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ENDS SAT. NOV. 21 @ 8 PM.
PICK-UP SUN. NOV. 22, 11-2 PM

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1.Semi rare Ohio State coin/medallion commemorating not only the Bicentennial but also the Buckeyes.

1 1/2" in diameter featuring the 1976 schedule with Woody Hayes as the coach!

2.Hose(s), hose reel and aquatic landscaping pieces!!

This lot not available for Bread Box!

3.40" Agri-Fab de-thatching attachment for a lawn tractor.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

4.Rubbermaid 35 X 43 X 12" deep lawn cart to be attached to a lawn tractor.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

5.2 quilt racks and a book holder.

One quilt rack has a small white mark shown in the last picture.

The other is scratched up a little but a good application of Old English could fix that!!

6.Homestead Snack Set(s) from the Federal Glass Company are complete.

Other pieces as shown.

7.Corning Ware and Procter Silex kitchen ware. All good!!
8.If I recall there are 6 of the strawberry bowls.

There are 2 of the owl glasses, and the Federal Glass set is complete.

9.A total of 9 of the miniature bottles from Wheaton. All good!!
10.Lamps are about 13" tall.

I could not find a maker but they look like Fenton. Other glassware as shown and all are in great condition.

Some of the frosting is a little worn on the lamps.

11.6 milkshake or banana split soda fountain glasses.
12.Miscellaneous lot of kitchen, bar-ware, and depression glass.
13.2 very unusual pieces marked Ivory Dynasty from Arnart Imports.

Alas, neither piece is perfect.

Anyone want to guess what in the world that "face" is in picture 3??

And don't discount the basket with the porcelain handles!

Other items as pictured.

14.Miscellaneous kitchen ware.
15.Nice collection of crystal china along with a vintage cake knife with possibly a bakelite handle.

Other items include the 2 soap dishes, Anchor Hocking measuring glass, and the white bowl marked Calif 224 USA.

16.Nice collection of china and pottery with names like Hall's, Homer Laughlin, and Pfaltzgraff.

The Pfaltzgraff dish has a very tiny chip along the edge.

And yes, there are 2 of the soup & cracker dishes.

17.Vintage Pyrex graduated bowls in 2 different colors.

The white bowls are nearly perfect with very minimal wear.

The yellowish or cream colored bowls have heavier wear.

I tried to show the sizes in the photos.

18.Vintage medicine bottles, Cracker Jack tin, Farm-All ceramic mug and the 3 condiment cups with wood lids round out this lot.

The finish on the metal condiment rack is flaking off.

19.I can find no flaws in this set of elephant salt & pepper!!
20.Collectible plates and pottery.

Names of Delft, Old English Stafforshire Ware, Austria and more.

The Mouse salt and pepper do have a tiny imperfection on each.

21.Beautiful Tea Set!! No flaws that I found!
22.Silver plate pieces as well as a few that could be sterling but I could find no markings.

I did find the names of Rogers and Oneida.

23.A couple of very unusual oriental looking pieces. I could find no flaws.
24.Beautiful cat themed music box in working condition!! No flaws found.
25.Approximately 39 baskets for berry picking as well as the 2 wooden trays.

One tray unfortunately has a broken side slat.

26.2 sets of plates.
27.2 sets of plates.
28.2 sets of plates.
29.2 sets of plates.
30.2 sets of plates.
31.One set (top) and a single plate.
32.Really cool centerpiece floral decoration.

I forgot to measure it but keep in mind the table is about 30" wide so it is a decent size.

33.Miscellaneous including the rooster box decoration, new in the box Photo Keepsake Chest and other items as shown.
34.Some really cool vintage/antique timepieces!!

I was able to get all four of the smaller clocks running.

As you can see the larger wood clock is missing it's guts but does have the face and the case is in decent shape.

And don't overlook the pipe stand!!

It is intact and in great condition!

35.Another lot of vintage, larger clocks.

I was able to get the Westclok Big Ben running and it was still ticking about 10 minutes later!

The other clocks are untested or I could not get them to run.

36.A great collection of mostly vintage pottery!

If I recall there are 3 of the Hall plates.

The Westbend crocks with the metal lids are both in good condition.

As a matter of fact everything is in good condition except for a bit of crazing in the larger ribbed piece with the hand painted floral design.

37.Collectible plates, all with hangers. Makers that I found are shown.

The 3 floral plates are all Haviland France Limoges.

38.Pyrex and Fire King berry or dessert bowls.

Some have a light blue appearance to the glass and some have the etching.

39.Miscellaneous collectibles.

Names/makers are shown.

The bowls with the farm motif are metal or enamel?

I could not find a logo or name on these.

There are 3 graduated/nesting bowls and all are in good condition.

40.Collectible china and/or pottery pieces.
41.Entire case of Broughton's Erie Club bottles (total of 23)!! With a couple of diet orange Stewart bottles thrown in.
42.Lot to see here folks!! Nice solid barn wood planks & lumber, fencing & gate, door, shutters and more!

This lot not available for Bread Box!

43.I never know how to measure a bike correctly but this one is 24" to top of seat. Made for a younger kid I guess.
44.This bike is only 20" to top of seat.

Something you don't see to often nowadays is the kickstand!! Has the look of a dirt bike!

45.Miscellaneous supplies including a Adirondack style chair still in the box awaiting assembly!

I see what look like slats for a bed, 2 bags of Quickrete and more.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

46.A very nice lot of fishing poles, reels, tackle boxes, lures and supplies!!
47.Another nice lot of fishing supplies!!
48.Large wrought iron table is 31" X 51".

That will give you an idea as to the size of the smaller, glass top table.

Both need some TLC.

The bakers rack style shelving unit is in good condition!

This lot not available for Bread Box!

49.Furniture in need of some TLC and re-purposing maybe.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

50.Bodum Chambord French Press!! Mugs and cups as shown.
51.Vintage trays/platters in metal, plastic and ironstone china.
52.Miscellaneous glassware and bar ware.
53.Hanson 25 lb plastic kitchen scale, rooster trivets, basket, angel, and drink pitcher.

Nothing behind the basket is in this lot.

54.The Disney spice stakes are in VGC as is the Hershey kiss tin and cookie jar! Other items as pictured.
55.A nice lot of vintage items!

Get the turkey and the cornucopias in time for Thanksgiving!

I believe there are 9 pieces of the Boonton Ware. But I could be wrong. I did not picture all of it.

The rooster plate appears to have some age on it.

56.Presidential plates, JFK ashtray, and one bust!!
57.Vintage china from a variety of makers including Sterling China out of Wellsville Ohio. All should be good.
58.The Federal Glass Patio Snack Set is, I believe, complete and is in near mint condition.

Other items include the small cow planter,

the painted seashell night light,

the small compact with the embroidered look,

and other items as shown.

59.Soft goods including the Thirty-one brand striped lunch bag, Steelers lunch bags, and more!
60.Vintage Stanley quart thermos with 2 other items.
61.Mostly bird themed collectibles.

The cardinal salt and pepper do have some very slight wear to them.

Plates are in good condition as are the birdhouses and the sign.

62.I am not sure what to think of this piece of Black Americana. Is it old or not?? Measures about 4 X 6.
63.Celebrations by Mikasa Crystal vase in the Diamond Sparkle pattern. About 12" tall.
64.New in box is this Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II. Appears to have never been used and it looks like it is all there!
65.From Modern Italia is this new in box Pasta Machine. Appears to have never been used and it looks like it is all here.
66.The larger new in box clock is 22" in diameter. The smaller one does show some wear and fading on the face.
67.Two vintage tops!!

The first top to consider is what I will call the Bumble Bee Top.

When you get it spinning fast enough a bumble bee appears in the middle.

This top is made in the USA by Chicco.

The second top is a train top.

As it spins the train moves.

HOWEVER it does need a good cleaning and/or lubricated.

This top is made in West Germany for Lillian Vernon.

Both of the tops sport plastic covers that do show wear.

68.Vintage and newer books.
69.1974 Ohio State program OSU vs. OSU!!
70.May 1973 Country Music magazine with Cash on the cover. GC.
71.Ohio State ephemera from the 1997 Rose Bowl game and the National Championship.
72.In very good condition is this 1975 Reds Scorebook! Just look at that line-up!!
73.Miscellaneous collectibles including the crystal heart shaped platter. Other items as shown.
74.Christmas dishes, Poinsettia & Ribbons and 2 snowman glasses. 4 of each size plate and the creamer.

The remainder of these dishes may be in the second auction as we are still digging through all of the Christmas yet to come!

75.Glass vases (unmarked) and the Teavana tea maker and the Peach Tranquility tea.
76.Vintage enameled bowl with wear, trays, plates, & glassware.
77.Fantastic Ohio State outdoor decorations!! Whether from a kit or homemade these are great!!
78.Ohio State figurines/bobbleheads and a candy dish. Tressel, Smith, Krenzel, and Wilhelm.
79.Very unusual publication. By Jack Park, the imminent historian of everything Ohio State, is this "Football Vault" book.

Inside the book are fantastic stories and what I believe are reproductions of tickets, cards, pamphlets, and even a marching band chart!!

80.Vintage and/or antique kitchen tools and accessories. To many items to list. Look closely at the pictures.
81.Nice lot here!! Vintage Hazel Atlas spaghetti string bottle, Dutch boy and girl S & P, drink recipes, and other dishes as shown.
82.Great Tupperware lot!!
83.Frog collectibles! The frog in the canoe is the only one that I noticed that was damaged.
84.More frog collectibles!! This time most are miniatures. There are a few without a head insert. If those turn up I give them to you.
85.Collectibles including a Raggedy Ann doll with some age but still in great condition!

Crocheted infant hats will be good for the upcoming winter!

We also have a Boyds bear and an almost intact sand dollar. The top is good but a small piece out of the bottom.

86.The Original Sock Monkey Hat in a kids size. New with tags!!
87.A couple of patriotic collectibles with a New Years Photo Prop kit, and other items as shown.
88.A nice blue wicker type basket and faux fruit for staging. If you are selling your house this is good to have! Brings some color to the room!
89.All metal candle holders of different shapes and sizes.
90.Once again all metal (some brass) candle holders and stands. Don't overlook the brass(?) parrot. It's pretty heavy.
91.I believe this could be wrought iron from Longaberger. the basket is definitely Longaberger!!
92.3 Pfaltzgraff trays in Juniper pattern, a made in Italy creamer/pitcher, and other items as shown.

I believe the heart shaped basket is very old.

Made out of bark, and grapevine and perhaps other natural materials!

Don't overlook the other items here!

The basket purse is in great condition!

94.Pink depression glassware that is unmarked.

There are about 3 of the glasses that have fleabites.

These did come out of an antique store, hence the strings. I did not have a pair of scissors with me.

95.Manually powered toddler or small person Jeep. Needs a good cleaning and the controls on top may be battery powered.
96.Playskool tricycle with built in training wheels.
97.Now for a little older kid we have this Fisher Price bike with training wheels that I believe can be removed!
98.Not sure what these things are called. I guess a three-wheel scooter. It has a Spiderman theme. Wheels seem to be in good condition. I disavow all knowledge that I tried to test it.
99.And yet another three-wheel scooter by Huffy this time with a "Cars" theme.
100.6 pink depression glassware plates. I uncovered these at a later time and could not put them with the other lot. All in good condition.
101.PELONIS oil filled radiator heater that is like new in box.
102.Corn Toss game that is usable as is but does have some staining along the bottom edges. Bags are in good condition as is the case.
103.3 hollow core doors in good to very good condition. As you can see one is unstained! 2 of the doors are 80" tall and the other is 77.5". I did not measure the width.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

104.Miscellaneous items along the side wall of the garage. The ladder is not included.

Nice roll of vinyl, some bead-board, organizer pieces, lumber, solid wood privacy screen, and more.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

105.8 planks of Kronotex wood flooring. Enough to cover 21 square feet.
106.Harbor Breeze ceiling fan looks complete with reversible blades. Keep in mind the table is 30" across it is laying on.
107.14' compound action tree pruner in great condition!
108.2 collectible/usable belt buckles in great condition!
109.Here we have an FOE belt buckle from Harry Klitzner and a do it all tool!
110.2 collectible/usable belt buckles in great condition!
111.2 collectible/usable belt buckles in great condition!
112.This belt buckle is truly unusual and comes with paperwork.

From Kenneth Reid Studios, this piece is made of tropical hardwoods that are then pieced into an all brass frame.

113.I was able to get the Hamilton Illinois watch to start ticking.

I don't know how long it ran for.

The Fossil watch is in good condition but I think it needs a new battery.

114.A very interesting piece.

A 1964 JFK Liberty Half Dollar that is part of a key chain.

The ring it is in has the very familiar quote we all know on one side and the other side has the year of his birth and death as well as stating he was the 35th President.

I cannot tell if the 4 points have been crimped to hold the coin in place or if there might be a weld.

I think they are just crimped.

115.Miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, bolo tie slides, leather change purse, flattened souvenir penny from the 1982 Worlds Fair, a ring, and of course the buckeye necklace.
116.Large lot of tie clasps and pins. That small microphone is pretty cool.
117.Nice lot of cufflinks!
118.I believe the one ring is called Tiger Eye and the other may have a very tiny diamond or two in it.

I do see the "14KT" on the one ring but the other writing I cannot make out.

119.Just a gorgeous "set" of Hennesberg Porcelain!!

There are 8 of the following...Cups, Saucers, Bowls, Dinner, & Salad plates.

There is the large platter and serving bowl.

The lidded sugar does have a chip which looks like it has cracked below that. The lid is still good.

120.8' long kick plate. This would go beneath your cabinets along the edge of the floor.
121.All 3 of these mirrors are in good condition.

From left to right...23 X 35..22 X 28...26 X 36. Notice the one in the middle does not have a frame.

122.John Deere tin sign is 12 X 16. Does show some wear.
123.Vintage Tripoley game by Cadaco and the military figurine that appears to have never been removed from the box, from Power Team Elite.
124.I would estimate this wicker style infant carrier to be about 30-36 long. Everything looks to be in fantastic condition! Will probably need a new pad.
125.8' wood ladder is solid.
126.Lasko adjustable fan. At least 2 speeds.

I was told it is in working condition. Test it before you leave.

127.Just like the previous item. Lasko adjustable fan. At least 2 speeds. I was told it is in working condition. Test it before you leave.
128.Feature Comforts adjustable fan. Looks like it has 3 speeds. I was told it is in working condition. Test it before you leave.
129.Nice lot of shovels, brooms, and more.
130.2 24" heavy duty pipe wrenches. Adjuster will need lubricated.
131.Sledge and a maul.
132.4 rakes in good condition!
133.2 solid wood bi-fold doors.

Some hardware is still attached at the top and bottom.

There is that one chip. Overall in great condition!

Each complete door is 24" wide and 79" tall.

134.Not only are these great for transporting your riding mower they can be used if you need to inspect or work on the under carriage.

6' long.

135.This box of plank flooring can cover about 30 square feet.

We think the foam like material would be padding for this type of floor.

136.Collectible or usable saws.

Disston and Stanley.

The smaller one has surface rust and needs to be soaked in vinegar for a day or 2.

137.This play kitchen come with many accessories that we found in the compartments.

We could not find a brand name.

Other then being a little dusty it is in great condition.

I did not inspect the accessories.

138.The 10 tine Ames True Temper Silage fork is in good condition! Other items as shown.
139.100' yellow extension cord 12-3.
140.Scotts automatic spreader in good working condition.

The adjuster needs to be lubricated.

141.Miscellaneous lot of oil, washer fluid, sta-bil, squeegee, and more.

I cannot verify that the bottles of oil are full but they seem to be.

142.A very nice lot of jack stands, one bottle jack (we did find the handle), and the Big Red 2 ton hydraulic jack!
143.Vintage 15" plane.
144.4 brand new mini blinds and 3 closer rods. All white.
145.New in the box is this white mailbox. Size is in the pictures.
146.2 crowbars of different lengths.

The long one is great for maximum pry power but that short one comes in handy a lot!

147.Minnie Mouse high chair I guess would attach to a regular height chair. It is in great condition. And a ball.
148.Plumbing supplies with a nice toolbox, garbage disposal parts, the torch and bottle of propane.
149.We think the chain is 25'.

It is in great condition.

And you get the log rack as well as some rope and a red bucket.

150.We will call this our electrical lot. All in a green bin with lid. Lot of supplies here!!
151.Toilet seat!! New in box. Elongated style.
152.EdenPURE heater in working condition. Model A3705.
153.Black & Decker Mouse sander, paperwork, bag, and some accessories.
154.In great condition is this cast iron Dutch Oven.

Interior of the pot and the lid are well seasoned.

I could find no makers name.

And the large beacon Ware pot for spaghetti, lobsters, crabs, or whatever.

155.Painting supplies in a green bucket.
156.Vintage Delphos galvanized 5 gallon container that has been used for kerosene.

Note that the label is intact but not on the can.

157.3 vintage sad irons.

One has a 6, one has a 7, and the one with the wood handle is marked with the name Bless & Drake out of Newark, N.J.

158.Full, unopened gallon of Behr paint in white.

Among other items you have zip ties, trowels, liquids, and more.

159.3 pots are EKCO. Assorted lids, and other cookware.
160.All of the supplies pictured will be in a black bucket (not pictured).

Of special note are the brick chisel and the cold chisel by Stanley Bostitch.

161.Pampered Chef knives! Set of 3.
162.The cast iron heart cornbread pan is by Technique.

The saute pan does have some surface rust but could be cleaned up and used for camping.

163.I probably put way to much in this one lot! A ton of tools AND 2 tool boxes!!
164.The Better Homes & Garden Handymans book is in great shape and full of useful advice!!

Pest control and garden care supplies as well as moth balls!! Other items as pictured.

165.A little bit of everything in this lot.

Everyone needs a tool like the Ridgid drain snake!

Other plumbing supplies, 2 Wright door opening controls, and other items.

166.Another fantastic lot of tools in a red toolbox.
167.This removable tool tray did not fit and of the toolboxes.

Another lot of great and useful tools.

Sockets, wrenches, and I can't tell you how many time I needed a very small wrench!!

168.A whole bunch of nails, screws, and other assorted hardware along with a 25 drawer organizer and the contents!!
169.Assorted pieces of crystal vintage glassware. All pieces are in great condition!!
170.This is a solid cabinet that is in the gentleman's tool room. Measures 17 X 30 X 61.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

171.Assorted tools and supplies in 3 stackable bins.
172.Makita Finishing Sander. New models retail for $50.00!!
173.Porter Cable Router and supplies!!
174.Makita Power planer model 1900B!! Coimes with case, paperwork, and accessories!
175.Skil Sandcat Belt Sander!!
176.B & D 3 in 1 Project Mate! And you get a nice case!!
177.In fantastic condition is this Craftsman Hammerhead cordless auto-hammer. Good battery and charger!!
178.Porter Cable 7.5 amp 4.5" small angle grinder. In good working condition!
179.3 vintage saws and a draw blade.

All are in good condition but the draw does have a small split in each handle.

Not split all the way down and the handles are still good. Just wanted to point that out.

180.If you need to cut up some bodies this bone saw is a must have!!

Antique 16" Back Saw & Primitive 23" Bone or Butcher Saw.

Very good condition!!

181.3 vintage tools and the milk crate.

You get a small sledge, shearing scissors, and the awl.

182.2 hitch balls and a harness that we found.
183.Craftsman adjustable stand light in working condition! This baby is bright!
184.Larin 2 ton cable puller sometimes called a comealong.
185.The pedestal dining table needs some TLC.

The 3 shelf smaller table could use some Old English but is otherwise in good condition.

The dining table does pull apart to accept leaves.

I do not have any leaves to furnish however.

Approximately 50" wide.

This lot not available for Bread Box!

186.The B&D 9.5V drill has a good battery and charger.

The vintage Sears Craftsman Sabre Saw appears to be in great condition but when we plugged it in it did not work.

You also get the 2 gas cans.

187.Sears Craftsman 3 ton floor jack in great condition!!
188.Lake and Trail rain suit in XXL and a pair of Northerner boots in size 10. I see no damage in either.
189.This vintage amber glass, wood and metal light stands about 32" tall if you include the finial.

Many glass makers branched out and made lights of this type.

The maker is unknown for this one.

The other light is a lot more modern and appears to be new in the box.

190.Approximately 6 metal vises and other items as shown all in a metal file chest.
191.B&D laser level, accessories and a stud finder (needs batteries). Also in this lot is a chalk line.
192.Sets of drill bits, nut drivers, and screwdriver sets. And a CO2 alarm.

First we have the Boy Scout sharpening stone and case with the paperwork along with a couple of other sharpening stones.

Next we have the Estwing hatchet No. 1.

A Kobalt tool of some kind.

Knife with sheath, and another generic hatchet.

194.Miscellaneous tools and supplies including two air pressure gauges, Anderson casement window controls, air compressor accessories, and more.
195.Miscellaneous tools and supplies in stackable bins.
196.30" toolbox and tools that were found within. Toolbox does have a removable tray.
197.In this lot you will get the solid wood workbench/table, the attached vise, and all the lumber under and on the shelf of the work table.

Table is 6' long, 41" tall, and 22" deep.

Table is heavy and well built!

This lot not available for Bread Box!

198.Screws, nails, bolts, and much more hardware supplies!
199.Extension cords.
200.In this lot we have an extendable pruning saw, gardening tools, weed block, a shovel, and a green bucket.




201.Coleman model 440 camping stove.

If you are thinking about hiking the Appalachian Trail this is a must have!!

202.Craftsman 18 volt drill and light with 2 good batteries and a charger.
203.Here we have 3 used sleeping bags. As far as I can see all are in good condition.

If you have never used a "mummy" style bag I can tell you these will keep you warm and cozy!!

204.In this lot we have 2 used sleeping bags. Both are in very good condition!

The Coleman bag is a bit heavier and probably very warm!

205.Bag chairs with the carrying bags that could be used for a variety of events!! All in good condition!
206.Camping supplies including the camp stove with 2 propane tanks, a Coleman Crestline tent that measures 9' 10" by 7'.

Not sure what the height is.

And a camp chair that would be great to have at live auctions!

I have been told that all the poles are there for the tent.

207.Large lot of camping supplies including a Boy Scout logo hatchet, set of cookware by Greatland, tablecloths, extension cord, and other items as shown.
208.Christmas lot including bendable garland, a 4' tree, a wooden Santa, and more!
209.Fantastic Christmas decor lot including the Looney Tunes jar with Bugs, Sylvester, and Tweety!

Trays, and wood figurines, as well as the votive candle metal snowman!!

210.Christmas collectibles including the Nativity sets, sleigh, and wreaths.
211.Santa Claus teapot/creamer figurine!!

The second auction will include much more Christmas that may match this piece!

212.The expressions on the faces of Santa and Mrs. Claus are priceless!

I believe the material is like a paper mache.

213.Christmas decor including stockings with sparkles, linens, candy cane stakes, and more!!

I would estimate the runner to be about 6'.

The gold and silver tinsel is bendable.

214.Christmas decor as pictured. Linens, ceramic deer, ornaments, Santa on a polar bear, and more!!
215.Christmas dishes including the 12 Days of Christmas Dinnerware and other assorted Christmas themed dishes.

There is some minor wear to be seen in the trim of some of the 12 Days of Christmas plates but most are in very good condition!!

216.Christmas figurines!

One is paper machet and the other is a porcelain Santa votive candle figurine.

217.When I first saw this I thought Santa was sitting on the toilet!!

Untested as it needs new batteries.

218.Christmas Santa figurines!!

One is a votive candle figurine that does show some wear.

The other large figurine is untested as it needs batteries.

Other figurines as shown.

219.Christmas ornaments, figurines, and the porcelain candle climbers!!
220.The snowman holds the glass tray and I do have the original box. Other items as pictured.
221.Rain barrel, 2 tire swings, trash can with lid in good condition, and a bucket!

This lot not available for Bread Box!


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