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This Auction Ended Wednesday February 19, 2020 @ 8:30 p.m.
Pickup Friday February 21, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. In Centerburg.
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AUCTION END TIME: Wednesday February 19th @ 8:30 p.m.

SCHEDULED PICKUP: Friday February 21st between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m..

If you need to arrive early or late please reach out to us (text or call) and we will try to accommodate.


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AA01.Two very nice vintage tools. One is a #10 pipe wrench and the other is a set of plyers for cutting wire or nails often used by blacksmiths. Both are in very good condition.
AA02.Another great set of vintage tools. The vintage wood auger is 14 inches long and in great condition. The nippers a 12 3/4 inches long and are also in very good condition.
AA03.Here is a great 5 1/2 inch J A Henckels made in Germany knife. It is in good condition.
AA04.Vintage South Bend Oreno Casting Reel with box. In very good condition.
AA05.Fantastic Maple Burl vase in excellent condition. 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Signed by artist.
AA06.Here we have two great plains. The smaller one is a Stanley. The wood one is complete and in very good condition.
AA07.This is a rare wood plain in great condition. Please look at all photos.
AA08.You talk about vintage toys you always talk about Marx Co toys. Here is a Marx tin bulldoser with blade. Has tracking on wheels and the windup key. Tracking is loose due to age.
AA09.Two very nice brass pieces. The brass hunting dog is heavy and is 5 inches tall. This dog could be used for a door stop. The brass arrow is nice and use to be the head of a spear or arrow. Both pieces in great condition.
AA10.This paperweight would compliment any office or desk. It is a solid metal elephant attached to a faux book titled "The Cocktail Party".
AA11.Hockey fans here you are. NHL Helmet collection total of 30 new in package.
AA12.Here we have a very nice handpainted hand saw. The winter scene is great and the saw is in great condition.
AA13.8 inch special Safe-T-Fish bag in great condition. Made in Battle Creek Michigan.
AA14.Very heavy cast iron Moose wall hanger. In fantastic condition. Ready for hats or coats.
AA15.Two great 1993 Jurrasic Park Dinosaurs 10 to 7 inches long.
AA16.Two colllectible small (4 to 5 inches wide) football helmets. One Denver Broncos and the other is Seattle Sea Hawks. Both in very good condition.
AA17.Three nice books. Two books on fishing and one for building log homes.
AA18.11 inch tall Spiderman and 8 inch long Batman on his cycle. Both are in good condition.
AA19.Very old and nice collapsable drinking cup. The cup is metal and the original container is leather.
AA20.Here are two great toddler toys. The blue one is a Hape wooden Bamboo truck and the red is a switch and go Dino car. Both is good condition.
AA21.Three containers of Legos.
AA22.Brand new Green Goblin with Pumpkin. Still in hard platic container.
AA23.Three great games, two in great wood boxes. We have Triangle Dominos, Regular Dominos and Knob and Heel Cribbage.
AA24.Here is a vintage Coca Cola Bottle filled with marbles.
AA25.Very nice Ed Hardy glass case. Looks new.
AA26.Twilight New Moon Edward doll brand new in package. Also new in the package two smurf dolls.
AA27.Two very nice farm toys. One is a John Deere sparyer and the other is a Schieich hay trailer belt. Both are in very good condition.
AA28.Vintage GI Joes and very nice Army guys. All in great condition.
AA29.Two bags of Shopkins.
AA30.Three great trucks. You have Spiderman, Donkey Kong and last but not least is the Scooby Doo van.
AA31.Vintage sharpening stone.
AA32.Three very nice toys. The pink Cinderella carriage is metal and very nice. The Ritter Schleich knight is brand new and then don't forget Merlin.
AA33.1978 toy Pooh Bear in good condition.
AA34.Three nice vehicles. Two Corgi antique cars and one International tractor.
AA35.Amber glass Liberty Bell bank in excellent condition. Pennies included.
AA36.John F Kennedy three pack golf balls.
AA37.Very nice 4 inch tall brass women bell. Great condition.
AA38.10 inch tall Ninja Turtle doll and Ninja Turtle Shell 14 inches long with strap.
AA39.Four Sesame Street cars in very good condition.
AA40.Three more cars. Two brand new in package. Johnny Lightning Mopar and Monopoly cars. Third is Cars Shake and Go.
AA41.Three great items. Brand new Star Wars Micro Machines in the package. Fisher Price 1979 Space ship and Darth Vador view master.
AA42.11 inch Thor figure and 10 inch tall Captain America.
AA43.Two great green figures. We have Green Lantern Lightup Ring and of coarse the Hulk. Both in great condition.
AA44.1984 Heman Syclone and Moto Beast. Both in very good condition. The third little guy has something to do with the Joker.
AA45.This lot is all about Batman. Here is a vintage Batman belt that works and a 100th Edition Batman figure with stand.
AA46.Nylint Smuckers steel semi with trailer. Both are in very good condition.
AA47.Buzz Lightyear on a four wheeler and several Avatar figures all in great condition.
AA48.Airtech 3000 Nerf gun. No bullets.
AA49.1999 Torrid Zone Lennox Furnace Co. Diecast truck bank. In the box.
AA50.Knight head radio made in Japan. 6 inches wide 8 inches tall. Not tested.
AA51.1991 Longaberger Discovery Basket. Has the sailboat liner but no protector.
AA52.Another great basket crafted by Royce Baskets made in Ohio. Christmas 2000 with wooden lid and protector.
AA53.Very nice vintage copper tea kettle with wooden handle. Has dent in side.
AA54.Here is a nice half gallon Spahns Sweet Home Dairy Co. milk bottle, Bottle in very good condition with no chips or cracks.
AA55.Great vintage canvas seed bag. Bag is in great condition 28 X 15
AA56.Great collectible wooden bank with metal door. Looks like it was made from an old post office box.
AA57.Two great vintage pie plates in fantastic condition.
AA58.Greycraft cast iron pots and pans for miniture stove.
AA59.Cookie jar in shape of butter churn. Lable on front of jar is :Cookie Churn". In great condition.
AA60.Miscellaneous group of different toys. Please checkout all photos.
AA61.Wonderful vintage wash board with tin scrubbing side. 24 X 13
AA62.Two great Elvis Presley albums with no jackets. One Is Blue Hawaii.
AA63.Really nice 1992 Budweiser wood framed mirror sign. 18 X 22 in great condition.
AA64.28 X 20 advertising metal sign for cigarettes.
AA65.Here is a very nice Army ammo metal box with working lid and lock.
AA66.1981 Chimney Sweeps cookie jar made in Japan. In excellent condition.
AA67.This is an awesome coe cookie jar. Embossed on bottom #10 USA and also stickered American Retro. In excellent condition.
AA68.Nice old yard stick from Central Ohio Federal Savings and Loan Assn.
AA69.Here is a very nice Coca Cola tray. No date found. 13 X 10
AA70.Two matching trays of the Statue of Liberty and the history of acquiring France giving the US this awesome statue. Both are in great condition. 13 X 10
AA71.This is a great vintage high chair. Chair is all wooden except for enamel tray. Chair is in very good condition and is awesome.
AA72.This is a fantastic Coleman lantern in wonderful shape. This lantern is complete and ready to go.
AA73.Here is another great Coleman lantern complete and ready to go.
AA74.This is a huge insulator. It is in great condition and very heavy. 10 X 5
AA75.Here we have a three blade boat propeller. 16 X 8
AA76.Very nice set of Strawberry dishes in great condition. Two small pitchers and three plates.
AA77.This is a great grapevine wreath decorated for autum or Halloween with candy corn design. 15 inch in diameter.
AA78.Set of 11 brand new metal wreath rings. Get ready for crafting.
AA79.Very large plate 16 inches in diameter with a wrought iron plate holder. In great condition.
AA80.Rustic Living hinged jar labled Good Food. Looks brand new. 7 inches tall 5 inches in diameter.
AA81.Very nice 8 inch tall jolly decorated snowman. Very nice.
AA82.Checkout this very large glass jar with battery operated candle a pine cones. Candle in working condition. 12 X 6
AA83.Here is a wooden sign with a wrought iron plate or sign holder. 19 X 12
AA84.Pine Creek Traditions rustic looking snowman looks brand new. 18 X 9
AA85.Here is a group of Autum decorations. Pumpkins are cloth and very nice.
AA86.Two packages of Embroart Craft Embroidery and a small vintage shot glass.
AA87.8 pieces of decorated tile all in very good condition. 12 X 4
AA88.Two great Poor Boy Woodworks wooden signs. 18 X 8
AA89.Two great Poor Boy Woodworks wooden signs. 18 X 8
AA90.Two great Poor Boy Woodworks wooden signs. 18 X 8
AA91.Two great Poor Boy Woodworks wooden signs. 18 X 8
AA92.Two great Poor Boy Woodworks wooden signs. 18 X 8
AA93.Great 14 X 6 wooden sign.
AA94.Large brass easel in good used condition. 58 X 18 X 10
AA95.Large sturdy wood podium in good used condition.
AA96.Old vintage Sugar Corn can with cloth top. 8 X 6
AA97.Two elegant blue colbalt glass pitchers with gold accent top and bottom. 12 inches tall.
AA98.Here is a great cheese box that the lid has been hand painted. Made by Annies Crafts and Wood in Ohio. 8 X 15 X 9
AA99.Colbalt blue glass geese with gold trim and design with a smallmatching dish. All three pieces in excellent condition.
AA100.Johnson 130A Sa'bra fishing reel made in the USA. In great condition.
AA101.Pflueger Supreme Fishing reel made in USA. In good condition.
AA102.Bronson Victor reel, two-gear direct drive, Three piece construction. Has box but top is missing.
AA103.Cast iron star mantle hook. Star is 8 inches tall 7 inches wide. Bottom base is 6 X 3. Very nice.
AA104.This is a gorgeous lamp. Beautiful glass flower stem inside a metal twist that ends with a Hummingbird on top.
AA105.Small vintage basket with lid 5 X 2.
AA106.Packard Lifetime Retro Shaver. Original cord. 5 X 2
AA107.Vintage Cobbler post with shoe form. All cast iron and in good condition.
AA108.Very nice used hand saw.
AA109.Collection of assorted socket set and extra.
AA110.Here is a a vintage metal and wood clamp. You probably will not see another on of these.
AA111.Here is another very old vintage clamp. Marked PSW Co.
AA112.Two very good 14 inch pipe wrenches. One made in USA and one made in China.
AA113.Two more great used pipe wrenches, one 10 inch and one 8 inch.
AA114.Two great pitchers. Small one is from Longfellow Mansion in Maine and is Yellow Ware. The large one has an embossed star on bottom.
AA115.This is a Wagner mini skillet that is an ashtray. Marked Wagner 1050 on bottom.
AA116.Here are two great items from the past. This is a hand made pillow. You can see from the photos the hand stiching. The small rug or runner is from out west and in great condition.
AA117.Here is a fantastic pair of Pig Chefs. Both are holding a set of measuring spoons in their left hand. Mrs Pig also has a piece of bread in her bowl.
AA118.Here is anice picture frame ready for your Mom's picture. 10 X 10
AA119.Zebco 33 reel in good used condition.
AA120.Bronson Altoona casting reel #1200. Has part of box.
AA121.Vintage Samsonite is very hard to find in great shape. Here is a Samsonite makeup bag with tray in excellent condition.
AA122.Metal bell ready to summon anyone.
AA123.Here are some very great newspapers with awesome headlines. Please checkout all photos.
AA124.Too bad this is a single chair. 34 X 17 X 14 This is a very well made chair and its gorgeous.
AA125.Four plate set of John Deere scenes. All have their boxes and are in excellent condition. 8 inches in diameter.
AA126.Collection of miscellaneous cups and sizes. Two are Star Buck.
AA127.Two great vintage pieces. Wood Sock Darner and a Porcelain doll head.
AA128.This is a great vintage wood mallet that is 19 inches long.
AA129.Two pair of Vintage eye glasses with cases.
AA130.Vintage handmade clay whistle in working condition.
AA131.Two Vintage ink wells. One blue and one green. In good used condtion.
AA132.Vintage plow harrow made of cast iron. 12 X 8 X 5
AA133.Metal lamp shade 8 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter.
AA134.Collection of miscellaneous old restaurant dishes.
AA135.Primitive "make do" wooden fruit press. 12 X 6 X 2
AA136.Nicely framed stiched picture. 13 X 10.
AA137.Very early canning crock in good used condition.
AA138.Another very early canning crock in good used condition.
AA139.Primitive lantern.
AA140.Fabulous Vintage metal mailbox to hang on any house.
AA141.Folk art wooden paint horse on pedestal. 15 inches tall. Base is 12 inches long.
AA142.Vintage paddle wheel for clothes or other farm duties. In great condition.
AA143.Thre great pieces of Plunder jewelry. Two sets of earrings and one bracelet.
AA144.Two more very nice pieces of Plunder jewelry. One bracelt and one ring.
AA145.Three more very nice pieces of Plunder jewelry. Tow bracelts and one pendant.
AA146.Thre more great pieces of Plunder jewelry. One necklace, one braclet and one pair of earrings.
AA147.Primitive Farmhouse cupbaord. This is item in in really good condition. 19 X 10 X 6
AA148.Americana decor plate or wall hanging 14 inches diameter.
AA149.Vintage American Family Scale in good condition.
AA150.Quart of pint crock jug with Ky Corn on side. In good condition. 5 X 4
AA151.Here is a very old box with lid and lock hardware. 20 X 10 X 7
AA152.Here is a vintage galvanized grain sifter with a long handle. In great condition.
AA153.RRP roseville crock 5 inches tall 6 1/2 inches in diameter. I excellent condition.
AA154.#10 made in USA McCoy mixing bowl in excellent condition.
AA155.Great RRP Roseville large mixing bowl in excellent condition. 9 inches in diameter.
AA156.Great RRP Roseville large mixing bowl. In excellent condition. 9 inches in diameter.
AA157.Owner states that this is a Miners Locker Basket. It has alot of potential. Very unusual.
AA158.Here we have a galvanized vintage corn drying tray. Try and fine one of these again. 25 X 29 X 3 This item is in great condition.
AA159.This is a wonderful vintage all wood grate. It is is fantastic condition. 30 X 15 X 2
AA160.This is a very large glass cake plate with lid. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.
AA161.Here is a great vintage cabinet with multiple drawers. It looks to be a cabinet used is an auto repair shop that held lights or fuses. 14 X 12 X 9
AA162.Very large and heavy barn door or siding. In great condition and has some hardware attaches. 48 X 43
AA163.Here is a great vintage metal wagon wheel. It is large 48 inches in diameter and very heavy.
AA164.Three pair of vintage baby shoes.

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