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This Auction Ended Wednesday, July 1st at 7:30pm. Pickup Thursday July 2nd. Written By Linda. -

Item Description
1.Sterling silver 3 1/4" tall weighted candlesticks. Needs cleaning.
2.Nice green rhinestone grouping includes 17" necklace, 7" bracelet and and a pair of screwback earrings.
3.Necklace 24" long with 4 1/2" drop pendant 2" wide.
4.Two necklaces 17" and 18".
5.Two necklaces 18" and 20".
6.Three necklaces 16" pebble necklace 18" with drop pendant and 30" with 3" pendant.
7.Two necklaces 14" and a triple beaded necklace 14" to 18".
8.Two necklaces 16" with 1 1/2" pendant and a triple strand necklace 32" to 36".
9.Triple strand faux pearl necklace 30" to 33".
10.Two necklaces 16" with 2" pendant and 32" necklace.
11.Three necklaces 15", 18" and 24".
12.Two necklaces 18" and a double beaded necklace 16" to 37".
13.Two necklaces 30" with 4 1/2" pendant and 32" necklace.
14.Two necklaces 28" with 2 1/2" pendant and 40" two-tone beaded necklace.
15.Two necklace" and 34".
16.Beaded Native American style 16" choker necklace with ties.
17.Brooch set 1" rose brooch with chip earrings.
18.Two brooches 1" and 2".
19.Six pairs of earrings all pierced.
20.Six pairs of earrings pierced and screwbacks.
21.Stretch bracelet 1/2" wide.
22.Coach cuff bracelet 1" wide.
23.Cuff bracelet 1 3/4" wide.
24.Flex beaded bracelet.
25.Rhinestone stretch bracelet 1/2" wide.
26.Set of four stretch beaded bracelets.
27.Silvertone cuff bracelet 1/2" wide.
28.Two bracelets 6" long.
29.7 1/2" bracelet.
30.Stretch and hook and loop bracelet.
31.Stretch bracelet.
32.Bangle bracelet and ivory tone hinged bracelet made in Italy.
33.Amber hinged bracelet.
34.7 1/2 bracelet.
35.Set of four bracelet.
36.Goebel 4 1/2" CV72. No chips no cracks.
37.Two Nippon cup sets. No chips or cracks.
38.Doll 5 piece tea set with a bone china thimble. No chips or cracks.
39.Anchor Hocking Mayfair pink depression open rose sweet pea vase 5 1/2" tall 8 1/4" wide. No chips or cracks.
40.Pink depression 12" plate, pair of 3" candleholders and lidded dish 5" tall 7 1/2" wide. Only the lidded dish has chips on the inner rim of the plate.
41.Depression glass biscuit jar 7 1/2" tall. Has minor fleabite on the outer rim of the jar.
42.Art glass multi colored rose bowl vase 2 3/4" tall 3 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
43.Murano red art glass basket 4 1/4" tall. No chips or cracks.
44.Tiffin glass ruby red dot optic apothecary jar 10 1/4" tall 5 3/4" wide. No chips or cracks.
45.LE Smith pink satin powder jar 6" wide 5" tall. Has a minor fleabite on the rim of the jar.
46.Black and 24 kt gold hand made powder dish from Greece 3 1/2" tall 5 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
47.Blue glass footed fruit bowl 4 1/2" tall 12" long. No chips or cracks.
48.Group of glass includes Fenton 4" blue reversible candle holder, large amber ash tray 2" tall 9" wide and a 6" green basket. The basket has a fracture near the handle.
49.Fenton black ruffled edge vase 3 3/4" tall 4 3/4" wide. No chips or cracks.
50.Fenton hobnail milk glass 3 3/4" salt and pepper shaker with 7 1/2" long tray. No chips or cracks.
51.Fenton milk glass silvercrest compote 6" tall 8 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
52.Fenton hobnail milk glass candleholder 3 1/2" tall 6 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
53.Fenton cranberry hobnail cruet 6 1/2" tall 4 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
54.Shirley Temple 16" vinyl doll. One of the is a little loose and she shows some wear.
55.Campbell Soup kids 10" vinyl dolls. It appears the little boy does not have the pants.
56.Campbell Soup group includes vintage recipe tin with original cards 3" tall x 5 3/4" wide along with a soup thermos 6" tall.
57.Tea set 5 pieces with 7" teapot. No chips or cracks.
58.Two liquor decanters both 10" and 23 1/2" tall and with a stainless 10"cocktail shaker.
59.Keg with 6 shot glasses base measures 7" x 10" marked USA.
60.Group of bottles some include the items as advertised.
61.Stars wars "Yoda" pez dispenser from 2005 Lucas film.
62.Copper tin metal barnhouse 11" long 7"tall and 5" wide. This was musical but that function is not working
63.Green tin metal steam boat 6 1/4" tall 7 1/2" long and 5" wide. This was musical but that function is not working
64.Silver tin metal light house 11" tall 4 1/4" wide and 7 1/4" long
65.D Mark Cement die cast and resin truck by Welly 2" tall 5" long.
66.Ertl collectible 1923 Chevy die cast metal vehicle coin bank in unopened box 1:24 scale about 6 1/4" long.
67.West Germany tin chest coin bank 6 1/2" wide x 3 1/4" tall.
68.Cooper tin metal piano player 6" tall 4" wide. Musical piece in working order.
69.Cooper tin metal musical truck 7 1/4" tall 8 1/2" long and 3 3/4 wide. The hood of the truck move up and down when the music plays.
70.Large ceramic Raggedy Ann 9 1/2" tall x 10 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
71.Green corked bottles 7" and 1/2" tall along with a 4 piece cruet, salt and pepper shaker set. One cruet stopper missing. No chips or cracks.
72.Silverplate grouping includes candle sticks, teapot and a cruet / salt and pepper carousel 15" tall. No chips or cracks.
73.Great container storage for binders and magazine. Get that office organize this storage. The green is card but the tan have a binder material. Regular sold for $9.99 and $19.99. Show little use.
74.Group of 15 comic books Marvel, DC and dark horse comics includes 5 Indiana Jones 60 cents early as 1982, Superman, Black lighting others priced as high as 1.50 to 2.25.
75.Group of 15 comic books Marvel, DC, Image, first and dark horse comics includes .75 cent beauty and the beast, Captain America $1.25, Green Gobblin and wolverine (no cover) and more.
76.Wheaton ruby red canister jars 7 1/2" and 9 3/4" tall. One of the taller jars has one minor flea bite on the rim only and one of the smaller one has two minor flea bite on the rim only, otherwise these jars are good looking.
77.Rooster 15 1/2" tall 8 1/2" wide appears to be resin. Made in Indonesia.
78.Rooster with stand 22 1/4" tall 14" wide.
79.Rooster decor includes tray 12 1/4" wide x 17" long and rooster cabinet door 11" wide x 14" tall.
80.Rooster decor includes a black board rooster wall hanging 10 1/2" wide x 24" tall and rooster cross stitch art 10" 1/2 x 12 1/2" that has a spot on the fabric but the frame is backless, so you could clean it and re-frame it.
81.Signed Theodore Degroot art rooster. Artist is known for his mixed media and wood and folk art. It measures 16 1/2" x 16 1/4".
82.Bach organ works volume of sheet music includes 9 volumes but 5 & 6 are missing to complete the set.
83.Three pairs of wooden shoe stretcher from Saks Fifth Avenue. They appear to be for men shoes 12" long with spring.
84.Seaside group includes three brass items 7" to 10 1/2" plus a 7 3/4" lighthouse clock that uses a battery.
85.Pottery includes a Haeger vase 4 1/4" wide 9" tall and a Hull vase 5 1/2" tall 6" wide. No chips or cracks.
86.Lovely Hull pottery vase 5 1/4" tall 4 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
87.Mid century modern oxblood red vase #629-43 Scheurich Germany pottery from the Amano collection 5" tall x 9" wide. No chips or cracks.
88.Scheurich-Keramin #523-18 pottery from West Germany 3 1/4" wide 7 1/4" tall. There is flea bit on the bottom of the pottery only.
89.Mid century modern oxblood red vase#629-40 torpedo shape Scheurich Germany pottery from the Amano collection 16" tall x 5" wide. No chips or cracks.
90.Mid century modern oxblood red vase # 629-18 torpedo shaped Scheurich Germany pottery from the Amano collection 7 1/4" tall x 4 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
91.Beautiful art pottery pitcher from Italy 5" tall x 5 1/2" wide. No chips or cracks.
92.Two pieces of pottery bowls includes a double handle bowl marked Smith Hill pottery 4" tall x 8 1/2" wide and a 3" tall 8 1/2" wide bowl with a cute elephant on the outside and speckled in bottom. No chips or cracks.
93.Home decor group include child wall art 10"w x 14 3/4" long, blue leaf wall pocket 6" wide x 5" tall and two small pick vases 4 3/4" tall. No chips or cracks.
94.Wall art 10 1/2" wide x 16 1/2" long. This piece is art is not on canvas but burlap valued at $34.99.
95.Two pieces of 12 x 12" tan metal wall art.
96.Two piece Brown metal wall art 13" x 13".
97.Two pieces of wall art with fleur Di Lis design 15" x 15". It appears the material is plaster and these pieces were valued at $49.99 each.
98.Storage and organizing wire frame basket by Mainstay. Set of six. Measures 11" x 8.66" x 4.75".
99.Group of black and white photos! Found one dated back to 1939.
100.Franklin Mint 1992 Petty Grand Prix precision model 1:24 scale die cast car 8" long.
101.Group glass and pepsi 8" shaker, five shot glasses and 6" Fairfield county bicentennial bottle. No chips or cracks.
102.Franklin Mint 1992 Richard Petty race car precision model 1:24 scale die cast car 8" long.
103." A Christmas Remembered" collectors edition 1997 include six plates 5". No chips or cracks.
104.A crate full of Christmas decorations. New old stock. More than a $50.00 value.
105.Magnum automative ramp system holds 16000 pounds vehicle weight with safety choke. The box is partially opened but items don't appear to have ever been removed from the box.
106.Goregeous gray fur stole 24" from shoulder to wrist. In good condition, no rips or tears in the fur.
107.Lovely multi tone fur coat with "A" line shape by Mariel. It appears to be about size 14-16 and approximately knee length.

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