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Auction Ends August 7th Begining At 7pm
Pickup near Obetz.
Auction Written By JP. -

Item Description
NOTES.Many beautiful & quality items for sale. Several late 19th century antiques. Clocks, chairs & some very unique items. A beautiful billiards table, a lot of basket weaving supplies & crafts, desks, a few tools and some silver coins. The OSU pendants are a rare find. Definitely an eclectic mix - something for all tastes.
DETAILS.Pickup address will be sent to winning bidders.
1.US Constitution puzzle. Are you puzzled about your rights as an American? You can put it together. 750 pieces. 18" x 24"
2.Genuine bristle dartboard. Perfect for your rec room, man cave or garage bar.
3.Wilson tennis racket set. Social distancing friendly game. Stay fit while you stay at a safe distance from others.
4.Kelsyus Premium Croquet set. Fun for all ages & a great game to play when you must stay 6ft apart. Besides, when can you have too many mallets in your house? Complete set, includes everything in picture.
5.Louisville Slugger RHT baseball glove. Worn on left hand for a right handed person.
6.Tony Perez official MacGregor First baseman glove for LHT, worn on right hand. Excellent condition.
7.Sequence board game. A cross between rummy & bingo. Easy to learn & addictive to play. Play with 2 to 10 people.
8.Plant stand. Coated metal. Three tier with shelf. 28" Wide, middle shelf 30" tall, outer shelves 23" tall, 9" deep
9.Another metal plant stand. 28" H x 9" W
10.Wooden slat plant stand. Multi-tiered. 11 shelves. 28" W x 28" H
11.Media storage holder. Use it to organize your Blu-Ray discs or games. Stands 35" tall. Holds 50+ cases.
12.Ceiling fan kit. Complete with everything you see here.
13.2 Ceiling mount light kits. They're fancy & an easy upgrade for any room. Left 10" & Right 13" diameter
14.Another ceiling mount light. 12" diameter
15.Your basic lamp. Decorative. Simple. Lights up any room. 14" tall
16.Wooden shelf. 25"H x 36"W x 8"D
17.TT Japanese Lusterware creamer. 4" tall
18.Big Dogs blanket. Cuddle up with your favorite furry friend. 5ft x 4ft
19.Shelf & rack. 16" tall x 24" wide
20.Tall Heart shelf. 26"H x 6"W
21.Another shelf with pegs. 17"H x 18"W
22.Dog bed throw pillow. Blue 2ft x 3ft & fluffy
23.Authentic Coca-Cola bottle opener. Must have for your kitchen or bar.
24.How did you live without this amazing... thing? Little boy blue bottle.
25.Beautiful green glass bottle with stopper. Decorative & functional. 12"H x 6"W
26.What the heck is this thing? Amaze & confuse most millenials.
27.Nicknack, bric-a-brac, weiner dog needs a bone. 10" x 2"
28.Plastic case. 16"W x 9"H x 9"D
29.Dog bed throw pillow. Green. 2ft x 3ft & fluffy
30.Red push button telephone. Just like the one used for the hotline between Moscow & Washington during the cold war. or so I'm told.
31.Darrel the deer. Take home this handsome fella. Brag to your friends. Scare your children. Give it to your mother in law.
32.curtain rod. 28"-54" extendable
33.Pair of old milk bottles. Kitschy. Collectible. Milk not included.
34.Pair of throw pillows. 20" square
35.Antique toaster. Sunbeam Model B. Great condition. Works
36.Pair of electric hurricane lamps. 15" tall x 6" wide. Both work.
37.Howard Miller mantel clock. 18" x 9" Does not work. All parts are included but this clock needs repaired.
38.Howard Miller model# 630-108. Battery powered. Almost identical to previous lot, except, this one keeps time.
39.Seth Thomas electric Westminster chime mantel clock. Great condition. Keeps time.
40.Seth Thomas black wood mantel clock. Probably from 1880s. 15"W x 9"H. Very good condition. Key included. Definitely works and appears to keep accurate time.
41.Revere Westminster chime electric mantel clock. Excellent condition. Keeps time & chimes. 16"W x 7"H
42.Glass dome brass Anniversary clock. Needs repaired.
43.Children's sled. American Acme #134. Amazing condition. 36" x 12"
44.Air cool tank. Indian Fire Pump. D.B.Smith & Co. 18" tall x 14" wide
45.Reuge vintage music box. 4"W x 3"D x 2.5"H Plays the song, "The Impossible Dream"
46.Brown bottle. Would make an interesting candle holder.
47.Ohio State Buckeyes 1970 football schedule Vintage Glass. Great gift for your parent or sib that loves the Bucks! O-H !
48.Old 8oz glasses with liquid measurements on the side.
49.Brunswick model S record player. Sets neatly on the cabinet in the next lot (#50) Definitely works. 14"H x 17"W x 16"D.
50.Very nice wood cabinet. 37"H x 17"W x 16"D. It held the phonograph from the last lot (#49) as seen in the 2nd pic. Does NOT include the phonograph.
51.Dulcimer. Warren May, made in Berea KY. Includes song books.
52.Antique wooden airplane propeller. 90" No manufacturer or year.
53.Hartzell airplane propellers. Metal alloy. 40"
54.Glass cylinder from a correct measure visible gas pump. 10 gallon. 12"W x 28"H. Last owner used it as a table base.
55.Old fashioned quilting rack with 8ft roller
56.Computer desk. wheels. 3 surfaces. 37"H Top surface 48"W x 16"D. Each lower surface 24"W x 16"D
57.Some call it a telephone table, others a smoking table. I call it cute. One shelf, one drawer. Measures 9" x 9" x 27" tall
58.antique cast iron cauldron with stand. Gently used by an old witch.
59."Bee" footstool 13" square top, 9" tall
60.Antique wicker rocking chair. Excellent condition. 30"H
61.Antique rocker. 16" seat. I'm told it was from the 1880s, but cannot confirm.
62.Dresser mirror. 42"W x 38"H + legs
63.Antique soap - Fels Naptha - never used
64.Display case with foam insert. 18" x 25" x 3"
65.Dry erase marker board 24" x 36"
66.Unique coat/hat rack
67.File folders with tabs - # ????
68.Lined pads of paper & No.2 pencils
69.Water bottle for animal crate/carrier. Half gallon.
70.Maggi seasoning. Opened.
71.The label on top says "Taters & Onyuns" but it's really for potatoes and onions. 12" x 11" x 24"
72.Four mason jar mugs roughly 12oz ea
73.Fry basket for your grill. I use these for veggies, fries & shrimp.
74.Four mason jars, 3 metal lids. Story of my life.'s an old jar with a metal lid
76.Brass Dachshund bottle opener. Unique.
77.Hanging outdoor planters. 24"H x 20"W
78.Pair of baskets 5" x 3" x 4" each
79.Basket with handle 8"W x 10"H x 7"D
80.Basket 5" x 3" x 4"
81.round handled basket. 9" diameter
82.Antique round handled basket. Perfect size for a human head. 16"H x 13" diameter
83.a dog doll cursed by an old gypsy woman. Cute but guaranteed to bring years of sorrow.
84.2 coils flat reed for basket weaving 1- 1" coil & 1- 3/4" coil
85.2 coils flat reed for basket weaving. 1- 5/8" & 1- 1/2" coil.
86.2- 1/2" coils flat reed for basket weaving.
87.2- 1/2" coils flat reed for basket weaving.
88.2- 3/8" coils flat reed for basket weaving.
89.2- 3/8" coils flat reed for basket weaving.
90.2- 1/4" coils flat reed for basket weaving.
91.2- 2" coils flat reed for basket weaving.
92.#6 round reed, 1 coil 4.25mm
93.2- 1/4" coils flat oval reed for basket weaving.
94.1 coil 3/8" flat oval reed for basket weaving.
95.1 coil 1/2" flat oval reed for basket weaving.
96.1 coil 5/8" flat oval reed for basket weaving.
97.Two pound coil of twisted seagrass. Despite it's delicious flavor, this is meant for making baskets and not for consumption.
98.Basket handles x6. Measure 14" x 10"
99.Basket handles x6. Measure 14" x 10"
100.Basket handles x6. Measure 14" x 10"
101.Basket handles x5. Measure 14" x 10"
102.Basket handles x4. Measure 8" x 12"
103.Basket handles x4. Measure 8" x 12"
104.Basket handles x5. Measure 8" x 10"
105.Basket handles x5. Measure 8" x 10"
106.Basket handles x5. Measure 8" x 10"
107.Basket handles x3. Measure 8" x 10"
108.Basket handles x4. Measure 8" x 12" rectangle
109.Basket handles x3. Measure 8" x 12" rectangle
110.Basket handles x4. Measure 8" x 8" square
111.Basket handles x3. Measure 9" Oriole
112.Basket handles x4. Measure 6" x 4.5"
113.Basket handles x2. Measure 6" x 4.5"
114.Basket handles x2. Measure 6" x 10" Swing handle
115.Basket handle. Measure 5" x 13" Swing handle
116.Basket handles x3. Measure 11" x 20"
117.Basket hoops x8 Measure 10"
118.Basket hoops x5 Measure 8"
119.Bean pot handles x2 Measures 8" x 10"
120.Basket hoops x4 Measure 15"
121.Basket hoops x4 Measure 12"
122.Basket hoops x2 Measure 10"
123.Basket handles x3 Measure 11" Shove-in
124.Basket handles assorted x2. Measures 11" & 8"
125.Rabbit dolls x4
126.Pillows x2- cylinder shape 15" x 6"
127.Blue fleece blanket 5' x 4'
128.Assorted bolts of fabrics
129.Blue & White stripe canvas 44/60" 10+ yards
130.Muslin 44/45"
131.Ford Fairlane plastic model car kit
133.Teddy bear quilt. Hand quilted. Great baby gift. 43" x 54"
134.Yellow canvas x3 Size each 100" x 32"
135.Assorted fabrics- cotton sheets corduroy muslin tartan print
136.Miscellaneous craft supplies, polybeads, pipecleaners, moss, twine, two-sided tape
137.Red Kangaroo doll. You feel inexplicably compelled to buy this.
138.Square basket with plastic ivy
139.Bear mittens. A pair for all 3 bears but none for Goldilocks.
140.Christmas ornaments - dogs with bones & wreaths, 6 each
141.HeatBond iron on adhesive. Roughly 9 yards
142.Patterns x6
143.Curtains 12" x 84" plus taps
144.Blue & White striped yellow curtains
145.Touch lamp. Works
146.Window blinds 34" x 64" x 2" Box says cordless but they do have cords
147.Sharp Notevision NV4SU LCD projector with soft case & all the cables in the picture.
148.57 Ford hardtop plastic model car kit
149.Car speakers Pioneer TRX3 100W
150.Quartz electric heater. 5 settings for each 750W & 1500W. works
151.Sony Xplod CD changer for car 565MXRF works
152.Genie wireless universal external garage door keypad - unopened
153.Genie wireless universal external garage door keypad #2 - opened.
154.Homemedics Sleep sounds machine. 10 settings including, stream, wind, ocean, thunder, babbling brook. Tested it and immediately fell asleep.
155.Universal garage door remote. New in box.
156.Roku stick with remote & power cord.
157.Genie garage door sensors & wall console kit
158.Arion guitar tuner HU8800
159.OSU 14k gold pendant
160.OSU 14k gold pendant. Identical to previous lot
161.Track lights x3
162.Zenith clock radio L727 works
163.Computer speakers with headphone jack. Labtec CS150
164.Antique Polaroid land camera Model 80b. Complete kit.
165.Flower vase 4" x 5" Italy 1925
166.Ikea solar light x3 #22217
167.Bird feeder
168.Hummingbird feeder
169.Outward Hound dog seat for your car. Keep your pet safe on your travels
170.Black plastic tubing 2 rolls. For an irrigation system.
171.Soaker hose. Roughly 20ft long
172.Crocks size 8
173.Security Chain QG1130 Quik Grip for passenger tires. Fits several tire sizes.
174.Security light Halogen 115V with Edison plug
175.Coleman camping stove
176.Cooler bag, red, yellow & black
177.Hitachi Starboard EM panel with stylus. T-15XL Interactive LCD Panel. Powers up & includes all cabling in original box
178.Wheels 11" diameter x2. for a yard cart or mower
179.Weed trimmer spool universal
180.Golf ball picker zipper snag bag. Try saying it 3 times fast.
181.Ohio State duffel bag
182.Transom for a boat engine. If you tow your boat, you know you gotta have one.
183.Car detailing kit. Blue Corral brand 5 new bottles.
184.Red & white cooler. 8" x 10" x 9"
185.Mens & Womens ice skates. Sizes: M 10.5, W 8
186.Black & Decker Workmate
187.Mcgraw-Edison industrial shop vac. It sucks. Works really well.
188.Shop vac 5 gallon. Turned on & it works
189.Delta power tool cutter set for a table saw
190.Craftsman cutter set
191.DeWalt blades
192.Pipe clamps set 3/4"
193.Zircon leak alert- electronic water detector
194.Ball peen hammers & monkey wrench. Disciplinary tools of my childhood.
195.Black & Decker cordless circular saw, no battery. Porter Cable 4.5" saw blade. The blade does not fit on the saw. Two misfits that will help someone.
196.Vintage hand crank drill with nearly a dozen bits
197.Band saw sanding attachment. That's what the box says. I would've guessed it was a doohickey for a thingamabob.
198.Antique wooden clamp for clamping wood
199.Vintage galvanized gas can
200.Mechanics creeper
201.Vintage folding rulers. All American 72". One of four missing 3" section
202.Vintage folding ruler. Durall Eagle 96"
203.Vintage folding ruler. 96"
204.Vintage folding rulers. All American & Lufkin. 72"
205.Vintage folding ruler. 72"
206.Glass goblet
207.Wire basket with handle
208.Cake pan & bread pan. Pyrex & Chefmate. 5" x 9" & 9" x 13"
209.Flower plate 15" diameter
210.Plastic tumblers. 4) 16 oz & 8) 10 oz
211.Glass top desk. 5ft wide x 2ft deep. Glass top 30" high. Upper shelf on right is 32" high. Breaks down quickly by removing 4 bolts & 4 screws. Great condition.
212.Wood chair. Take a load off.
213.Rolling work desk. 30"H x 31"W x 23"D
214.2 wood tables with single drawer. Very sturdy. Surface is chipped & worn. Appears that they were used as work benches in the garage.
215.Heavy glass cornbread mold. 12" x 6"
216.Box of assorted cake pan & chocolate molds
217.Pool table 8ft. Global Billiards co. The table has a blue felt & black pockets which is different from the brochure picture. Excellent condition. Good action on all bumpers, no rips in the felt, leather pockets are soft & supple. Cue sticks, rack & balls included. Table located on the ground floor. Will make separate arrangements for pickup.
218.Wool army blankets. Open one has moth damage on one corner. Wrapped one is pristine.
219.Record collection 10"
220.Pair of crutches. Use them when you want to get seated first at the restaurant.
221.Samsonite suitcase. Remember the commercial with the ape? 25" x 20"
222.Morgan Silver dollar 1921
223.Morgan Silver dollar 1921
224.Morgan Silver dollar 1896
225.Morgan Silver dollar 1896
226.Morgan Silver dollar 1896
227.Morgan Silver dollar 1896
228.Morgan Silver dollar 1886
229.Morgan Silver dollar 1921-S
230.Morgan Silver dollar 1886
231.Morgan Silver dollar 1885
232.Morgan Silver dollar 1896
233.Morgan Silver dollar 1899-P
234.Morgan Silver dollar 1921
235.Morgan Silver dollar 1921-D
236.Silver Peace dollar 1921
237.Silver Peace dollar 1926-S
238.Silver Peace dollar 1934-S
239.Silver Peace dollar 1923
240.Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar 1936-D
241.Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar 1945
242.Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar 1945
243.Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar 1942
244.Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar 1917-D Obverse
245.Mercury Dime 1939
246.Mercury dime 1938-D
247.Mercury dime 1939
248.Mercury dime 1916
249.Silver Eagle 1oz 2004
250.Silver bars 1gram x6 (six grams total)

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