vienna Art Nouveau Plate.
AA101.This lava lamp will take you back to the Sixties. In working condition.
AA102.Here we have a fabric based lamp with wood. In great working condition.
AA103.Aladdin Oil Lamp made into an electric lamp. No shade.
AA104.Nice washboard someone painted yellow. Has picture of a tractor. Also included are crystal candle holders and small candy dishes.
AA105.Collection of medical bandages and wraps.
AA106.Here are two pieces Hartstone pottery Holiday serving set. These are great baking dishes with holly design on sides and Gingerbread man inside.
AA107.Here is an addtional 3 pieces of Hartstone plates. 11 inches in diameter.
AA108.Hartstone Holly Soup Tureen in excellent condition.
AA109.Gorgeous Colbalt Blue bowl 10 inches in diameter. Three Hand Blown tumblers with blue trim.
AA110.Three Delph Blue looking platters. One has chips a shown.
AA111.Great looking OSU TV tray in excellent condition.
AA112.Three red Champagne glasses, three whiskey glasses and two shot glasses. All in great condition.
AA113.Two china tea Pots. One serves the tea and the bottom is the cup. Large one is made in England.
AA114.Nice crystal EAPG sugar and creamer set and a Pfaltzgraff creamer.
AA115.China Blue Fine Porclain Coffee Warmer. In excellent condition.
AA116.Set of three plates. Caledonia, Old English Stafforshier and Excelsior. All in great condition.
AA117.Corning Ware baking dish with lid with removeable handle.
AA118.More Corning Ware that has been used.
AA119.Wooden silverware box with some silverware inside.
AA120.Vintage Gilbert Micrscope Set. Not sure if complete.
AA121.Here is a large collection of National Geographic. Dated 1930's to 1960's
AA122.Sunbeam mixer with acessories and booklet.
AA123.John Deere fans will love this lot. We have an ornament, a salt shaker and a tractor clock.
AA124.Here is an old Asbestos Sad Iron and a very old wrench.
AA125.This unique tool is a Wool Holder and in great condition.
AA126.Here is a primitive looking wood shelf. 28 inches tall 19 inches wide.
AA127.Here is aluminum Camping stacking mess kit.
AA128.Large Coleman lantern ready for camping.
AA129.This lot would brighten up anyones Holiday. The wooden sign is 36 inches tall and ready for hanging.
AA130.Japan Toby Pitcher Mug in great condition. 9 inches tall.
AA131.Another great looking brass lamp with beautiful floral glass globe.
AA132.Very unique brass lamp with brass duck on wood stand. Please checkout all photos.
AA133.This is cool, bottom is part of a Coleman Lamp and it has a plastic Shade. Can take this camping with you!
AA134.Hand made wooden Jamaican drum in great condition. 12 inches tall 5 inches in diameter.
AA135.Nice looking Bear Cookie Jar made in Japan.
AA136.Sakura handpainted Cookie Jar ready for Fourth of July.
AA137.1800's brass Porringer in excellent condition.
AA138.1999 hand painted Four Snowman Cookie Jar by Gear
AA139.Great looking 1 gallon tri colored whiskey jug.
AA140.Two Tyco Train Cars and two packages of track.

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